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Deputy Director
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R355 000-R1 333 000
Assistant Director
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R376 596
per year
R188 000-R565 000
Social Worker
14 salaries reported
R260 877
per year
R130 000-R411 000
Administrative Clerk
13 salaries reported
R173 703
per year
R86 000-R261 000
Supply Chain Manager
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R315 824
per year
R27 000-R718 000
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Learning and Development Facilitator | Cape Town, Western Cape | 14 Sep 2019
Skills Development Office
Daily administration of skills development activities, attending quarterly meetings, preparation of various compliance reports and attending to ad-hoc requests as requested by management. Training Impact Assessment on selected Learning Programmes and the administration of training impact assessment questionnaires in terms of the Kirk Patrick Model. Any job opportunity is what you make of it. If you are prepared to put in hard work, then the rewards will pay of in terms of job satisfaction. You become part of the organisational culture once you start working. Employees should be able to adapt to the organisational culture in a positive way and to embrace cultural diversity.
ProsNot Applicable
ConsNot Applicable
Customer Service Representative | Cape Town, Western Cape | 31 May 2017
Fantastic team culture
No day was the same, was very rewarding helping citizens of the western cape with their queries, I learnt a lot with regards to government policies and regulations especially the liquor act.
ProsSocial day every month end
Administrative Clerk | Cape Town, Western Cape | 03 Jun 2018
Productive and good working enviroment
Has enabled me to gain a lot of working experience . Ethical working standards but sometimes one has to work longer hours & transparency in management
ProsGood working enviroment, ethical working standards, custeomer orientated
ConsLong hours
Director of Internal Audit | Cape Town, Western Cape | 16 Aug 2019
Interesting place to work at depending on your manager
Typical day for my line of work involved analysis of departments business processes as it pertains to safeguarding of assets, reliability and integrity of financial and operational information, Compliance to laws and regulations as well as effeciency and effectiveness of operations.
Assistant Director | Cape Town, Western Cape | 05 Feb 2017
Engagement at strategic level with stakeholders in the province
A great place to work and learn about skills development on a strategic level as well as about the education pipeline from general to post-school education. Identifying the gaps between supply and demand and addressing systemic issues to minimize the gap was is the most enjoyable and hardest part.
ProsBursary and housing benefit
Conslimited advancement
Designer | Cape Town, Western Cape | 05 Nov 2014
Organisation Design Project
Organisation re-design interventions Project based work Job evaluations Re-writing job descriptions Drawing organisational structures
ProsSet work hours
ConsNo room for growth and promotions
Tutor | Atlantis, Western Cape | 07 May 2019
pressure to do daily tasks yet productive nature
we have to ensure all required learners has a reading session learned to manage daily tasks and due dates myself and our manager have a great understanding work wise
Prosoff on weekends
Conslow paying job
Senior Administrative Officer | Cape Town, Western Cape | 07 Nov 2016
excellent workplace with high ethics and standards
Early in the morning, before starting time everyone will greet each other. The work-ethic was very high, everybody start on time and push for the highest level of production. We have set days and time for staff meetings. The supervisor would enquire now and then on difficult tasks, in order to assist. The co-workers are all very friendly and helpful. We all were subject to strict turn-around times for task -completion. The hardest part of the job was to deal with difficult clients, who appears to be unreasonable. I managed to exercise great patience and personal care to clarify any misunderstandings with clients. The most enjoyable part of the job was when clients understood policies, work processes and procedures and expressed satisfaction afterwards.
Technical Support | Cape Town, Western Cape | 12 Dec 2018
Productive and innovative workplace
Centre of learning technical skills within the tech industry. Great teamwork and team motivational skills acquired.Real-world company policies exposure.
ProsSponsored Studies
ConsLittle exposure to practicality
Technologist | Cape Town, Western Cape | 18 Feb 2016
A company to work for. Exposure to I.T Core-Workers -Responsible, sharing information Hardest Part - Difficult people Enjoable Part - working hand in hand

Questions And Answers about Western Cape Government

What is the interview process like at Western Cape Government?
Asked 19 Jul 2017
Competency in job requirements
Answered 27 Jul 2020
Related to the job position . Behavioural based interview questions hence need to provide suitable examples to reflect your competency, skills and experience.
Answered 07 Jul 2019
If you were to leave Western Cape Government, what would be the reason?
Asked 05 Jun 2018
To learn culture of other people in the province and to give our people good service
Answered 22 Jul 2019
In order to take care of my only left parent if employed in Eastern Cape, or to explore new areas if somewhere else.
Answered 07 May 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Western Cape Government?
Asked 19 Jul 2017
First I would find out what they would expect me to do. Secondly what I want to know what the work is all about and What the requirements must be to apply for the job that is advertise
Answered 30 Jan 2018
First I would find out what they would expect me to do. Secondly I want to know what the work is all about and what the requirements must be to apply for the job that is advertise
Answered 14 Aug 2017
What are the perks offered by Western Cape Government?
Asked 28 May 2018
We have a staff camp every term given off every weekend daily hours are quite reasonable i can study while i work
Answered 07 May 2019
The perks are the basics, that would be the pension, optional medical aid where the employer pays a % (Gems is not that great), you would have to way up the pro's and con's and the perks are really dependant on what you value in a business. I would move for no pension and medical aid if I was reassured a quality healthy company culture and a productive innovative environment that takes into account succession planning. Which Government does not.
Answered 28 May 2018
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Western Cape Government?
Asked 07 May 2019
8 hours During weekends and afternoons Over School Holidays
Answered 07 May 2019