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Intern | Western Cape | 10 Jan 2018
I'm in a very good hands of Government (Department of Premier) & with full experience,good colleagues,good job and Environment.
I found it very experiencing to work for government,it was sometimes difficult before i get used to the place but i took that as a learning activity.i'm 100% sure that when this course end/when i leave this place in march i will be out with full experience because i have learnt a lot from the job i do not regret being here, moving to registry was a challenge but i managed to learn fast and my supervisors were very good with me,the boring part of the job was doing file requests were by you have to run up and down looking for the files,but out of it i gained a lot of experience cause i learnt the types of files and the types of departments people fall under the enjoyable part of the job was to j track the file and to do the Emailing were you confirm that the files are ready for collection and were you have to assist the clients on the counter,i learnt a lot of staff also to do data base,filing and setting up meetings, to reschedule meetings on the diary,Admin job is what i learnt mostly ,The environment i'm working on is good including the people i'm working with,they are kind,understanding,helpful and caring.
Data Entry Clerk | Cape Town, Western Cape | 01 Mar 2018
This was a good foundation for development within the field of how to capture documents onto a database, storing documents and meeting deadlines.
I would start my day at 07:30am till 4pm diligently and I would query higher authority or colleagues with longer experience which documents for the day needed to be captured into the database and where it needs to be stored. I had learned the importance of process orientation(complete what needs to be done and sticking to the process will enable me to meet deadlines) and how to adapt to environments(ethical).The management of work had been efficient when sticking to the process of capturing and storing of sectioned documents diligently. The workplace culture had been sophisticated(professional/ethical) and supportive social engagements.The most enjoyable part of the job was that there were no problems in the workplace(colleagues/authority) or the job and I would regard getting to work on time is the hardest part but manageable at the same time.
ProsSimplicity in occupational duties.
Senior Administrative Officer | Cape Town, Western Cape | 07 Nov 2016
excellent workplace with high ethics and standards
Early in the morning, before starting time everyone will greet each other. The work-ethic was very high, everybody start on time and push for the highest level of production. We have set days and time for staff meetings. The supervisor would enquire now and then on difficult tasks, in order to assist. The co-workers are all very friendly and helpful. We all were subject to strict turn-around times for task -completion. The hardest part of the job was to deal with difficult clients, who appears to be unreasonable. I managed to exercise great patience and personal care to clarify any misunderstandings with clients. The most enjoyable part of the job was when clients understood policies, work processes and procedures and expressed satisfaction afterwards.
Clerk | Cape Town, Western Cape | 02 Jun 2014
Department of the Premier (Dot P)
A typical day at Dot P would be coming in and immediately hearing the laughter and warmth, we were more than co-workers, they were family. I learned that what people say about Government is not always true, that there are hard working individuals trying to make productivity in this country a reality. Management at Dot P was the best I have ever come across. My co-workers like i said was my family, my working life at Department of the Premier was by far the most enjoyable because of the people I had the chance to work with. The hardest part of my day was locating a document when it wasn't on the file it needed to be. The most enjoyabe part was being surrounded by people who really were passionate about what they do and also about each other
ProsEquality in the workplace
ConsLong hours
Learning and Development Facilitator | Cape Town, Western Cape | 14 Sept 2019
Skills Development Office
Daily administration of skills development activities, attending quarterly meetings, preparation of various compliance reports and attending to ad-hoc requests as requested by management. Training Impact Assessment on selected Learning Programmes and the administration of training impact assessment questionnaires in terms of the Kirk Patrick Model. Any job opportunity is what you make of it. If you are prepared to put in hard work, then the rewards will pay of in terms of job satisfaction. You become part of the organisational culture once you start working. Employees should be able to adapt to the organisational culture in a positive way and to embrace cultural diversity.
ProsNot Applicable
ConsNot Applicable
Student Intern | Cape Town, Western Cape | 07 Feb 2014
Doing what I do best
I am always the first one in the office. I get there and see my tasks for the day. By the time my colleagues arrive I am already in work mode. I have learnt a lot from this job. Firstly, I learnt that patience is really virtue. I also learnt how to manage my time and myself. As a result I always have enough time on my hands. Furthermore, I learnt the importance of working in teams. Teamwork can be very good for projects/ companies. It gives me great pleasure when my colleagues are looking at me present my findings. It makes me feel like part of the team.
ProsGaining valuable experience, flexible work times, open line of communication
ConsTraveling with public transport
Director | Cape Town, Western Cape | 04 Mar 2020
High performance, professional environment
I enjoy the conceptual challenges and the diverse, complex issues that I'm faced with on a regular basis. I enjoy working with a group of like-minded professionals. The work culture is performance-focused and citizen-centric with a deep appreciation for the people who need to deliver the required services i.e. the employees. The most taxing part of the job relates to the deeply ingrained governance mindsets and systems which results in unnecessary red-tape at times. What I've learnt is the importance of shared vision to create cohesion and stimulate hope in the lives of employees.
Assistant | Prince Albert, Western Cape | 14 Aug 2017
School sport play ground
Clock in at 07h00 and at 07h15 I go to the daily morning meeting were we discus what the job for the day is. I learned how to work with challenging students and how to help them with there school work and how to work with different individuals The workplace is a friendly environment where we have different tasks every day ranging from administration tasks to helping teacher in lessons with group work. The hardest part of the job is to assist teacher with challenging students. Is to work with the children and to develop there character so that they can know what they want to become in life.
Cons6hours per day
Educator | Kensington, Western Cape | 19 Nov 2019
Productive and Work friendly
A typical day that starts with a motivational speaking from the Principal.This however gives energy for the day and ignites the hidden spirit of eagerness to achieve quality goals.Resources are well shared and available to all workmates. There is a free working culture where every team member commands respect, love and a helping hand is available .Information is shared and mostly at par at organisations missions.Not all is a bed of roses as there are a lot of children with difficult backgrounds to deal with on a daily basis.
Intern | Protea, Gauteng | 22 Aug 2016
Well organised but not to strict
Everyday was managed and set out perfectly, Everyone new what had to be done and they made sure it was done. I've learnt the fundamentals about running a workplace through my internship. When I was appointed as office manager I learn that everything as a certain process. Hardest part was controlling everything at once but i soon got use to it. The most enjoyable part of the job was the fact that everyone was treated as equal whether you were a intern or supervisor,.
ProsPeople are helpful
ConsWorkers can be a bit to talkative at times

Questions And Answers about Western Cape Government

What is the interview process like at Western Cape Government?
Asked 19 Jul 2017
Competency in job requirements
Answered 27 Jul 2020
Related to the job position . Behavioural based interview questions hence need to provide suitable examples to reflect your competency, skills and experience.
Answered 07 Jul 2019
If you were to leave Western Cape Government, what would be the reason?
Asked 05 Jun 2018
well as i was on contract i had to go but shortage was very bad as people stay away from nio good reason and we endup suffering a lot.
Answered 08 Jun 2023
To learn culture of other people in the province and to give our people good service
Answered 22 Jul 2019
How often do you get a raise at Western Cape Government?
Asked 06 Mar 2023
tri annually
Answered 04 Sept 2023
Each year
Answered 29 Mar 2023
What is Western Cape Government vacation policy? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked 04 Jan 2023
30 days
Answered 02 Jul 2023
Answered 19 Mar 2023
How should you prepare for an interview at Western Cape Government?
Asked 19 Jul 2017
First I would find out what they would expect me to do. Secondly what I want to know what the work is all about and What the requirements must be to apply for the job that is advertise
Answered 30 Jan 2018
First I would find out what they would expect me to do. Secondly I want to know what the work is all about and what the requirements must be to apply for the job that is advertise
Answered 14 Aug 2017