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Popular jobs at Varsity College

 Average SalarySalary Range
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Student Advisor
1 salary reported
R290 000
per year
R145 000-R435 000
1 salary reported
per hour
IT Support
1 salary reported
R66 000
per year
R33 000-R99 000
Data Entry Clerk
1 salary reported
R5 500
per month
R2 700-R8 300
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Varsity College Reviews

Overall Reviews at Varsity College

Lecturer | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 27 Nov 2019
SLP staff replaced by inexperienced staff
All the SLP staff where replaced with inexperienced cheaper people Even although I had a 99% pass rate and developed their course material and exam sheets
Production Coordinator | Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal | 14 Aug 2019
Productive ,full of fun and enjoyment
The IIE’s Varsity College has a strong vocational focus that prepares students for their careers. The IIE’s Varsity College Career Centre, in partnership with industry, serves to support our students with all aspects relating to their career development and growth through coaching, mentoring and engagement. This will enable them to leave the tertiary environment as competent graduates who should thrive in industry and hopefully become active members of our VC Alumni Community.As a prospect or current student you may not realise it, but the part-time work you do while studying will give you a head start with building a competitive CV. Employers want a mix of work-based and academic-based learning and will be impressed by the fact that you have shown initiative and stepped into the work place already. This way you’ll gain skills that complement your chosen career and help you to stand out in a competitive graduate environment. No part-time jobs are guaranteed and they may not always match your field of study. However, all opportunities provide students with transferable skills, instill a work ethic and, of course, provide extra income and independence.
ProsTips from customer and management
Consover times
Laborer | Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal | 07 Dec 2018
Nice place to work at
It was an experience to help other students to understand the work and concepts. The work hours were decent but the pay was on the low side. Regardless, I enjoyed giving back.
ProsGiving back
Conslow pay
Receptionist | Rondebosch, Western Cape | 18 Jan 2015
I truly enjoyed this joy as I did well at it and was appreciated at what I did. my co-workers were also very nice and the management staff also very approachable and kind. The hardest part of the job was to get rejected on the calls as that gave you a very sad/bad feeling compared to the best part of the day when you knew that a matricuant who was coming to Varsity College to have a look at it was one that you phoned. It was an enjoyable job as a Telemarketer and Receptionist.
Senior Technology Analyst | Pretoria, Gauteng | 29 Dec 2017
Well Structure systems
One of the best education industry movers with regards to systems and overall stability. Unnecessary redtape at certain sales points and redundant courses curriculum.
ProsGreat structure
ConsRedtape and redundancy of solutions to the market
Operations Administrator | South Africa | 28 Feb 2017
Great business and people are work with
Great business , enjoy the customer service approach but the management has terrible management skills and do not adhere to policies. My colleagues makes work bearable.
ProsEducation benefit, 14th cheque when target is 100%
ConsZero policies, terrible management
Staff Member | Westville, KwaZulu-Natal | 23 May 2014
Productive, friendly and efficient workplace
A typical day was filled with seeing students whether it being for an administration purpose or to help them with general tasks and/or queries. I learned how to become more self confident and corporately presentable. My co-workers are very friendly, yet hard working individuals who all strive for the best of the company in every task that they are presented with. At Varsity College, teamwork is essential which makes the environment very productive and efficient. The hardest part of the job is dealing with all kinds of situations that is not really my responsibility but these tasks are always taken upon in my best interests and with a confident attitude.
ProsExcellent work experience, Modern work environment, Potential for growth
Academic Coordinator | Pretoria, Gauteng | 30 Sep 2019
Varsity College
It's an amazing company to work for. The work culture and people is what other companies aspire for. They care about your wellbeing and they want their staff to be studying to better their own personal goals.
Academic Coordinator | Rondebosch, Western Cape | 01 Nov 2017
To much work, too little staff
Varsity College is not a bad place to wok for, however having to word almost 14 hors a day sometimes 3 to 4 days a work due to the lack of staff is not on
Conshard work to little money
Lecturer | Pretoria, Gauteng | 11 Nov 2014
Varsity College has greatly contributed to the growth of my Training & Development expertees and gave me the confidence to explore my potential.
As a Full-Time Lecturer I spend most of the time in the classroom lecturing Human Resources related subjects, but am always available to provide extra assistance to students. I am experienced and passionate about my courses and also manage development, moderation, e-learning and workshops in my additional time. Varsity College evolves, innovates and continually improves upon the way things are done in the classroom. We receive training on a continuous basis to keep up with the newest trends and technology. I value the assistance and diversity of knowledge of my colleagues and management team. The hardest part of lecturing is when students are force to give up their studies due to financial constrains. The nice part of lecturing is when students start their degrees with you as their lecturer, and you go emotionally through all the exams – the good and the bad – and their degrees. It makes me happy to see that we develop a new well educated generation.

Questions And Answers about Varsity College

What are the working hours at Varsity College?
Asked 07 Jul 2017
2 hours a week.
Answered 07 Dec 2018
Standard 8 hour work day with flexi times either 08H00- 17H00 , 07H30-16H30, 07H00-16H00.
Answered 17 Aug 2018
What are some tips for doing well in the interview?
Asked 16 Jun 2017
Have self confidence and language improvement
Answered 30 Mar 2019
U suppose to be extra minded,ambitious being able to work in a team work,have ideas always be yourself, amicable, well spoke person, work under pressure to any circumstances.
Answered 28 Jan 2019
Can you work remotely at Varsity College?
Asked 24 Apr 2019
No, it is a campus that requires a hands on approach.
Answered 12 Aug 2020
Yes depending of your job/position
Answered 17 Apr 2020
What is the dress code at Varsity College?
Asked 24 Apr 2019
As an institution of higher learning, I will advice Lecturers to be professional in the way the present themselves around student. There should be a difference between students and Lecturers on how we dress. As a professional I know how to dress and for me it was not stressful as I uphold my standards
Answered 24 Feb 2021
They have sport kits and during lectures, students wears their clothes
Answered 14 Aug 2019
How would you describe the pace of work at Varsity College?
Asked 01 Apr 2019
Very stressful but no benefits, students wanted to be spoonfed like high school. Not respecting their work and lazy. Managers differ and there are those who still want to keep their whiteness values but there are those who are matured enough to know that we are all human beings and belong together to serve our nation. If you land in a wrong Department then you will feel how black you are and white students will make your life a nightmare and this will be fueled by some managers, you will be locked outside your class while you need to attend to your Lecturer. You will be made to feel small in the presence of students by some managers who gossip with students about Lecturers.
Answered 24 Feb 2021
All depends on the environment and how the people are at the culture and how the workplace.
Answered 16 Nov 2020