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R 700-R 2 100
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Overall Reviews at University of the Witwatersrand

Project Administrator | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 05 Nov 2012
Fun workspace
The university environment allows great interaction between managers and subordinates and the relationship with the biggest client (the student) is strengthened through continuous communication & interaction. The university facilitates a work experience where not only work from 08h00 - 17h00 but also a learning experience wherein, for instance, I've learned and gained presentation skills; communication is essential when working in a project especially when it comes to pleasing stakeholders. As an individual my skills where tested since you're given a challenge or assignment after a period of time working, e.g. I was assigned to manage a small project after a year working as a project administrator. As much as there's work and learning there is also play. There are sociable activities during the year as team building outings, etc. Thus, if you an introvet as I am Wits university will challenge you to work in a team (be a team player); work towards deadlines (so no time for procrastinating) but also allows a person to be sociable.
Prosfree lunches and meeting south african & international icons
Consthere is no pay for over time
Communications Officer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 09 Aug 2014
Dynamic and is at the cutting edge of producing knowledge, human talent and solutions to societal challenges.
Typical day involves writing articles ranging in topic from research breakthroughs to student achievements or new programmes and communicating change in the organisation. Although there are predictable functions, the day can also be driven and completely influenced by external events such as what is happening in the media, society and internal environment. The hardest part can be managing people's expectations and outcomes of media activities. However, this is also an opportunity to educate them about the media industry. I derive great joy in assisting "clients - students and academics" access platforms that facilitate the spread of their ideas as these often have far reaching impact on communities, public education, policy advocacy etc. This is a conducive work environment where co-workers really pull together and are willing to assist because of the understanding that we are all working towards one goal.
ProsFree education for your and your offspring
ConsRenumeration static
Researcher | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 03 Apr 2013
The first thing I do is to get up-to-date with data collected and note down relevant items that need to be attended to. Other tasks can very depending on the stage at which our research projects are at but can include: sending confidentiality letters for research topics coming up, monitoring emails that come into the Economic Research inbox and responding to enquiries, attending internal and external meetings, creating briefs for new research. This environment has taught me how to multitask, deliver within strict deadlines, as well as to get along well with different people in different levels.We work as a team of 8 and I had an opportunity to supervise, I implemented a system to help organize the communication between my co workers to enhance our productivity as a team. The nature of my working environment is flexible but stressful depending on the phase of the research period, however, it teaches the higher level of responsibility, committment and involvement since we operate under minimal supervision.
Prosgaining knowledge and skills
Consstressful but manageable
Research Assistant | Braamfontein, Gauteng | 17 Dec 2018
Productive and educational
This was an enriching experience with regards to my IT skills, and it also allowed me to grow my knowledge in marketing and strategy as I was working for a professor in economics, as well him being an established business man. This job had only pros and no cons as it as taught me time management and it has helped a great amount in my current studies in Strategic Brand Communications, while allowing me to implement the skills I gained while obtaining my diploma in Business Science. The amount of information I worked with and sorted through and collated was extensive, but it helped me learn focus and discipline. Although I hoped to work in the marketing and strategy sphere, as I am most skilled in the business sciences, the challenge was a great experience. Management was great, and the workplace was suited to my schedule as I am a student. I would say the hardest part of the job, apart from the amount of information, was the distance to get to the university. I enjoyed the job as a whole.
ProsFree lunch and experience
Admissions Advisor | Gauteng | 12 Jul 2019
Hardwork and Some Play
A typical day begins early and involves forward planning for what lay ahead. No tow days are alike however the issues experienced in this role were mainly due to archaic process and systems that required great buy in from all structures before tangible changes could be made. Learnings were vast and I would not have acquired these anyway else and I will carry these long into my personal career. I have matured emotionally and learned the value of teamwork. Very bureaucratic management style and little room for deviation , however some progress was made in changes some old ways that took into account the era we are in. The most difficult part of the role was the battle to make large scale changes that would see productivity and workplace atmosphere change in a positive light. When the systems worked and students were accepted into the institute for the degree of their choice.
ProsGreat institutional knowledge from fellow staff
ConsLong hours
Senior Database Administrator | City of Johannesburg, Gauteng | 06 May 2019
Steady yet stimulating working environment
I learned and gained experience in the following * Installation and upgrading of high-end products * Integration of various software solutions to provide programmatic solutions for the company's challenges. * Leading and motivating a team from diverse backgrounds, with equally diverse skills and personalities. Workplace culture has been challenging at times. Partly due to change of higher level management and how that affects the work force. Also, partly due to the political climate of the country seeping through into the office environment. This contributes to some individuals putting in a lot of effort and hard work while others manage to just have it easy.
ProsWorking with diverse community, flexible working hours, 24 days leave a year including closed over Christmas period
ConsDifferentiation between support staff as academic staff - academic staff is seen as superior
Chemical Engineer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 28 Feb 2014
Productive work environment
The internship was a 9am to 4pm job, four days a week (excluding Fridays and weekends), in a private computer lab. Each intern was assigned to their own desk, computer, and all the necessary equipment they needed to finish the project. Sometimes projects required lab experiments, in which case,the intern had to go work at the lab. The projects were challenging, but also exciting. The support given by supervisors to interns was excellent and the work environment was both conducive and relaxed. The hardest part about the job was having to figure things out, and it was especially frustrating when some of the methods did not prove to work, but that was also the enjoyable part. In the process of making something work, a lot was learned, which made it all worth while. The challenges and mistakes made really shaped one's critical thinking.
ProsExcellent job culture and employee support
ConsLittle to No salary
Human Resources Manager | Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga | 02 Jan 2015
Ongoing learning experience and very enjoyable
I worked closely with senior management, however I was self starter and able to organize work for my subordinates. I was thorough in my work since the data that we collected is vital to inform Health policy in South Africa. So I was putting extra efforts to minimize mistakes in all the teams I was responsible for I kept the my supervisors as well as my fieldworkers motived to ensure that there is no compromise in data quality I learned to manage myself and be dedicate in my work and these enabled me to gain a lot of experience with regard managing a huge project such as census data collection The hardest part of my job was when my senior was on sabbatical leave and I was left to run the census data collection on without him nearby
ProsI wasexposed to a learning environment
ConsI worked long hours and my responsibilities were overstreched
Masters student | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 21 Oct 2013
Relaxed and fun
When I get to the lab, I setup my reactions which some run for 5 days, I measure the flowrate for my reactions in the morning and before I leave in the afternoon. I characterize data using various instruments depending on what instrument I booked a slot with because there are a lot of postgraduate students using all instruments. Usually I use the TPR which was the main instrument I used to conduct my research. My colleagues were very helpful, they taught me how to use all the instruments I needed for my research. The environment I worked in was fun, relaxed and conducive to learning. The hardest part of my research is the write up, which has been a struggle especially the calculations. Progress meetings were held every 2 weeks with my supervisor and colleagues to assist me with my research, by offering advice on my project.
ProsRelaxed working environment
ConsFischer Tropsch calculations
Lecturer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 26 Mar 2013
Lecturer - Occupastional Therapy & Coordnator - HSS Kellogg Foundation
Lesson preparations, lecturing - both theory and practice, reading and studying, setting question papers and marking assignments and tests/exams/research work. I learned to relate and live with people of a different culture harmoniously and openly and still become myself. Time management was important. the school was well managed with lots of support from both colleagues and the university staff in general. everything ou needed was available - form teaching tips to teaching equipment. Nice job. Co-workers were the best. they were good buddies, respectful and supportive and family like Hardest part of the job: Getting used to lecturing - my first lecturing job Most enjoyable: The practicals and social activities we shared with my co-workers and the students
Prosexposure to the outside world
Lecturer | School, MO | 03 Oct 2020
management style exclusionary
A typical day, would entail lecturing late afternoon and not much interaction with colleagues. Management style not inclusive and not much deliberation about teaching and learning issues. Work culture not corroborative. The hardest part of the job was research capacity building was absent being in a school that had natural scientist rather than social scientist. The Lenmeyer race in September was enjoyable.
ProsInteraction with colleagues in the education department was beneficial, Engagement with the Pearson platform was useful, Being the chairperson the teaching and learning committee was an experiential, and challenging
ConsBeing located in the chemistry department, Very few chemical educationist, Mostly natural scientist, I found myself straddling chemistry and education department, caught up at the interface with very little engagement with colleagues.

Questions And Answers about University of the Witwatersrand

What are the working hours at University Of The Witwatersrand?
Asked 05 Jun 2017
8 in the morning to 4 : 30
Answered 18 Sept 2019
8 hours per day
Answered 10 Jul 2019
Does University Of The Witwatersrand require background check? What kind of background check does University Of The Witwatersrand do and how long does University Of The Witwatersrand take to complete a background check?
Asked 08 Jun 2018
Does wits give a feedback for interview if you are unsuccessful
Answered 06 Dec 2021
Yes it does because it important to known that what kind of life are u living
Answered 18 Sept 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at University Of The Witwatersrand? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 12 Jan 2018
Willvthey tell applicants if they are unsuccessfully for the position
Answered 10 Nov 2020
It take a long time if you are not on the financial loans or Nsfc when you study for your own money but when you study using loan and Nsfc it does take long
Answered 18 Sept 2019
How did you feel about telling people you worked at University Of The Witwatersrand?
Asked 05 Jun 2017
I felt great and motivated.
Answered 17 Jul 2019
Teach sign language lectures
Answered 14 Mar 2019
What should you wear to an interview at University Of The Witwatersrand?
Asked 08 Mar 2018
I think black dress end red court
Answered 18 Sept 2019
Dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate to the position for which you are applying. Wear a comfortable, neat and pressed suit.
Answered 01 Nov 2018