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Office Administrator | Bellville, Western Cape | 24 Feb 2014
Nice workplace to work at; tasks do not include to much stressful situations.
A typical day at work includes sitting in front of the computer doing purchases, completing HR forms for temporary staff before the deadline, arranging meetings over the telephone and via email-if there are meetings to be arranged. I have learned to handle situations in a professional manner as it could reflect on the institutions imange/reputation. Thus I have trained myself to be mindful of what outsiders might say about the institution. My image of the management have always been one of professionalism. They have been role models in that sense; thus I cannot complain much. They show great expertise-I value that. My co-workers have been great to work with. I have always been in a position to keep good relations with them. Issues we sort out on a professional manner. Thus I cannot complain about my colleagues. In fact I value the contribution each one of them bring the institution. I cannot really thinks of any hard or tough parts of the job. The atmosphere has always been very relaxing based on my knowledge. A tough part is the when you need to give declining news to students/clients. The most enjoyable part of the job has been the fact that I could manage the office successfully; appointments and meetings get arranged in time. I take pleasure in the fact that I could administer proper advice to prospective students/clients. That gives one a satisfying feeling.
ProsWhen you have to advise clients about positive feedback
ConsWhen you have to advise clients of negative feedback
Computer Lab Assistance | Cape Town, Western Cape | 03 Sept 2012
Lab Assistance
One day I was scheduled to work at 3 hours at one of the Lab, that day I was writing and had an assignment due, the unfortunate part was that when I call my manager to find someone may replace me, there was no one that day who could to work that shift, as we usually ask a colleague to represent/replace on our absence. I was therefore forced by prevailing circumstances to shoot two bird with one stone. I therefore, had look for a student that I can know and trust the most fortunately there was one. I then went to the faculty to submit and wrote a 30 minutes class test coming to my duty. That I believe I learned how to work hard during the last moment, as had lot of things to do in that assignment and some few things to review before that test. The management that we currently have, are a good working team that divide the task accordingly and I also have good co-workers. The hardest part of the job it is there pressure during exam time and assignment due date time, when we have to be on duty during these crucial times. However, there is also other side of it, the most enjoyable part of this job, it is when the lab is full most and most student know they computers (software) there's only one or two student who consult, and when there is not much assignments and tests. When you will be able to enjoy serving internet with few students to attend to.
Proscan study and do your assignment while on duty.
Consit's the long hours of on duty during exam time and with much distabance.
Research Project Manager | Bellville, Western Cape | 26 Dec 2012
Good culture to develop. if money you after do not come work here. IF you do not have a PhD do not consider being a equal in the work place.
Typical day at work: Hour 1: look at project task sheet, and arrange it according to the priority. Hour 2: Follow up on the tasks that are more of an importance and lower priority. Hour3: Shift resources to tasks list if need to complete a high priority, if the need rises. Hour4: Start getting involved with project reports. Hour5: redo hours 2 and 3, when the need rises for me to get stuck in a tasks, I do so. Most of the day is normally dedicated to getting the resources and tasked arranged in a manner they do not conflict and tasks are done in time. What I have Learned: I have learned many skill sets with my time with UWC, I must say the skill set I have most developed with UWC is flexibility never to restrict you current skill set to on plateau, the keen drive to keep on learning and better myself. Management: Report to too many managers, hence the line of direct manager is disrupted. Co-workers: Hard working and friendly, always willing to learn and flexible enough to do my job. Hardest part of my job: Reporting to too many managers. Enjoyable part of my job: Colleagues, always willing to step in if a new task is delegated to them.
Prosstaff flexiblity and eageriness to learn
Constoo many managers to report to and conflict of project interest.
Student Assistant | Cape Town, Western Cape | 15 Oct 2012
Dertemined, team player and harworker.
I was a student assistant at the UWC library. It has been a great experience, helping my fellow colleagues. The hardest time is when you have books that show on the system but not yet delivered at the library, explaining the whole process of new arrivals can be a long process and sometimes students may think you are keeping the book. I have learned to have patience, deal with people in a calm manner at all times and to create a friendly-environment regardless of the negative remarks they may give. The most enjoyable part is when you make recommendations about books, help a student pick and on how to get its location online a book and when they come to you the following day or a couple of days later to thank you. I have also worked for Woolworth as a till operator/replenisher. Packing stock, taking waste-goods off the shelves, assisting customers on the floor and at the till points. It is a rewarding job especially when you help a customer and when you help a team-mate, be it a cleaner at the store, or your colleague at the tills to close a sale or for account payment. Everyday is a challenge as you deal with different people everyday, but everyday gives a new lesson and thus growth.
Proswoolworth sample shop goods at low prices.
Conslong hours
Communications Officer | Bellville, Western Cape | 05 Dec 2012
My Work Context at the University of The Western Cape
I would check our events list and cover alumni and sports stories related to the University of the Western Cape(UWC). at these events I also take pictures as well. I usually write a story for our online media and newsletter. I also then write a press release for external print, radio and television media. Prior to working at UWC I did not know about working in a communications context and I learnt alot while working here. My manager has also helped me to think like a communications officer when approaching each event. I work well with my co-workers who are a young and vibrant Public Relations-trained group. The hardest part of my job is to coerce media to cover an event which is not on a big scale.It also gives me immense job-satisfaction when,through hard work, I get media to give our university publicity. Working in communications I also still get to use my writing skills I acquired in the newsroom.
Prosvibrant work envoronment
Consno job security
Instructional Designer | Cape Town, Western Cape | 18 Jul 2013
Productive and goal orientated
A typical day at work is when I have to trained staff and students; content developer and quality assurance (proof reading material); staff meeting; office management; testing sites and new equipment or software and planning training sessions. I learn manage student assistants and office assets. I enjoy to work independently as well as in a team to share ideas. The hardest part of my job is when I have too much overlapping due tasks in a small space of time but I enjoy its challenge as it bring my multi-task skills into action. The most enjoyable part of my job is when I manage to meet due date in time; deliver a quality and professional training; developed a meaningful learning material and being able to transform technophobic users to a champion users of technology and multi-media tools.
ProsTraveling allowance when one attends work related conferences and staff study allowance
ConsNo Lunch-time: Sometimes due to work demand
Credit Controller | Bellville, Western Cape | 05 Nov 2013
My day at work
I had the most supportive and team players in my department and we were all getting along. I learned to easily adapt to changed and to embrace the different cultures. I also learnt to treat everybody with respect and that communication is a very important factor. My manager was a person you could speak to at anytime about anything and she had an open door policy. The hardest part of the job was mainly during the registration when the student are negotiating to pay off their debt/s from the previous year and at the same time wanting to register. You needed to take into account a lot of factors such as the student's academic performance together with their/ family's affordability. I enjoyed the reporting and comparison of figures from the previous years when you have to measure your individual performance.
ProsStaff breakfasts on fridays, Brain storming sessions
ConsLong working hours during the registration period
Technical Officer | Bellville, Western Cape | 09 Nov 2019
Productive and stressful sometimes
Its a great place to work and grow as academic.Friendly staff. Benifis are great too in terms of studying opportunities and medical aid. The following I have learned: Responsible for smooth running of undergraduate pharmaceutical practicals by ensuring timely procurement of chemicals and consumables needed.  To assist/teach fourth years projects and postgraduates in pharmaceutics operation of instruments  Coordinate /responsible for firefighting and evacuation within school of pharmacy  Maintenance and oversight of all equipment in pharmaceutics discipline.  Develop standard operating procedures (SOP`s), calibration and maintenance of equipments  Equipment disposal (scrap and surplus) in pharmaceutics discipline  Coordination of capital expenditure (CAPEX) –Identify and motivate instrument(s) needs.  Management of Pharmaceutical discipline budget
Student Assistant | Cape Town, Western Cape | 07 Jun 2014
vibrant workplace
a typical day at work would always consist of preparing for a meeting, followed by meeting with the student and sitting with them as long as the need you. In this job i have learned that every once in a while we all need a helping hand and that people who ask for help are not dumb but they just need you to explain things to them in a way that they understand. the other tutors and assistants which i work with are all in good stance and always in contacts with each other, referring students to one another. the tough part about the job is the fact that each student have a different learning style and having to figure that way out first; realizing sometimes the student themselves do not know what it is. the part of my job i enjoy the most is interacting with different students every time, interacting with people across different disciplines.
Prosflexible working hours
Consclients who do not put in effort
Tutor | Bellville, Western Cape | 30 Jul 2014
Productive, however I would love much better opportunities
The university is a great place to empower oneself in many ways, academically as well as socially. Since the job I do have here at the university of the western Cape is more of a part time job (since I am studying full time) I do feel that the hours fits in well with my studies. I learn quite abit from new students and from lecturers about how to manage a classroom as well as how to teach differently to different students. The hardest part of the job is that it is really a little pay, other than that I enjoy teaching students and learning in briefings etc. The most enjoyable part of this job is that I get to interact with different people and it is most rewarding when students show interest and enthusiasm in my class. management is very important in every job situation and I feel I am competent in this regard.
ProsExperience and great hours
Conspayment troubles

Questions And Answers about University of the Western Cape

What should you wear to an interview at University of the Western Cape?
Asked 16 Jan 2018
Your normal clothes like black and white but not too tidy
Answered 10 Jun 2019
Your normal clothes.
Answered 29 Nov 2018
How are the working hours at University of the Western Cape?
Asked 27 Sept 2018
Flexible as a rule.
Answered 04 Jan 2019
40 HOURS per month
Answered 13 Nov 2018
What is the company culture at University of the Western Cape?
Asked 21 Apr 2018
Success is based on who you know. You’re not appreciated at this company. You’re a number here, nothing else. No work-life balance. Remuneration is low. Slow to change ways.
Answered 27 Jul 2022
Inclusive and empowering.
Answered 04 Jan 2019
What are the perks offered by University of the Western Cape?
Asked 27 Jul 2017
Good monthly salary Re-location fee Medical Aid benefit Pension Fund
Answered 21 Apr 2018
Good working atmosphere
Answered 16 Jan 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at University of the Western Cape? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 18 May 2017
By registering yourself on their hr website
Answered 05 Dec 2017
By looking on their website called thetha notice board where they always advertise their vacancies
Answered 27 Jul 2017