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Learning and Development Officer | Sandton, Gauteng | 03 Jul 2019
Driver Training
A typical day at work Approached by a colleaque who persuaded me to defraud my employer by giving other marketed clients to other companies and change them a fee. That in the process I also go behind the employer and train for such companies and still charge them a fee and we share such fees. What I have learned. That there are dishonest employee in most companies and if one is weak and love money or greedy, one may fall into the trap. Management I have reported the matter or the contract of the employee to management and he was immediately suspended. Workplace Culture Dishonesty is a serious and dismissable offence in the company. Company has good and developmental management attitude. The hardest part of the job Listening to a colleague trying to involve you in illicit conduct The most enjoyable part of the job Seeing such employee brought before disciplinary committee.
ProsThe company does not provide free lunch to its employee
ConsConducting enroute assessment
Bookkeeper | South Africa | 21 Apr 2021
Temp assignment for maternity cover
The position was only meant to be for six moths. However the employee decided not to return so I was offered the position on a permanent basis, which I accepted. I was very happy there and was part of a great team. I decided to immigrate with my family to the UK in the May of 2014 after working for Unitrans for 4 years. I still miss my colleagues and can highly recommend them as an organization to work for.
ProsVery flexible hours.
Driver | Worcester, Western Cape | 04 Jul 2021
Love unitrans safety if it comes to a driver rest hours they are really strict to it.
Would go back to unitrans anytime had lots of possibilities for any worker to uplift himself, unitrans is a international company and had lots of possibilities to see the world see SA, i recommend any driver to work for unitrans.
Workshop Service Technician | Worcester, Western Cape | 10 Feb 2020
Can be stressfull sometimes due to lack of support
Unitrans was great untill i came to Malmesbury. Work place was horible. No support from supervisors in opperation what made my job hard. I would have loved to work at Unitrans for many years.
Truck Driver | Alrode, Gauteng | 06 Nov 2020
Time management
I enjoyed working with unitrans and would still like to work with them as I had no regrets working for them until they retrenched us. Unitrans is a good company to work for and there was transperasy
ConsTwelve hours
Car Sales Executive | Boksburg, Gauteng | 16 Jul 2019
Great company to work for
I’ve worked for the group 10 years, best place ever. Management is strict but fair. remuneration is probably the best in the country and a general playful environment.
Driver | Davis, CA | 19 Sept 2014
Amazing job culture, many opportunities for advancement
As a transit driver, Unitrans was very flexible with accommodating to their employees' availability due to our student status. The management always had our best interests in mind, especially when it came labor hour rules. My colleagues were very enthusiastic and friendly; I never had a boring day at Unitrans. The student management team always had opportunities for advancement in the company and always kept an eye out for potential candidates. There weren't any hard bits about the job except for the occasional passenger complaints but being understanding and professional usually does the trick. The most enjoyable part of the job was the people; both passengers and colleagues. I definitely felt welcomed by all my peers and management.
Founder | Surat, Gujarat | 27 Nov 2012
Proactive, multi-skilled professional
Demonstrated expertise of over 14 yrs, handling Insurance & Logistics business through Advisors, Banks & Franchise by following regulation laid by various governing bodies. Solid domain knowledge and experience in conceptualizing and implementing financial procedures, profit monitoring and building internal financial controls in the working environment. Cost effective professional, rrecognized for high professional merit & excellence in the entire career, ensuring customer satisfaction by achieving performance parameters delivery & quality norms. Superior communication and interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and motivating staff to peak performance.
Conductor/a | Manizales, Caldas | 19 Mar 2022
buenos ingresos
Competividad en area laboral ...ser rapido .tener un buen manejo tener precaucion con los peatones demas veihculos motos ciclistas autos particulares y mismos compañeros .. Area administrativa buen trato con los conductores havian espacios de calentamiemto psicologa a dispocision de los empleados ..para aclarar dudas .. Buen orden en la empresa sobre horarios de despacho .. En cada parada revisador de ruta .. Excelente presentacion por parte de la empresa al brindarnos uniformes por la dotacion cada cuatro meses ...area de televicion restaurante .. La empresa cuenta con buen parqueadero y taller en la misma zona ...excelente mantenimiento de los veihculos... Y horarios de diez horas que se estendian a doce horas ....
Shop Assistant | Davis, CA | 13 Feb 2017
Unique Experience for Students
Working in the Unitrans Maintenance Shop, the students are involved in anything and everything from replacing headlights to rebuilding engines. To learn how to service the buses as needed is already something that I don't think any student ever thought they would really be doing, but to get your hands on and work through problems with the inner workings of the engines, transmissions, pneumatic brakes, etc., is both incredibly strange to have the company trust us to do so and exceptionally satisfying to know that our work keeps our buses running smoothly to provide transportation to the people and students of Davis/the University.
Warehouse Worker | Welshpool WA | 06 Feb 2020
never work for this company
after working at Unitrans I have to say that it is the worst company I have ever worked at. management is aggressive, threatening, rude and treats his employees like dirt. the full timers are lazy and treat the casuals like slaves and do nothing productive themselves. to make matters worse the the warehouse is dangerous and some workers operate forklifts and order pickers with out a ticket. plus, people are expected to unload sea containers full of furniture that is dangerously stacked, not on pallets and cabinets that is 40kgs above head hight. honestly stay away from this company in Welshpool
Consunsuportive environment
Supervisor/a de operaciones | Tampico, Tamps. | 19 May 2018
Buen ambiente de trabajo. Se motiva acrecer.
Comenzar recibiendo instrucciones del personal de cambio de turno. Ponerse al tanto de nuevas instrucciones. Comunicacion con el Cliente y superiores de UNITRANS. Se aprendio trabajar con imprevistos, trabajar con personal de carácter fuerte. La cultura laboral es la Seguridad en el Trabajo, y la importancia del trabajo en equipo. La parte mas dificil, es el trabajar con personal que esta acostumbrado a trabajar sin supervision. Lo mejor del trabajo, las oportunidades de crecimiento y el constante aprendizaje y capacitacion.
Prosincentivos, salario
ConsInstalaciones de trabajo asignadas
Cobrador | João Pessoa, PB | 24 Jan 2015
empresa agradável de trabalhar
Nesta empresa aprendemos a ter paciência, tratar seu próximo bem, no caixa eu gostava em atender, conhecer novas pessoas, aparte mais difícil era quando por atrasos do dia dia por causa do transito problemático de joão pessoa, clientes se estressava, mas tinha-mos que manter a calma e ajudar a resolver aquele problema, sendo amigo, e parceiro da situação,. o melhor de trabalhar nesse empresa, é devido a uma grande oportunidade de crescimento profissional q a gerencia proporciona para todos os funcionários.
Prosnão fornece refeiçoes na empresa
Consfornece vale-refeição
Customer Service Representative | Kings Park NSW | 30 May 2020
Fun staff and management to work for whilst also maintaining professionalism
I gained employment at Unitrans through HOBAN recruitment. I really enjoyed myself at Unitrans but unfortunately, they had to let me go unwillingly due to over staffing issues in the Customer service department and I was their only casual at the time. They did however move me to the incoming transport department which I stayed for a week and then was told they were too overstaffed and had to let me go. I did not continue on with HOBAN the recruiting agency afterward.
Administrative Assistant | Tilbrook | 09 Mar 2014
Good experience
During my employment in Tilbrook I was providing support by undertaking and overseeing the administrative routines, improving data integrity while maintaining deadlines and maintaining customer relations. I enjoyed maintaining customer relations the most, talking to people, providing helping hand. I found the hardest the mundane part of the job which sometimes was challenging. People around me were helpful and caring and management was reliable and reassuring.
ProsProfessional development
Consmundane tasks

Questions And Answers about Unitrans

How should you prepare for an interview at UNITRANS?
Asked 26 Sept 2017
Relax and take it easy as you know that you your job
Answered 29 Jul 2019
Be your self and do not try hard too impress be honest
Answered 20 Feb 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at UNITRANS? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 26 Sept 2017
Send Cv online,, then waiting for interview
Answered 21 Feb 2018
Sent My Cv and got interviewed a few days later i was informed that i had the job
Answered 09 Oct 2017
How often do you get a raise at UNITRANS?
Asked 09 Nov 2022
Answered 24 Feb 2023
Every 3years
Answered 09 Nov 2022
What are some tips for doing well at the interview
Asked 16 May 2018
Do not panick and be sure of youself
Answered 02 Sept 2019
Be yourself and speak well.
Answered 04 Jun 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at UNITRANS?
Asked 29 Apr 2017
Do I understand job that I'm applying for?
Answered 07 Oct 2019
Learning to grow with us .
Answered 29 Apr 2017