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R 8 600-R 43 000
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R 589 400
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R 120 000-R 1 253 000
5 salaries reported
R 100,69
per hour
R 50,30-R 200,00
3 salaries reported
R 100,00
per hour
R 50,00-R 200,00
1 salary reported
R 8 333
per month
R 4 100-R 13 000
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Overall Reviews at Stellenbosch University

Consultant | Cape Town, Western Cape | 14 Oct 2012
Interesting, challenging and productive work environment
Writing consultancy is a challenging task as it involves dealing with students. Students and staff have different levels of understanding and pace of understanding. This is embedded in the way the view and expect you as a consultant to handle their work. Expectations together with learning speed of students makes scientific writing consultancy a challenging task. Even though it is challenging, there are brighter and darker days at work. Working with students with anxiety and keen students make your day as a consultant. The writing consultancy team is made up of people of different backgrounds and orrientation. This makes it easy if certain concerns arises with students for instance language or field of study. Whenever you work with a student who felt that they were lost and they come out feeling that they have been helped makes a day at the writing lab. If your students contineously ask for you on follow up consultation means they believe in you. In essence, the feeling of seeing a student smiling after a consultation is the most interesting of all day. This reverse is true when you are to handle a student who undermines your capabilities. These are students that comes with their expectations and would like you to do their work, for instance proofreading. In some cases one is tasked to consult a student who is in a higher level than them together with different fields. You will be found in answering questions like what do you know about my field. Such students are hostile a
Prosaccess to training for academic writing
Operations Manager | Stellenbosch, Western Cape | 06 Feb 2013
More patrols around the campus to enhance productivity. Group activties to motivate staff.
My responsibilities include but not limited all Safety and Security of staff personnel; students; visitors; facilities and all other University assets. Managing in-house security and contracted security, developing of new security policy and procedures, training and motivating of staff. Making sure that private security at the main gate is working up to standard, serving our clients with dignity. attending meetings with staff, students and other stake holders. Managing parking on site, addressing complaints about fines and clamped cars. Carry out security assessments and audits. I have learned a lot since I am dealing with students and staff who can be difficult at times. Resolving daily complaints and conflicts is part of my daily exercise. My co-workers are very committed in team work, sharing information to better the productivity. There are some hard times, when the security contractor is not performing and people are complaining. Because I am running a department with short staff, it becomes difficult when more than one have booked offsick.
Prosno time for free lunch
Conswhen we have functions at campus, i have to work until late
Junior Research Fellow | Stellenbosch, Western Cape | 16 Oct 2014
Productive and fun workplace
Generally a typical day will start before 08:00 am around a nice hot coffee with lectures and co-workers while chatting. After, each person will deeply submerge into his/her tasks until 13:00 pm for the so called lunch time for about 1 hour, then the work will continue until 17:00. With this job, I learnt how the respect of the individual task and schedule is very important for the entire company. Trust is also a capital element in a working environment. As I was between the management and other worker, I have an idea about the two minds and will help me quite a lot for my future employment. One of my most important assets is, I have improved my ability to listen to people through a special relation with my co-workers. The hardest part of this job was at the sowing, data collection and harvesting. We had to do over times. Working also in the middle of summer was hectic, but I did enjoy with my co-workers even elaborated some strategies in order to support and be fast. The most enjoyable part was before Christmas. We usually had a kind of funny competitions between co-workers and there was no loser. I also enjoyed every time the company organised baby showers for future mothers, we always had fun.
Senior Administrative Officer | Stellenbosch, Western Cape | 12 Apr 2016
Good, challenging and friendly environment.
Coming to work with positive attitude, working in really good conditions and environment overall. Seeing that you spend most of your time at the office I've learned that you need to make the most of it and help building a positive and healthy office atmosphere. Management normally support us as staff and help us in staying positive and focused. Co workers normally friendly and helpful and also adds to you being positive about your workplace. The hardest part of my job is that you cannot really plan your day, you try to, but when you get here, there's always some stuff that you need to attend to first or some problem that must be resolved, which normally takes up time, and in the end you day did not go as you planned. Enjoyable part is being in a senior position in my department, gives me some flexi time and allows me to delegate, which makes things easier for me.
ProsFlexi time, space for career growth.
ConsNothing really
Educator | Cape Town, Western Cape | 07 Oct 2013
Productive, challenging, engaging, creative
Wonderful job, management is well-orchestrated. Work long hours even though the job is part time. I learnt how to deal with students in a constructive and productive manner, enabling them to understand and apply their knowledge from undergraduate programmes to daily life situations and various journal articles they read. It is an innovative job encouraging students to think outside the box, to contemplate the deeper meaning. Co-workers are friendly and are readily available for assistance or guidance. The hardest part of the job is having to work long hours even though I am employed part time, and also dealing with difficult or demanding students. Deadlines create pressure, but are enjoyable. Management is well-executed and operates smoothly majority of the time.
ProsWorking with students, being able to be creative and innovative
ConsLong hours, dealing with difficult and demanding students
Administrative Assistant | Stellenbosch, Western Cape | 25 Feb 2016
Flexible and Accommodating
I was a part-time employee so most of my duties would commence before or after class depending on my timetable. My typical day would start with me reporting to the Senior Administrative Officials in order to brief them on my progress with my projects and they would tell me if any additional work needed to be done or any new tasks became available. I learned a lot with regards to teamwork as well the ability of processing criticism and using to advance my work. My co-workers were extremely helpful with the timetable being interlinked I had to learn to trust the next person to complete a task on my behalf. The most challenging part of the job having to balance several tasks that need to be handled simultaneity. The most enjoyable part of the job is the relations that I had developed with my co-workers and it felt like we were a family.
ProsFree coffee and flexible timetable
ConsStagnant salary
Demonstrator | South Africa | 23 Jul 2018
Productive and workplace
My typical day at work would include performing general administrative tasks such as updating students marks; obtaining quotes for various lab equipment and stationary needed; and working through lecturing and practical schedules. I enjoy working at this university. I have been given an amazing opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and personally. demonstrating undergraduate chemistry students, the job help us to remember the basics and principles of chemistry. The management is good. The hardest part of my job would probably be having to deal with difficult or disruptive students in the lab.The most enjoyable part of my job is being in a position where I am able to teach new first year students about basic lab techniques and prepare them for the work environment.
ProsFree lab coats
Conslong hours
Research Assistant | Stellenbosch, Western Cape | 04 Oct 2015
Student Life
Every department is different. Different politics, different drama. Tygerberg Medical Physiology is a peaceful environment with a lot of downtime. Socialising is key to make the most of the more than 10 nationalities working together on projects. Very diverse and a thought stimulating workplace. Personal responsibility need to be taken for duties, which comes with the freedom. Worked alongside 50 different people on a yearly basis, gaining a multitude of insight from each person. Hardest part is limited funds available to make research more efficient. I enjoyed the people most of all, which made the work easier to manage, and the personal trust given to experiment with new laboratory practices. Very thankful to have been exposed to a frictionless workplace early in my career .
ProsFree Time
ConsToo slow
Administrative Officer | Western Cape | 18 Sept 2012
Productive and stable working environment
A typical work day starts at 08h00 and is very productive from their onwards, either personally or electronically. Everyday you speak to different people and discover the different needs people may have. Immediate management is respectful and very considered in any circumstances. Level of trust is also very good and work is much appreciated at all times. Work very well with some co-workers. What i do not like about my work is to give negative results to students and their parents, because i want everybody to have a chance at success which is not always possible. What i like best of my job is the freedom i have to do my job and the fact that i am trusted with what i do, and the working environment is clean and save.
Proschildren and staff can study for free.
Consexcessess workloads
Dynamic work environment
I had a lot of flexibility in terms of how I want to spend my time and on which part of my project I want to work. I enjoyed working with a wide variety of people, including workshop staff, analytical personnel, professors, fellow post-graduate students as well as under-graduate students. I enjoyed the fact that the work was not routine work being repeated. Every day had different activities and challenges. I learned to manage my own time and to be self-motivated. I learned that, by eating an elephant one bite at a time, one can complete a big project. The hardest part of doing a PhD was the fact that it is a very lonely journey - you alone are responsible for your project. I enjoy team-work, and it was therefore not always easy to be on this journey all by myself.
ProsFlexible working hours
ConsStudent salary :-)

Questions And Answers about Stellenbosch University

How often do you get a raise at Stellenbosch University?
Asked 01 Feb 2023
Once a year
Answered 11 Mar 2023
Answered 07 Feb 2023
How are the working hours at Stellenbosch University?
Asked 15 Oct 2017
Eight Hours
Answered 10 Jun 2020
3hours/ week
Answered 15 Apr 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Stellenbosch University?
Asked 02 Aug 2017
Smart casual outfit.
Answered 09 Mar 2020
Depends on your interview type
Answered 05 Mar 2019
Does Stellenbosch University require background check? What kind of background check does Stellenbosch University do and how long does Stellenbosch University take to complete a background check?
Asked 20 Jul 2017
No, just bring along all documents of ID and so forth.
Answered 05 Mar 2019
Yes they do, Reference checks and obviously criminal checks are conducted in order to verify the declaration by potential employees. Getting feedback from the university does not take long but it is limited to the shortlisted group.
Answered 02 Aug 2017
How should you prepare for an interview at Stellenbosch University?
Asked 20 Jul 2017
Get decent marks at university and the highest qualification you can.
Answered 04 Oct 2017
By reading through the values of the institution, also to know and research the position you intend to apply for, also create a few viable propositions on how you could improve the particular field
Answered 01 Oct 2017