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Finance Officer | Pretoria, Gauteng | 26 Feb 2014
It is a productiove working place, there is always something to learn
-On my current position,every morning, i do stats, i have to check if all my allocated banks have reported their transactions the previous day, how many transctions reported, how many transactions were rejected by our system, the reason for the rejections, and update my senior about the results. If there is a problem with a bank i contact that specific bank to query. - I also do daily monitoring, to to see if all the banks are reporting and to ensure if our system is functioning properly. - Do read, do reseach, and comile replies for the applications i receive from the banks. - Do off-site of on-site inspectons and write reports. - I have learned so many things in my current job, i have learned to interact and communicate with people in different levels, the importance of paying attention to detail, banking rules and regulations. - I work well with the management team, we have weekly meetings every mondays to discuss what we did the previous week, any problems encountered, and solutions. - i have a good working relationship with my co-workers. -The hardest past of my job, is reporting to many people at the same time, and every person has different management style, one manager's decision may not necesary impress the other manager, so sometimes you spend a lot of time time to come to the a final decision. But i also learn a lot from different management styles. With this i learn to be more patient. - The most enjoyable part of my job, the whole bank is
ProsWe have a gym inside the work place, we have lunch club, we have secure parking, we also have flexi hours
ConsAlthough we work flexi hours, we sometimes have to work long hours to ensure that work is complete
Surity Official | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 05 Mar 2014
productive, Respect, Enthusiasm, Learning
It was my first day on the new shift from the induction period, which I was introduce to work for and I was placed in the control room with the shift leader and all of a sudden he disappeared and a phone call came through and I the caller was asking access to certain site of which I should use access system to let caller in and I was unfamiliar with this access control system since I was only taught theoretically. I was so nervous on how I am going to her the caller but I informed the caller i was new and i reassured her that I am going to help her; she should just be patient with me. I told myself that this is it, an opportunity has availed itself and I should grab it and shine. I took a moment to calm myself down and I took my manual which I was issued with at the induction phase and Ii look through it and I managed to get help from it and I was able to help the caller and I thanked her for her patience. this is the best place to work for as the management is very supportive, professional, Discipline, courageous, inspiring and friendly Co-workers are very friendly, you will feel like home as we are a one big team that support each other. The hardest part of the job is working night shifts, Though it’s difficult to work night shifts, I have learned to have a formula that can help me though this and i came up with 1: managing my time effectively though my resting period and that has improved my coping method and I am exercising a lot which has kept me physic
ProsThe bank subsidise the meal and the money is deductable from employees salaries, Dry cleaning
Consi work four days on and four day off staring from 6 till 6
Analyst | Pretoria, Gauteng | 07 Jul 2015
high professionalism
There is usually more work to be done when preparing for meetings and also at the beginning of the month due to reports and queries being due. I have learnt so much regarding the impact that the banking industry has on the economy as well as the different risk areas faced by the banks. It was also interesting to see the different risk management processes the different banks had to mitigate the risks they were faced with. I was able to gain knowledge on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism matters. The management style is that of a professional nature and accountability is of importance. The hardest part of the job is the admin related work which could take up more time in certain instances. An enjoyable part of the job was the discussions had with the representatives from the different banks, were discussion were held to discuss the challenging economic environment and the impact thereof on the bank's strategies and targets. Having to guide the banks with regards to the requirements of the regulations was also an enjoyable part, because this would lead to discussions within my team members regarding the interpretation of the regulations and this allowed me to be able to see and understand how other individuals had a perspective of certain matters. I am so grateful for the opportunity i had to work for the SARB and the knowledge i have obtained while considering that i knew nothing about the banking industry before i joined the bank.
Prosknowledge gained from the job, continuing discussions on the economy affecting all individuals, having to analyse the financial data and form a view on it
Consa large amount of admin related work
Risk Analyst | City of Tshwane, Gauteng | 27 Nov 2018
Growth environment
Credit Risk Management: - Ensured that the banks comply with regulations that govern credit risk - Provide credit risk assessments for locally and internationally listed banks - Implemented in-house credit risk models - Prepared daily, weekly and monthly credit risk reports - Implement pre-warning signals for investments with high probability of default - Ran and compiled the Credit/Cash Management Report and monitored all credit exposures with counterparties to ensure good governance - Reconciled the Credit/Cash Management Report with the Open Position Reported and investigated items reflected on the Exception Reports - Have good knowledge and understanding of BASEL II Share Performance and Investments: - Monitored and analysed monthly performance of share movements of all South African Reserve Bank’s investments and counterparties. - Conducted financial analysis of SARB’s investments and researched the industry and the financial markets - Prepared monthly and quarterly performance reports of investments - Researched relevant news relating to share performance and other financial news of counter-parties The work culture was highly collaborative and they managed to create a learning organisation. The hardest part of the job was dealing with some of the bureaucratic red tape that came with the organisation The most enjoyable part was being the given the space to research on relevant topics.
ProsResearching on relevant topics, good leadership and great working environment
Consbureaucratic red tape in getting things done
Economist | Pretoria, Gauteng | 23 Aug 2017
Stimulating work environment
The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is so far the best employer. I am required to work a total of 8.5 hours each day, out of each an hour is allocated for lunch. On a daily basis, I collect data on economic indicators, conduct research on the state of the economy and specific topics allocated to me by my senior management. I also write reports that fit into quarterly reports on economic development, specifically Gross Domestic Product as well as design graphs on research findings . I also conduct presentations on a quarterly basis and sometimes randomly on ad-hock topics allocated to me by management. Through these exercises, my report writing, research and presentation skills have been constantly improving. I have learned a lot and gathered various skills including quantitative analysis, research and report writing. The SARB promotes integrity, accountability, growth, professionalism and most importantly, job security. The hardest part of my job is being expected to produce a report out of nothing; with no data or supporting story-line. The most enjoyable part of it though is problem solving.
ProsEmployee study aid, free lunch, job security
Senior Legal Secretary | Gauteng | 18 Jun 2012
a place hwere you can obtain knowledge on various subjects including economics and law
My typical day at work deals with checking up on the legal advice i have already sent out to client departments. THereafter i consider my workload and continue to advise my client departments on matters. My work environment is a friendly one where colleagues are always dbebating legal issues and we all act as students and teachers in this process. Line managers are helpful and i make an effort to show enthusiasm to my junior staff who i am responsiblre for by encouraging mentorship and skills transfer. I have learned that getting the job done entails advice not only from ones own research but also team work on team projects. The hardest part of he job is getting through the resd tape of an organo state. THe most ewnjoyable part of the job is delivering timeous, well reserached informative and correct advice to client departments.
Prosgym and various extra curricular sports and drama clubs
Conslack of recognition of the different cultures for example the food requirements of other races
Governance Manager | Pretoria, Gauteng | 13 Jun 2014
More than 10 years of experience in IT, from technical roles to leadership roles.
I have more than 10 years of experience in IT and have fulfilled various roles, from Network Specialist, Information Security Advisor, IT Governance Manager and also assuming a role of a Business Relationship Manager. My current role focuses on ensuring there is governance over IT and managing the performance of IT, including reporting to the Audit Committee on IT performance. One of the key responsibilities is ensuring compliance to IT requirements for King III. This has also resulted in the development of IT Governance Framework and IT Charter for SARB and establishment of an IT Steering Committee for SARB. As a BRM I have acquired knowledge in business and IT alignment, which is very important if IT has to deliver good service and add value to the organisation, and minimize IT risks. The role included developing and maintaining client relationships through communication with stakeholders, SARB end-user departments and external service providers.
Processor | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 31 Jan 2013
Structured and productive workplace
The Reserve Bank was a formidable working environment at my first impression. One with rules and regulation one had to follow and keep up with. However, as I eased into my duties, I immediately regain my confidence to work as accuratly and speedly as to their motto. It is a well structured institution where every duty is well practiced accordly to their regulations. Management are as proficient as possible yet very guiding and curtis. My co-workers were extraordinary people who took care of as I was the youngest in the business. Without their assistance and guidance I would not have gained my working experience and skill to perform my duties. The hardest part of the job was not to thick out of the box, the policies that one had to work under was not of creative thinking. However, learning their way of work was most enjoyable and have the team support as we worked in teams was most rewarding.
Proswork functions
Consphysically tiring
Personal Assistant | Pretoria, Gauteng | 08 May 2018
Productive, dynamic and advanced work environment
Managing the offices of the senior managers of the relevant units within the IERPD. Performing duties related to office administration, including receipt and processing of correspondence, documents and mail. Providing secretarial support services, including diary and contacts management, and making all arrangements to receive visitors. Maintaining the filing system. Handling telephone calls, and making arrangements for travel and accommodation. Typing reports, correspondence, memorandums, agendas and minutes, and attending to ad hoc projects and requests. Liaising with appropriate people in the IERPD, other departments and external stakeholders. Manage leave and attendance according to the (HR) Leave Policy. Liaising with international financial organisations
ProsFlexi hours, Free lunches, Gym, Free parking and Day care centre
ConsOffice bound
Administrator | Pretoria, Gauteng | 05 Sept 2014
Productive and a very decent company with very high standards
As I have already mentioned, I came here on a learnership and I must say this is a very great institution for learning and for growth (as an individual). I came here knowing absolutely nothing but for the past months that I've been here I have learnt a lot. The people that I work with on a daily basis are very nice people and they gave me a very warm welcome and it really feels like my second home. The enjoyable part are some of the challenging tasks that they sometimes give to me. Tasks that would require great research before they could actually be done, and what I love most about this place is that we are a very united unit. And whenever one is facing difficulties or challenges, a helping hand will somehow find its way towards that person. And the hardest part is working with difficult clients.
ProsFree lunch & free gym
ConsLong hours, and a lot of work

Questions And Answers about South African Reserve Bank

What are the requirement needed for me to work at reserve bank
Asked 24 Aug 2017
Dicipline motivated trustworthy willing to learn team work in order for u to achieve in a working place
Answered 21 Jul 2020
Experience in banking field
Answered 21 Sept 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at South African Reserve Bank?
Asked 21 Apr 2017
Wear formal clothing and be professional
Answered 17 Feb 2019
You should start wearing a formal clothes and be neat answer the question correctly and be professional
Answered 29 Nov 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at South African Reserve Bank? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 21 Apr 2017
Quite a while
Answered 14 Nov 2020
Qualifications and experience
Answered 06 Sept 2018
What is the interview process like at South African Reserve Bank?
Asked 09 May 2019
It is very thorough and their vetting process is very detailed
Answered 14 Nov 2020
It is very thorough and their vetting process is very detailed
Answered 24 May 2019
Does your credit affect you for being hired?
Asked 05 Jul 2018
Not neccessary not necessary
Answered 29 Nov 2018
Not necessarily but subject to security vetting
Answered 13 Sept 2018