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R 17 000-R 54 000
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R 75 000
per month
R 37 000-R 113 000
1 salary reported
R 9 800
per month
R 4 900-R 15 000
1 salary reported
R 32 700
per month
R 16 000-R 50 000
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Sibanye Stillwater Reviews

Overall Reviews at Sibanye Stillwater

Fitter | North West | 29 Oct 2021
no fun at all only production, productio
Nobody wants to lisent to your opinion or advice especially the mining crews they are full of themselves.They want you to work according to their needs.They just don't care all they want is the site to be productive whether you have spares or not is not their problem. If the job isn't persecuted at time the vice president will be notified and you will be suspended or fired.Actually you don't have a say you're just a working tool.
Conslong hours are not even paid.
Production Supervisor | Gauteng | 15 May 2018
It is very nice working for this company, it is fun and productive
The time I started working for Sibanye stillwater, I started as a Learner miner then after 3months I was promoted to a Learner official, it was a great experience even though I was a bit scared of underground. but I enjoy working for this company just that I need a new environment and new people
ProsEvery after 3 we get braai if no one got injured
Conswe work strictly 8 hours unless you're shaft late
Communications Officer | Rustenburg, North West | 08 Feb 2018
Vibrant, fun and productive company
My job provides flexibilty and i mostly self manage projects that i am doing, i am allowed to be creative. The management enables me to do my job professionally and efficiently. For a new company more empahsis is given on promoting the culture and ensuring that everyone associated with this brand is on-board regarding the culture
Prosflexibility, nice fringe benefits
Conscant think of any
Security Guard | Free State | 05 Nov 2022
Some of the things I experienced at the company it was the shortage of the vehicle especially the armed vehicles for patrols
I worked at Sibanye Still water protection services for 8 years as security guard. My previous work taught me so much about security field. It was my first job and experience. The company gave an opportunity to show my abilities. The company send us for training and courses to gain more skills.
Supervisor | Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal | 16 May 2020
maitaning safe production and getting the target
responsible for healh ,safety and production,learned to maitain healthy and safe working place that reach required place culture : think safe and work safe.hardest part of the job : when bookings are done by someone for me..most enjoyble part of the job : reaching the target and free injury.
Prosi provide my own lunch
Consused to work long hours
General Worker | Northern Cape | 27 Nov 2017
Very well productive and a good environment to work here!
Since I've started working here the year 2014 by then the company was Aquarius platinum,then sibanye took over the operation.I enjoy working here but I have to explore to seek for other opportunities,I am a very hard working person,self motive and a Christian man who respect the opportunity I have given.
Prosfree lunch
Cons8 hours
Artisan | Welkom, Free State | 04 Aug 2020
Each day comes with different challenges but iam really energeyic anf a great communicator
Our management informs us in time about the things that needs to be done.our working environment is appreciable.The hardest part of the job is that no nock off until breakdowns are fixed.The most enjoyable part of my job is that l have to carry out different tasks efficiently and successfully.
Artisan | Kroondal, North West | 26 Jul 2021
Although working 12 hour shifts for two weeks being morning and night, you also get 8 days off to spend time with family. Working in the engineering department gives one a lot to learn and one can even build a career as the department has many interesting job categories such as fitters, diesel mechs, electricians etc.
ProsFree nutritional liquids.
ConsLack of promotions.
Boilermaker | Rustenburg, North West | 07 Nov 2021
Minning is very productive
I enjoyed my work there. Co worker's some where great freinds and still are. One problem is some foremans should not be in there chairs. Some of the companies procedures and polices did not charge when they took over from Aquarius but they used Sidanye discipline code of practice that is wrong.
ProsVery good salaries and benefits
ConsLong hours on bteak downs
Driver | Driefontein, Gauteng | 23 Mar 2021
Fast pass and stressful.
Our management team most of the time they did not plan according to time , they like to use last minutes that makes everything not easy .I did not mind working long hours and working under pressure but all I need it an organised management because I can not risk driving fast because of time that might course and eccident in the road.
ProsShort break
ConsLong hours
Operator | Big Timber, MT | 26 Apr 2022
Fun exciting career
Fun exciting job but management keeps changing, moral is horrible, the bus ride if you can't fall asleep makes for 18 hour days, and it's almost impossible to fall asleep. The 5x4x4x5 shifts are great though, the benefits are awesome. Some supervisors can't seem to show up so when training you might just get left to flounder for a whole day or two a shift. Overall if you can handle the bus, you get a good supervisor that shows up, and don't mind a low 34 hour and then a 46 hour paycheck per month it's a great place.
Rigger | Australia | 12 Jan 2019
we work there no fun and games
we go in at 4 am in the morning we work till 2 pm. we go underground or sometimes we stay on surface. we sling units in and out of the mine down the shaft. also we have special projects underground that we do.
Proson premises housing medical aid pension and water and lights and im 4km from work
Consno cons but qualified artisans salaries should be adjusted to their responsibilities and trade

Questions And Answers about Sibanye Stillwater

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Sibanye Stillwater?
Asked 18 Jan 2021
No matter what they will give a peg calc they must check that the co-ord are correct or not
Answered 24 Jan 2023
Research the post and the company before the interview
Answered 15 Jan 2023
What benefits does Sibanye Stillwater offer?
Asked 17 Jan 2021
Monthly salary
Answered 04 Jan 2023
Pension fund
Answered 07 Dec 2022
If you were to leave Sibanye Stillwater, what would be the reason?
Asked 09 Feb 2018
Exposure in other organisations and office location. Office too far from home
Answered 11 Aug 2019
Being undermined by the senior for what you have
Answered 11 Jun 2018
What is a typical day like for you at Sibanye Stillwater?
Asked 23 Nov 2022
Having a family emergency Falling sick during working hours
Answered 30 Jan 2023
Working day
Answered 19 Jan 2023
What is the company culture at Sibanye Stillwater?
Asked 30 Jul 2018
Fast pace and hard working
Answered 05 Jul 2020
You find good leaders as well as those that do not embrace diversity
Answered 11 Aug 2019