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Overall Reviews at Sell Direct Marketing

Sales Representative | Cape Town, Western Cape | 23 Oct 2019
Won't reccomend this company to any School Leaver.
Sell direct marketing had been thee worst company I have ever worked for. Although they give you free food twice a week, which could rather pay that money wasted into our salaries instead. All managment within this business are slow, and can't keep anything private. Everyone knows everyone's business. The team leaders give absolutely no support to their team, no motivation and go as far as pushkng the team under the bus to save themselves.... Team leaders are always smoking when they are needed to be helping their team. Or even standing on one side having a conversation with each other about NON RELATED work things . At the end of the day all the help that could be provided by the team leader isn't there and then the rest of the team never makes there targets and has to stay after work to either work or to have a meeting. Salary which states R4000 + uncapped commission( which is only 20% chance of it happening within the first year), so basically your salary is R3960pm... Long hours with sometimes no 2nd tea breaks and having to stay after work for a 10 min (30 min)meeting even though the contract stated 2x 15min teas and 1x 30min and working hours. From 8am to 17.00pm. I Advise everyone to take a deep look through their contracts and question everything you find strange. Management and team leaders are all young, too playful and don't take their job seriously.
Insurance Agent | Cape Town, Western Cape | 13 Aug 2015
i loved the energetic goal driven environment
a day at worked was always hectic until you reach your target,i was normally stressing if by tea time i still had zero sales,the 1st session of your day if not tackled correctly could determine your overall outcome for that entire which would be our teamleaders where always helpful,but like any business if things arent looking good in productivity they would also be ón our case' to ensure things go smoothly.ive learnt so much from being there especially and mainly for me is the fact that believing in yourself and also always keeping a positive mindset really does determine your outcome and whether or not you going to reach you goal.for me i hated struggling especially when i felt i gave the client everything i knew and most of all i hated those people who tell you to callback later then they never answer their phones LOL-i got use to it though. i enjoyed speaking to different people and built quite a few close relationships(professionally)with many clients and can still give them a call whenever theres something on the market and get clients from them to.
Prosincentives such as daily cash, free food/clothing vouchers etc
Consthere was alot of anomosity on the floor around the time when i left
Sales Representative | Observatory, Western Cape | 02 Jul 2022
Relaxing yet competitive
It is a really great job for entry level people who are in need of experience. The team leaders are understanding and polite yet they will push you to be the best which is actually a good thing to do because they see potential in you so they try their best to bring it out. Even though R4000 may not cover your overall expenses, it's up to you to make commission and the beginning of the month. Sure they are people saying that it's a bad place and have negative comments about the place but really it is not as bad as it seems. As long as you doing your work, trying to do you best and following the rules set, it is really a fun company to work in. The incentive bonuses are really fun and amazing and they are also occasional benefits such as happy hour and sometimes you even have a Going Home Target, which allows you to go home early if you meet a certain target.
Sales Executive | Claremont, Western Cape | 06 Jun 2020
Productive - stressed hardcore selling . Gained a lot of knowledge, experience and skills.
I gained a lot of experience in the different departments - New sales- Rententions- Up sell. I am grateful for the management team as they gave me the vision of my potential and taught me skills that I still use today. I appreciate the experience and opportunity that I was given and would recommend people to them especially ones with no experience. Hardest part - outbound cold calling. Culture - also made it exciting with incentives and prices for being top agents (awards). Most enjoyable - meeting people and building good work relations. I loved winning the prices like phones , money etc..
Sales Representative | Claremont, Western Cape | 26 Oct 2018
in the beginning its super fun and productive once you go on the floor its super stressful even team leaders cut your lunchs and tea time short just to meet target sometimes you dont even get a tea or lunch . Team leaders are super fake and rude . They always looking for people to blame if they dont meet target . Alot of warnings are written out its ridiculous . If you can work at the company you can work anywhere you are expected to work like a robot . You get contracts first after that you 3 months contract you gotta beg to see your renewed contracted some people still sit there waiting for 8 months just to get a new contract
ProsFree food and team mates
Conslong hours
Confirmation Officer - Processing | Cape Town, Western Cape | 05 Dec 2018
Vibrant atmosphere
A standard day at work is like a regular Friday, do what needs to be done and enjoy the rest of your day. i have learnt maintain my work ethic, punctuality and keep pushing for improvement. Management instructions are clear and precious with regards to targets and deadlines to be met. work environment allows for vibrant, fun learning experience. what can be challenging is only your commitment and integrity, stick to your word and see it through. the most enjoyable part of leaving every day knowing you cant wait to get back to enjoy another day of success.
ProsGreat Incentives
Sales Representative | Observatory, Western Cape | 18 Feb 2022
The culture is really nice, the call centre is very chilled, they want whats best for their agents and they push you until you get it right.
•You need to meet your target,Sell Direct is a target driven environment, so if you don't like a high pressured environment dont go. •All basic requirements will be covered in this call centre and will most definitely prepare you for any call centre environment. •What they look out for: Hard work , dedication , comitment, they cater food once a week and have a excellent culture very small but powerful.
ProsYes free lunch
ConsYou need to work smart to earn commission within the a good price bracket.
Call Center Representative | Cape Town, Western Cape | 19 Jun 2016
Was an Exciting Company to be working for.
-Working Hours from 8-5 Monday To Friday -I learned to communicate effectively & building relationships with Clients. - Management was Excellent they played the Part as well. -Co Workers was Okay We did have a bad days but that was very rare occasion. - Hardest part of the job I think was actually getting the Clients Banking Information over the Phone. - The most enjoyable part would be hearing the Clients Satisfaction Over The Phone and happy with the Phone that we will be delivering to them.
ProsWe Dont Work Weekends
ConsClients Can be difficult and rude over the Phone.
Telemarketer | Cape Town, Western Cape | 05 Jul 2017
Highly faced paced Energetic
Typical day at work would be meeting with the team, Discussing what we found difficult in the day , Team leader would motivate. Management on top of their game. very friendly work culture everyone is like family everyone is always helpful and mindful Hardest part of the work is not being on desired target and not reaching your goals as a team. Most enjoyable part is working environment energy management freebies now and again appreciation and bonus envelopes.
Prosbonus and free lunches randomly
Conslong meetings and sometimes you go home a bit later
Sales Representative | Claremont, Western Cape | 26 Apr 2019
Do not work here
They will not give you a contract. You will wait for months. They will use the excuse of having one HR person, never heard of mail merge apparently. They will not care about your children, or your health. What they want is sales. You make sales, they happy. You don't for one day, you sign incident reports. When I resigned they did not even acknowledge my resignation nor did they pay me for the days I worked. They could get away with it because I had no contract. Do not make the same mistake I did, do not work here.
ProsTuesday and Thursday free roll
ConsNo contract, bad management, gossip

Questions And Answers about Sell Direct Marketing

How long do you have to work at Selldirect Marketing before you can go on maternity leave?
Asked 28 Nov 2022
Answered 02 Jun 2023
1 year
Answered 17 May 2023
What is covered by the health insurance at Selldirect Marketing?
Asked 04 Jan 2023
They don't have Health Insurance
Answered 03 Jun 2023
Answered 17 May 2023
What is work environment and cultures like?
Asked 27 Nov 2017
Stressful and fun
Answered 14 Sept 2019
Stressful and fun at the same time everyone is friendly but if management gets rough no one really cares
Answered 28 May 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Selldirect Marketing?
Asked 03 Apr 2017
You must be prepared for the interview. You must do little research about the company dress properly dress smart business
Answered 14 Sept 2019
You must be prepared for the interview you must do little research about the company dress properly dress smart business attire, no jeans and sneakers to be worn at the interview be early and relax
Answered 18 Nov 2018
How often do you get a raise at Selldirect Marketing?
Asked 30 May 2023
Answered 15 Sept 2023
After 6 months
Answered 03 Jun 2023