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R 21 000-R 63 000
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R 16 100
per year
R 8 000-R 25 000
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R 24 000
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R 12 000-R 36 000
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R 20 733
per month
R 10 000-R 32 000
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Commercial Insurance Consutltant | Bellville, Western Cape | 20 May 2013
* Everyday at work, I log on and wait for calls to come in. Once I get a call I do the standard greeting and then assist the broker with either amendments to existing policies or queries. Once amendments are done we do our timestamps and make notes of what was done on the calls, when I am done I need to go ready in order to receive the next incoming call if there are any in the queue. * I learned that insurance isn't as easy as you think it is, there are many complicated things in the business world that is tricky to grasp but in this field things are always unpredictable. * The management currently at the workplace is trying to get rid of those bad apples in the company, people or consultants who are not reaching the target are being called in and are given warnings, but the morale in the workplace is at such a low standard people are not happy with management at all. * My co workers are super happy when we don't discuss work issues but once we speak about work everyone just gets this different vibe. People are speaking about getting other jobs and that this is not how things use to be. * The hardest part of the job is that I have to come to work as if I'm still in school. I feel like im being treated like a child and that I am so afraid to do or say something cause you might end up with a warning. * The good and fun thing about work is that I get to see my co-workers everyday and we always trying to lift each others spirits, and also that we don't work week
ProsWork from 8-4:30, Dont work weekends, Medical aid, Pension fund
ConsSchedules, short lunch times
Claims Processor | Pretoria, Gauteng | 20 Feb 2014
Lots of fun, exciting but also challenging environment.
I interpret motor accidents merits by applying relevant case law and law of evidence to determine negligence or legal liability. I then use my finance and accounting knowledge to estimate and ascertain amount of damages suffered. I contact the third party to negotiate and reach settlement agreements using the law of delict. If the agreement is reached I facilitate the payment. There are lots of exciting civil law cases from which I learn everyday including those decided in the magistrate court, high court and the supreme court of appeal. On a monthly basis we take some time off from work to attend our own organised social event as a team in order to refresh our bodies and prepare them for the following month. We easily click because we know each other outside work through monthly social events. My job is tough because it’s a target based work in which you are contracted to bring a certain amount of money into the company each month; each month means new challenge and the road to success is like climbing mount Everest. However I must admit that the electric feeling you get when you reach the top is amazing. Management is supportive and encouraging towards us.
ProsTop performers get incentives including: Time off, breakfast and certificates
Portfolio Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 12 Sept 2014
am an easygoing person and get on well with my fellow employee
• I am an easygoing person and get on well with my fellow employee • Have excellent time management skills • I perform well under pressure • I can work independently and also as a team player • Accurate • Flexible as I can adapt myself to any task assigned • Dependable • Trustworthy • Reliable I am not afraid of work and eager to learn as much as possible. I adapt very quickly to a new working environment and get along with most people. I believe that I am more efficient when working under pressure and get things done fast and affectively. I also find working with people from different cultures and at corporate levels a challenge and it inspires me to do my best in my daily duties. The more responsibilities I have the better I function. I also believe in helping and asking for help when matters arise. I am always searching for new ideas to improve any working environment. My work is my passion. In the right working environment I live to work." My goal in life is to succeed and to do the best in whatever I do, therefore my willingness and eagerness to learn and go the extra mile precedes me. My ability to work hard shows that I take new challenges head on.
Prosflexible hours
Assessors Support | Cape Town, Western Cape | 22 Jan 2013
Santam is a good company to work for.Unfortunately there is no growth potential in the department i am in. It is difficult to move between departments
A typical day at the office is extremely busy. Our drive in centre is the busiest in the Western Cape. On average we deal with between 35-40 clients a day. I've learned that time management & prioritizing are my best friends in this hectic environment. Our office conists of 3 co-workers. It was a huge adjustment for me as i am used to a big office with lots of people. However, because of my strong people skills, management made the choice to move me to the drive in centre. Its a very exhausting job. Mentally,physically draining. Dealing with face to face queries from 8-16:30 with no breaks is exhausting. Unfortunately there is no time for breaks & i've learned to accept it as the customer comes first. The sad part is that this has become the norm & its now expected of me. I've come to the point where i feel i deserve a few minutes to eat lunch. Unfortunately,there is no room for it in my environment. Honestly the most rewarding part of my job is seeing the satisfaction that the clients leave with.
Prosno pros
Consno breaks
Telemarketer | Bellville, Western Cape | 24 May 2016
Friendly Santam family
Santam employees get along very well. Despite the work pressure and extra hours put in to get the job done, the colleagues will always find a way to be cheerful about every day things. They make it "worth the while" to put in everything we have to give as it makes it a joyous occassion. There are little things we learn about insurance every day, however once the basics are understood, it becomes a repetition of the same thing. Underwriting is the most important part of the position and then the understanding comes of in what position do we place the company if we allow certain requests. At times management requests a lot of sacrifices - extra working on Saturdays and Sundays, overtime in the morning and afternoons. However we accept as we strive for the bigger picture. The hardest part of the job is that they create the expectation of quick growth / going up the success ladder, yet before the interviews are held, they already know who they wish should fill the position. This becomes demotivating eventually.
ProsFriendly environment, involved in the community, excellent team work
Consno personal growth, no new challenges
Customer Service Representative | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 11 Dec 2012
Santam is a good company to work
Work at this stage is getting a little bit tideas as supposed to when i started working here, i have learnt quite a lot in the last 3 years and a half that i have worked SANTAM for instance client sattisfaction and how to be more assertive in the industry that i work in. Management is indeed supportive and my co-workers are the best people that i have ever come accross they brighten up my day when i feel a bit down and always find a way to put a smile on my face. I would say that the hardest part of my job is dealing with difficult client's or brokers at times but i always tell myself that it comes with the territory as the financial or serive industry is always hard to conquer with different people that we meet with thier different personalities and opinions. i enjoy mostly the interaction that i have with different people from all corners of SOUTH AFRICA because they always seem to have different types of cultures and traditions thus i love being SOUTH AFRICAN in this rainbow nation of ours.
Prosalways supportive
Claims Service Comsultant | Johannesburg South, Gauteng | 12 Dec 2016
Productive Challenging and Changing workplace
The day to day work, meeting targets on time, I have learned to be a strong team player, adapt to changes,to be assertive, to be open for learning opportunities Reporting to males can be hard, but i have mastered the art of being in a male dominating environment by being strong , i also built character, and communication skills My co-workers were caring, although i had to deal with politics based on race and salary differences The hardest part was working in a certain job grade, with more hours and responsibilities, yet a lesser salary The most enjoying part, was the opportunity i created for myself to grow and outsmart what i was doing o what i now can do
ProsFree lunches when and Employee leaves, and sometimes you can leave a few minutes early, esp in crisis, leave was never a problem
Conslong hours, less pay, Work Pressure
Insurance Consultant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 03 Feb 2014
Typical fun adrenaline at the office
It's close off and the number of policies that have to be amended and authorized don't seem to be decreasing, the phones are ringing endlessly. What I learned is that it does not help to panic when under pressure or feeling like I might make a mistake miss something important if I push myself to the limit. How I managed the situation was by being calm and making sure that I use my time wisely and effectively in order to get the desired results of exceeding my daily target and reaching a 100 % QA. Having my fellow team mates helped because with their encouragement and experience I was able to work with the pressure and still learn a lot for similar situations in the future.
Prostime management, reaching the target, learning
Conssacrificing for shorter breaks and lunch
Credit Controller | Auckland Park, Gauteng | 05 Dec 2015
Work from 8:00am till 4:30pm
Report , report and more reports. Learned to interact with brokers who are our client. Management has been supportive through out and we get recognition were its due. I work in a diverse environment with different cultures and backgrounds which make it more interesting. Not being able to balance to what the brokers is suppose to pay is really frustrating at time more especially when you have a short month and the last two weeks are the also the most hardest as premiums needs to be raised and allocated and no room for errors. Most enjoyable part is when you know you have done you work with no loose ends
ProsBeing able to have our monthly gatherings after close off
ConsNow and then you have to put up extra hours to make sure everything is done on that certain month
Service Consultant | Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal | 19 Oct 2013
a very successful comapny with strong people values
while we are under pressure to meet targets Santam is a very good company to work for. I am motivated to do my best at all times because the company always show appreciation for the efforts we make and we are treated fairly at all times. We have a very considerate and supportive management team. We work as a team and are constantly learning new things. The most enjoyable part of the job is client satisfaction. We are duly rewarded for performance and we get opportunities to go on conferences where we interact with our peers from other branches. There are no negatives in my job.
Proswe get gifts for Womens Day, and go on lunch for Heritage Day, we have a big christmas lunch and go on conference twice a year which is very enjoyable.
Consno cons

Questions And Answers about Santam

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Santam?
Asked 25 May 2019
At first good but it was the worse career move ever went 10 steps backwards
Answered 07 Apr 2022
Proud, easy to go to.
Answered 25 Aug 2021
How should you prepare for an interview at Santam?
Asked 01 Jun 2017
Read about the culture of Santam, their vision and products
Answered 20 Jul 2022
Focus on what your saying and listen carefully
Answered 12 Sept 2019
How are the working hours at Santam?
Asked 22 May 2017
8am to 4:30
Answered 11 Jan 2022
8 hours a day
Answered 11 Jun 2021
What is the interview process like at Santam?
Asked 06 Jun 2017
Panel interview,Formal and very professional.
Answered 25 Jan 2022
My experience with my interview was very good. The questions outlined was necessary for a overall review to get to know you as an individual.
Answered 12 Oct 2017
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Santam a better place to work?
Asked 20 Sept 2021
Up skill the Team Leaders more.
Answered 25 Jan 2022
I would try to form a bond with the employee teaching them how to do the job good and proper and achiving the best they possibly can. Ensuring they get a bonus every year..
Answered 20 Sept 2021