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Senior Driver | Pretoria, Gauteng | 16 Jun 2021
It is a place where work comes first and employees enjoy the work they are doing and they have fun
I think SBV management should try by all means to take their employees seriously. They must listen to their complains and problems they are facing in the workplace. The whistle blowers must be protected by any means possible because they can avoid robberies and theft. The HR department must be given a full responsibility of their duties not to be on the side of the company because it makes the employees feel that during difficulties they don't have anyone to run to. The branch managers should not make the employees feel uncomfortable at their workplace eg. Firing people unfairly and making them feel that their job is not safe. The overall management at head office must make time for meeting with their employees to find out if there is any problems or any complains from the employees and they must do follow-up on their promises they make ( atleast meeting 2 or 3 times in each branch)
Payroll Officer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 04 Dec 2018
educational and deadline
the work is very challanging and educational to meet deadline is what i learned the very hands on to everything very fun place to work in. nothing system
Sorter | KwaZulu-Natal | 07 Feb 2018
Long hours and non appriciation management
Put your staff safe and happy at all times, don't baby seat them but give them time to do things the way want things to be done , make them feel appreciated at all times.
ProsBenefits such as incentive
ConsUneducated management
Control Room Operator | Pretoria, Gauteng | 25 Dec 2019
Learned about Customer service, Telephone etiquette, Team Leading. learned to be a hard and independent worker. you learn to be active and on how to be proactive. Management always send staff members to do refresher courses on How to handle pressure, a stressful work situation.
Wholesale Manager | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 07 Dec 2015
Proffesional cash processing company,business is growing every year.
its a good organisation to work for but sometimes growth opportunities are not given fairly to people who deserves it. Stable company,they growing every year.
ProsSalary will be paid into your account every pay day;medical aid;provident fund.
ConsLong hours;haevy duties
Event Planner | Cape Town, Western Cape | 04 Dec 2015
productive and fun
We order money which needs to be delivered to the banks. WE received any surplus money from the banks to be checked by our department and then sent to another department. I have learned the processing of cash to and from the banks and the different departments.
Foreign Exchange Trader | George, Western Cape | 08 May 2014
Fun and exciting
There is always something intresting or surprising happening at work and its really something to look forward to. I have learned alot in my time working at SBV,gained loads of experience for future preverances. Management were almost like a small family to me. When you have a problem they there for you or whatever matter they always there to listen or to give a helping hand. My co-workers were probably the most entertaining bunch of people I know,funny,hilarious etc. The hardest part of my job were probably the parts where I had to learn new things but after a day or two im settled. Evryday were enjoyable at work because Im working with money aswell as foreign exchange money which makes my working invironment quite exciting.
ProsIncentive bonusses
Conslong hours during season time
Human Resources Administrator | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 21 Jan 2013
The enviroment to work in, is not that bad, but the Group CEO and shareholders of the company should really re-consider the remuneration structures!!
From the onset that I get to work till the last minute before I go home, I am constantly busy either with time managment Kronos time and attendance, recruitment selections or any normal day to day HR function. The managment team is great to work with, but the growth and development and work, life imbalance in the company and very poor salaries is a very negative aspect and hard to keep staff and one self motivated at times.
Proswonderfull managment team to work with, never a dull moment!!!!!
Conswork, life imbalance and poor growth and remuneration structures.
Cash Manager | Rustenburg, North West | 12 Mar 2019
Productive work place
I was lucky enough to work at most of the departments so leaving the company I would have learned a lot. I can do Balancing, Teller work Payroll and Treasury.
ConsLong hours
Custom Protection Officer | Rustenburg, North West | 06 Feb 2018
Team work was always practiced to get a job done.
As SBV was my first company to work for, they taught me a lot. The experience that I obtained from them helped me to grow in life as well as in the working industry.

Questions And Answers about SBV Services

What are the perks offered by SBV Services?
Asked 09 Oct 2017
Cash benefits
Answered 19 May 2020
Customer service
Answered 14 Jul 2018
How did you feel about telling people you worked at SBV Services?
Asked 17 May 2018
I felt so proud because we are part of how cash moves in our country
Answered 01 Jul 2019
I like this job too much and I'm willing to to protect our money to defend and reduce crime I trust myself and I'm willing to work under pressure
Answered 13 Jan 2019
What qualifications does one need to work for an sbv company
Asked 28 Mar 2017
Matric with maths
Answered 09 Apr 2018
Grade 12 And any other tertiary qualifications
Answered 07 Feb 2018
What advice would you give the CEO of SBV Services about how to improve it?
Asked 24 Sep 2019
I think the CIT guys should be escorted because when they get a robbery the theifs comes up in large numbers or groups, so that they can assist each other.
Answered 28 Nov 2019
Manage risk every day
Answered 24 Sep 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at SBV Services? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 12 Mar 2019
Drop off your cv..interview and back ground checks ..It's about a week
Answered 06 Aug 2020
If they call you after you submitted your cv ,you go through a pre selection .where they check your physical and metal fitness, after then you start working ,but your paper work must be in order.and no criminal record
Answered 15 Oct 2019