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R 88,00-R 300,00
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R 36 000
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R 18 000-R 54 000
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R 19 000
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R 9 500-R 29 000
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Risk and Compliance Investigator | Vereeniging, Gauteng | 28 Jan 2016
Former employeee
A typical day at work. Investigate Crime related incidents,motor vehicle accidents motor vehicle incidents/damage and property damage,attend work place meetings, saefty inspection liaiase with management, supervisors, SA Police, Trafific Police, state prosecutors in preparing dockets, witnesses and exhibits for court cases resulting from theft of company property. What I've learned. Recognizing diversity of culture in a corporate environment is of essence when executing the duties of a Risk Control Investigator. Management Management to promote better remuniration for the position. Co-workers Exellent in team work. Hardest part of my job Undetected/unresolved crime related incidents due to reluctance of individuals to corporate in the investigations. The most enjoyable part of my job is when I provide/present flawless and positive results of tasks laid upon me by management.
Prosunder the current economic circumstances it is an exellent company to work for
ConsThe particular position/portfolio covers various vital aspects of the entire company. However, Remuniration for position/portfolio is totaly under valued by the organization's senior management.
Senior Accountant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 14 May 2014
Typical day at work: Need Good time Management skills Need to prioritize what needs to be done first Meeting with subordinates to view their to do list and accomplish tasks according and effectively What I Learnt? Learning new things is part of a daily routine Each staff member has their own personality and pace and I need to deal with it differently I can adjust easily in a new environment Flexibility and adaptability Management? Persuade the team to set objectives and buy into the processes Need to establish a spirit of cooperation to attain goals Inspiring success to team by demonstrating my own passionate personal committments and promoting a positive culture The hardest part of the job? To implement change is a problem because people feel threatened and want to resist it therefore you have to buy them into accepting a change The most enjoyable part of the job? Empowering people so they recognize their value Mentoring and coaching Developing people to move internally in the organization Taking a personal interest and provding performance feedback
ProsGood Company to work for, different to a normal corporate company
ConsNo system was in place so had to work long hours
Center Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 30 May 2015
Rand Water is wonderful company to work, however, certain people have to been here for too long and resist change.
On Monday I begin by going over the list from the previous week, setting priorities. I review the progress of existing projects, then check the calendar to refresh my memory on the upcoming week. I like to meet with my staff early, mid and late week to discuss priorities, check progress, and then prepare for the following week. I want to make sure, as much as possible, that we can all dedicate to tasks that move projects forward, so I make habits out of organizational tasks for speed. Management “Stress and pressure are often caused by a lack of communication or a clear understanding of a task. I make sure to communicate with my superiors, colleagues and staff so that we’re on the same page. That way we all know what to expect, and things don’t get tense. The hardest part of the job is finding solutions, keepiong my staff motivated and and making unpopular decisions The most enjoyable part of th job working alongside my colleagues who are fantastic. Being able to be creative
ProsFlexible working hours
Consunreasonable deadlines
Process Quality Advisor | Vereeniging, Gauteng | 06 Feb 2019
Very productive, high effective and demanding a lot of proffesionalism.
My typical day is to Monitor water quality through the different plants and provide guidance in water quality challenges,Audit log sheets and monitor water quality compliance,Monitor chemical dosing rate and advise when required. I have learned how to analyse data and interpret it on the log sheets and how to effectively calculate chemical dosing rates. I interact with management on a daily basis to give reports on water quality challenges and provide solutions when necessary. The organisation is very professional, a lot of pressure as they do not compromise on water quality but very fulfilling. the hardest thing about my job is Working shifts and on weekends most of the time. The most enjoyable thing about my job is making sure that millions of South African citizens get good water quality through my efforts and getting to solve different challenges on a daily basis.
ProsNice perks and decent salary.
ConsShift work and long hours.
Unit Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 16 Apr 2013
A fine balance between work and family . And also well rounded management including staff wellness prgrammes
Review projects performance. interaction with peers on water related issues and programmes from other business units. Staff performance appraisal and coaching project by project. Management report and review with the General Manager of the Division. Business UNIT financial performance and liason with with Finance department on matters such as budgets,costing and cost control etc. MOU, Agreements and review for external contracts with Legals, Risk etc Depts Business case review /studies on on going and new projects and ventures The most enjoyable part is cost and risk identification and control on projects and new ventures.
Prosflexible working time, local and international traveling, business management exposure as opposed to technicals only.
Consshortage of skillled staff on the ground to assist the bu with tasks at hand.
Secretary | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 15 Feb 2013
The work place is productive and we are able to learn more
our environment is very busy since we have many committees to handle individually. i have learned a lot in my current position and be able to think and take minutes in a a good business language. Management is the only issue which is discouraging because we are not allowed to think out of the box and do you best . We are a great team assisting one another and embracing each other's potential. Taking minutes is very hard, constructing slang and senseless talk into minutes, also having two weekly meetings, at some point it will be 4 meetings per week. the environment is deadline driven which means one's personal life suffer. Learning and being the information hub of the organisation, is the best part because you become informed of all new acts, legal updates etc.
Prosour breakfast is r5, lunch is r9 and a balanced diet meal is provided
Conslong hours which compromises family life
Environmental Assessor | Johannesburg South, Gauteng | 08 Mar 2017
A very well balanced, relaxed and good working place
Rand Water was a very good working place be working that I had to part ways with because I was employed on a six months contract. I have learned a lot within a short period of time, learning to compile tender processes and having to adjudicate and shortlist suppliers. Ensuring that the project plan is followed and managing suppliers and reporting back on the progress of Environmental Authorisations applications on projects. Conducting compliance monitoring on authorisation conditions at different sites with different conditions was my best highlights. Getting involved and interacting with Wetland Specialists and learning a few things about the Wetlands was also another interesting subject I got exposed to. I learned a lot in a very short period of time.
ProsBraais and team building activities
currently not employed at Rand Water | South Africa | 31 Mar 2013
working and meeting different characters.
My work is so challenging in terms of safety of educators due to a high rate of learners taking drugs. I really enjoy working with different characters and knowing how to recognise their uniqueness in terms of dealing or treating them. As a manager I have learned to focus on the problem not an individual, being consistent and developmental in my approach. I have learned how to deal with difficult employees to maintain a good working relationship. The hardest part of my job as an educator is making sure that learners understand my presentation and passing my subject. I really enjoy seeing myself making a difference in an African Chilld's life more than any other thing.
Prosmany holidays
Consbecoming a slave to marking, with unbearable workload.
Recreation Coordinator | Glenvista, Gauteng | 17 Jun 2014
Extremely challenging, but have learnt allot for the 15 years that I was employed at RW. Lots of potential, but there is too much movement in management structure, which has stagnated many processes that were suppose to be implemented. Having eight various managers, really placed me in an awkward place. Its a great company to work for, but unfortunately too many incidents are reported and too many staff suffer the consequences. Hardest part of the job, was travelling and being diabetic made it more exciting, but over came many obsticles over those years. I have had no more scope at the company, but will highly recommend them as a good company to work for.
ProsIncentive and thirteen cheque
ConsWorked on all public holiday i.e. Cape Argus, Two Oceans, Comrades etc
Electrician | Vereeniging, Gauteng | 09 Aug 2015
It a good company although as a young person who is willing to grow its hard for me as yet.
I am excited at the prospect of working within a company that offers stability and challenges in a dynamic environment, as electrician to be effective and productive in the company and be supported as a team player. Adept in performing electrical installations, maintenance and repairs in homes and plant facilities, knowledge in analyzing and solving problems with various electrical controls and systems. The only problem i am having is that i am under contract so the purpose for be been here was that i had to complete my apprenticeship program, so we are plenty as apprentices. The reason is that after been qualified, there is no guarantee for employment.
Consno benefits for apprentices
Contract Project Manager | South District | 06 Jan 2016
Rand Water is a state owned entity and as such, the company supports black empowerment at all cost.
Working at Rand Water was challenging, and at times frustrating, but it provided a platform for growth ito working with complex teams and inexperienced contractors.. A typical day at work was filled with frustration as decisions were made by top management without having the required expertise. My line manager was inexperienced and did not understand the business, and, as a result, could not assist in problem solving. Contractors were appointed without the required skills or experience. The same mistakes were made over and over again. We were constantly stumbling over what was behind us, not moving forward. I spoke my mind and tried to do it without stepping on too many toes, but my knowledge and my experience were both threatening and exposed management's insecurities. My junior co-workers tapped from my experience and i enjoyed a coaching and teaching role. This was what i enjoyed most and my 'students' were keen to learn and improve their skills.
ProsRand Water has an excellent medical scheme.
ConsI was expected to manage inexperienced contractors whilst having to achieve goals ito budget, program and quality.

Questions And Answers about Rand Water

How often do raises occur at Rand Water?
Asked 06 Jun 2019
Every time
Answered 12 Mar 2021
Every July
Answered 27 Oct 2020
How did you get your first interview at Rand Water?
Asked 30 May 2019
Formal and put professional clothes which is respected at the interview
Answered 27 Oct 2020
My exposure to projects and working with the community.
Answered 06 Sept 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Rand Water?
Asked 13 Apr 2017
Exposure to products and working with the community
Answered 27 Oct 2020
Formal and put professional clothes which is respected at the interview.
Answered 23 Oct 2019
What are the working hours at Rand Water?
Asked 13 Apr 2017
8 hours a day 8am to 4pm
Answered 27 Oct 2020
8H00 to 16h30
Answered 13 Jun 2018
How has Rand Water responded to the COVID-19 outbreak?
Asked 15 Aug 2021
Allowing employees to work from home on a full-time basis whilst ensuring protocols are adhered to, when on-site.
Answered 14 Nov 2021
Taking it seriously
Answered 15 Aug 2021