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Platinum Life
Platinum Life
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3,4Work-Life Balance
3,7Pay & Benefits
2,9Job Security & Advancement
501 to 1,000

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R24 352
per month
R6 100-R50 000
4 salaries reported
R20 000
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R10 000-R30 000
1 salary reported
R5 000
per month
R2 500-R7 500
1 salary reported
R15 000
per month
R7 500-R23 000
3 salaries reported
R26 500
per month
R13 000-R40 000
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Platinum Life Reviews

Overall Reviews at Platinum Life

Data Entry Clerk | Pretoria, Gauteng | 14 Mar 2016
Productive, fun work place, student atmosfere
Starts at 7 end at 6 but it depends on you how many hours you need to work to reach target, You Do your tele-marketing and then there is a free lunch, and if you reached target you can go home.
ProsFree Lunch
ConsCommission based work
Technical Consultant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 28 Aug 2014
Fun and relaxed, but performance driven
My typical day at work involved expanding the syllabus as well as teaching it to staff members. I learned to build rapport with staff as well as to get buy in from crucial stake holders. I also learned to work within a corporate structure and how to conduct business analysis. I had good relations with all my coworkers and was considered generally well liked. I found that management was generally close minded and very much in their own perspective but I have been having more and more success in getting by in from higher management levels.
ProsProfit share
ConsI could not perform to the level that I wanted with out working overtime, I was not rewarded for my extra work
Telemarketer | Pretoria, Gauteng | 14 Nov 2019
My review
Platinum Life isn't the best place to work at. The leaders were only nice when they needed you. They set targets that seem reachable but make them hard to reach.
Consultant | Sandton, Gauteng | 02 Oct 2017
Amazing high quality, fun, friendly & professional workplace & management
Not a lot of companies can be compared to Platinum Life. The quality of their management, benefits, training, understanding for each individuals work needs are amazing. The hardest part is working with client's policies who needs to cancel because of finances, however, the most enjoyable part is being trained properly how to assist clients with their current needs & help them not to loose their benefits & end a telephone conversation with a great compliment from a client regarding our excellent service & caring manner. The entire working atmospere is wonderful to work in. So proud of what this company has achieved so far.
ProsExtremely good salaries, company benefits, Jewish holidays, profit share, flexi hours
ConsDriving from Pretoria East to Sandton every day
Call Center Representative | Hatfield, Gauteng | 01 Aug 2016
Productive and fun workplace
Learn to deal with various people with a range of different questions. Teaches you to always be calm and listen to what other people have to say 1st. Friendly environment made fun by means of competitions and prices. The hardest part of the day would be when there are no answers and one struggles to make target.
ProsFree lunch
ConsUnpredictable days
Outbound Call Center Representative | Sandton, Gauteng | 03 Nov 2013
Fun workplace, But I"d still like to work in the field I studied for
I think its fantastic that they give graduates the opportunity to earn some decent money, even if it isn't in their field of expertise. A typical day at work is to reach to target given to you which is not always physically possible. I learned that if you work hard at anything you will succeed. My management and co workers are fantastic. The hardest part is the mundane acpect and most enjoyable part is that we are all on the same boat
Prosfree popcorn
Conslong hours initially, repetitive
Customer Service Representative | Pretoria, Gauteng | 29 Oct 2018
Productive and fun workplace
Seeing that the Pretoria branch is a student centre, it is a fun (and professional) work environment, teaching us all about hard work and commitment. We acquire and develop the following skills: Customer relations, communication, problem-solving, time management, diligence, qualitative work results, and reaching our targets, while creating and maintaining a professional work culture.
Instructor | Illovo, Gauteng | 20 Feb 2017
Innovative and entrepreneurial place to work
A truly innovative and entrepreneurial minded company. A very fresh approach to business combining solid quantitative analysis as well as continuous innovative design thinking
Telemarketer | Potchefstroom, North West | 23 Sep 2020
Rude management
This company is most definitely not fair, they don't treat their staff professionally, they treat tjem like children. The office environment is not bad, but we workex under a lot of pressure
ProsFree lunch
ConsTerrible management, Pressure
Telemarketer | Potchefstroom, North West | 06 May 2019
Fun place to work at
Its a good company, only flaw is that there is no job security. More effort could be done to help trainees at an equal rate with the leads provided, all in all its enjoyable and never a dull moment
ProsFun environment
ConsNo job security
General Practitioner | Arkansas | 27 Sep 2018
Seeking for excellent environments system like UK
Looking for better and high quality environment and life with work . I work as dental sales representative on gov sector ( tenders ) and also I worked with private sector all private hospitals but according to many factors right now Saudis medical market get collapse on sales . I really looking for stable market plus I want to increase my knowledge specially on place like United Kingdom .

Questions And Answers about Platinum Life

How should you prepare for an interview at Platinum Life?
Asked 21 Jul 2017
Research about the company first.
Answered 07 May 2019
Very relaxed. Make sure u know yourself well. The people there are super friendly and try to calm u down prior.
Answered 05 Jul 2018
What are some tips to do well in the interview
Asked 10 Jul 2019
Just tell them you like selling, and pressure.
Answered 14 Feb 2020
Be urself and honest. Don't be shy and sell urself
Answered 17 Aug 2019
What are your call targets?
Asked 21 Jan 2019
Be professional and stick to the script. And work on a referral basis
Answered 17 Aug 2019
100 dials per day
Answered 06 May 2019
How does the recruitment process work ?
Asked 30 Jul 2018
You get a telephone call interview then face to face interview then training when you passed your training your in
Answered 23 Jan 2020
You apply directly through the company and the recruitment specialist calls
Answered 09 Apr 2019
How long did it take before you were informed that your interview was successful or rejected?
Asked 25 Apr 2018
I applied and maybe after a week I was called for an interview, I attended the interview on a Wednesday and knew on Friday of that same week that I was successful and will be starting with training on Monday.
Answered 23 Oct 2020
1 week. There's a 2nd interview aswell
Answered 05 Jul 2018