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Platinum Life
Platinum Life
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3,4Work-Life Balance
3,7Pay & Benefits
2,9Job Security & Advancement
501 to 1,000

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 Average SalarySalary Range
27 salaries reported
R24 352
per month
R6 100-R50 000
4 salaries reported
R20 000
per month
R10 000-R30 000
1 salary reported
R5 000
per month
R2 500-R7 500
2 salaries reported
R13 750
per month
R6 800-R21 000
3 salaries reported
R26 500
per month
R13 000-R40 000
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Platinum Life Reviews

Overall Reviews at Platinum Life

Telemarketer | Pretoria, Gauteng | 14 Nov 2019
My review
Platinum Life isn't the best place to work at. The leaders were only nice when they needed you. They set targets that seem reachable but make them hard to reach.
Telemarketer | Potchefstroom, North West | 23 Sep 2020
Rude management
This company is most definitely not fair, they don't treat their staff professionally, they treat tjem like children. The office environment is not bad, but we workex under a lot of pressure
ProsFree lunch
ConsTerrible management, Pressure
Telemarketer | Potchefstroom, North West | 06 May 2019
Fun place to work at
Its a good company, only flaw is that there is no job security. More effort could be done to help trainees at an equal rate with the leads provided, all in all its enjoyable and never a dull moment
ProsFun environment
ConsNo job security
Telemarketer | South Africa | 09 Apr 2019
Hard life
A typical day would include arriving at work sorting leads and dialing. The management team is very clicky, The people and the overall culture is great. the most enjoyable part is the earning potential.
ProsFree Breakfast
Consirregular working hours
Telemarketer | Potchefstroom, North West | 25 Aug 2015
Enjoyable environment
A typical day at work, was getting coffee upon arrival and greeting the entire office before closing in on your own cubicle of work. I have learned how the basic corporative environment operates in the day to day life and I gained skills I never knew I could have, like keeping calm under unimaginable stress, for instance! I had and still have great respect for the management of Platinum Life, as they put effort into each and every single employee. They were mentors to me, not only on occupational level. The most enjoyable part of the job, was probably my co-workers and the fact that I did not feel like a third year student when I walked in the office. The atmosphere was almost perfect! Despite all the great aspects of Platinum Life, the actual deed of doing the same work every day, repeating the same set of words every 15 minutes and elaborating on a harsh topic such as Cancer all day long, was the hardest.
ProsFree Coffee and Popcorn Througout the entire day and Free Snack at 11:00
ConsRude clients
Telemarketer | Sandton, Gauteng | 24 Oct 2016
Stressful, but enjoyable environment
Strict management, lots of work, required one to manage time wisely. The job taught me a lot about perseverance and work ethic. Great co-workers, positive, surrounded with lots of young graduates. Lots of opportunities for growth and lots of material for improving the one's skill in terms of telemarketing.
ProsGreat salaries, no weekends
ConsShort Lunches, Long hours
Telemarketer | Pretoria, Gauteng | 07 Feb 2018
Fast paced, and Fun enviroment
It is a fun environment to work in, however, there is a lot of pressure placed on you to meet the target of the day before leaving. All the managers are kind and approachable, they are there to help you.
ProsFree Lunch
ConsHigh pressure to meet target
Telemarketer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 14 Jan 2018
Fun and vibrant workplace.
Fun and energetic work environment. People are very friendly and helpful. Management is very good. Learned how to manage my time. How to get more organized in my way of working. Learned to communicate over the telephone. Hardest was to be able to reach daily targets.
ProsFree Lunch
ConsDaily Targets
Telemarketer | Potchefstroom, North West | 20 Nov 2016
Good job for a student
Your typical work day include to call customers and sell insurance over the phone. You have a daily target to meet which can be difficult at times considering that you work and study at the same time. The most enjoyable part is your colleges as they are also fellow students and they are there to help you. I've learned communication skills and objective handling in this job.
ProsFree lunches
ConsLong Hours

Questions And Answers about Platinum Life

How should you prepare for an interview at Platinum Life?
Asked 21 Jul 2017
Research about the company first.
Answered 07 May 2019
Very relaxed. Make sure u know yourself well. The people there are super friendly and try to calm u down prior.
Answered 05 Jul 2018
What are some tips to do well in the interview
Asked 10 Jul 2019
Just tell them you like selling, and pressure.
Answered 14 Feb 2020
Be urself and honest. Don't be shy and sell urself
Answered 17 Aug 2019
What are your call targets?
Asked 21 Jan 2019
Be professional and stick to the script. And work on a referral basis
Answered 17 Aug 2019
100 dials per day
Answered 06 May 2019
How does the recruitment process work ?
Asked 30 Jul 2018
You get a telephone call interview then face to face interview then training when you passed your training your in
Answered 23 Jan 2020
You apply directly through the company and the recruitment specialist calls
Answered 09 Apr 2019
How long did it take before you were informed that your interview was successful or rejected?
Asked 25 Apr 2018
I applied and maybe after a week I was called for an interview, I attended the interview on a Wednesday and knew on Friday of that same week that I was successful and will be starting with training on Monday.
Answered 23 Oct 2020
1 week. There's a 2nd interview aswell
Answered 05 Jul 2018