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1 salary reported
R 11 000
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R 5 500-R 17 000
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R 45 000
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R 22 000-R 68 000
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Overall Reviews at OUTsurance

Sales Manager | Pretoria, Gauteng | 07 Apr 2014
I enjoy working for Outsurance as the stressfull situations keep me alert and active during the day.
o Weekly  Team Manager Meetings • Team manager meetings are held every week. Agenda points must be referred to the relevant PA on the afternoon before the day of the meeting. • All allocated tasks must be completed by the due date allocated in the previous meeting. • 1.2.2. Team Meetings • Team meetings are to be held every Wednesday at 07h30, except when Department or Company meetings are scheduled. Agenda points for the team meeting are to be saved on Share point the afternoon before the team meeting. The minutes of the team meeting are to be saved by close of business of the day of the meeting. o Monthly • 1.3.1. Team Manager Reports • Team manager reports need to be completed monthly and saved on Share point under the reports folder of the relevant department by the 10th of the month. • 1.3.2. Coaching Sessions • Every team manager must conduct at least 2 coaching sessions with every advisor in the team every month. These will be recorded on share point and completed on the advisor’s profile. Each department has their own coaching site with the relevant categories to coach. Ensure that the coaching adds value and is aimed at correcting the advisor’s approach to the relevant issue being coached. The coaching should be done as and when the need is identified. • 1.3.3. One-on-ones • Every team manager must conduct at least 1 one-on-one with every advisor in the team every month. In these sessions you should cover topics such as: • Audit findings; • Feedba
ProsIncentives such as holidays or
ConsLong Hours from 6:30 to 10:00pm or later
Vehicle Claims Consutlant | Centurion, Gauteng | 06 Feb 2014
OUTsurance was the perfect balance of job security and motivation for personal growth
A typical day at OUTsurance would generally be an awesome one! This company automatically brings out the best in anybody that has the grace of working there. The passion, the drive, the encouragement from the management team... OUTsurance exudes awesomeness. The fellow staff are friendly and ever willing to help. The management team are always willing to help with an open door policy that does not discriminate even at the busiest of times. If you had been a good consultant at OUTsurance and had seen the reward of that... You automatically became great! There were hardships in terms of sympathising with parents, friends, family members that call in to register claims where their kids, friends, siblings etc had passed away in car crashes, those I guess will always tighten up your vocals no matter how strong a person you are. The most enjoyable part of my job was the response people give you when you call them to inform them that a claim will be settled
ProsThe enviroment, the people, the passion all consultants showed for thier jobs
Sales Consultant | Centurion, Gauteng | 12 Feb 2020
fun but stressfull
it can be a very fun environment to work in at times, however you are constantly reminded every day that you are nothing more than a number that can be replaced. now I don't blame the company itself as every department differs, however, this is the case in outbound, and seeing as everyone is too scared to talk to HR (myself included) nothing gets resolved. management puts so much pressure on you making you think that no matter what you do it's never good enough, sometimes (because I hate disappointing people) I would stay until 8/9 pm just to push my numbers even if I've made target. the company does have a lot of benefits however if you are walking into a sales position you need to be ready to be told you are nothing every single day, and for me personally no amount of money was worth that. seeing how my peers are failing one by one being booked into a mental institution (there was 10 in my department alone when I left) was the last straw I think, as I realized that I would soon follow if I don't leave. as no one, no matter who you are can take that level of mental abuse day in, day out for years on end.
Financial Advisor | Centurion, Gauteng | 22 Jan 2018
It was a very fun, productive and enjoyable work place
I begin most days by coming to the office early to make sure I am logged on time. We would meet every Mondays to discuss priorities for the week. I learnt to have an energetic attitude, Computer skills, Multi-tasking ability, Good listening skills and Excellent problem-solving capabilities. The management was very fair and treated the staff with respect. Our views and opinions were heard and dealt with accordingly. The culture was so amazing, gossip was not tolerated lateral leadership was outstanding, communication was very strong and Change was welcome. The hardest part of the job was having to feel isolated when you are not reaching targets, because i would have to remain and work overtime till i get a sale. What i enjoyed most was the people interaction and the opportunity to work flexible hours. I also enjoyed incentives: going out on Top performer lunch and top team getaways.
ProsFlexible hours and top team getaways
Consunfriendly and annoyed customers, thinking its a scam
Insurance Agent | Centurion, Gauteng | 06 Sept 2015
Fun ever changing and challenging work place of most diverse nature with constant change and awesome people!!!
All day on the phones and making sales while having fun, everybody always buzzing and very interactive, I learned that the client being the core of your business, treated like kings and queens and treated with professionalism and a hint of a smile can make or break an industry. Working close with management everybody is always on the same page and driven in same direction to perfect company orientated goals and keep pushing new boundaries. The most enjoyable part of the work was learning bout all different industries and people and the hardest part was always to try work harder and faster than the people next to you.
ProsFree lunches, daily incentives, sports facilities, health awareness and health promotions, medical aid, pension, social activities, Pool games, tv, free internet and limited private calls and constant change to keep everybody on their feet.
ConsCompetitiveness of Performance based salary causes stress.
Insurance Consultant | Pretoria, Gauteng | 20 Feb 2014
I'm in a call centre, so most of my day is talking on the phone, making changes to existing policies, upselling new risks and giving advice on insurance - I new nothing about short tearm when I joined the company. I have learned everything from personal, business, retentions and homeloans, life and fais skills. -There are good an bad managers here, but most are willing to help you personally and professioinally to become a better version of you -They staff are mostly awesome. I learned to speak to anyone even if I dont know them. Its make me a better me -The hardest part is to stay positive on a daily basis as you work with allot of Rude clients and your salary can go up or down at a moments notice - so you need to learn how to play the "GAME" as they say -The people!. I love talking to different people and you get every sort with their own stories in this industry
Assistant | Centurion, Gauteng | 07 Mar 2018
Awesome service is the rule of the day
A typical day at work meant giving each client awesome service. This began with not allowing your phone to ring for a long time, speaking in a professional manner, listening to a client's complain or query attentively and trying to help before referring the client to management. FollowING up to see whether the client had been assisted urgently was also important. Management ensured that the work culture was fun because it was such a high pressure environment. The hardest part of the job was dealing with complaints as people could be very rude and offensive, but one has to be professional and level headed at all times, even in those situations. However, it was such a pleasure to help people. Getting an email from a client to say thank you for helping was great.
ProsIncentives like overseas trips
ConsDealing with irate cluents
Claims Advisor | Pretoria, Gauteng | 27 Jan 2014
we once a month go out as a team for team building
I start in the morning by taking calls be it new claims or queries,manage my emails and return clients calls where they left messages to be called back,i have learned to be able to take control of my work,liase with different people of all age and race,there is an open relationship between advisors and managers you can speak to them anytime if need arise,one needs to build a working relationship with co-workers and always be willing to help one another if there is a need to,hardest part of the job is try to compose yourself when dealing with clients who have lost family members or friend due to the car accident,enjoyable part of the job is the culture of this place where one is able to come to work on casual clothes and being able to interact with different people on a daily basis and making friends.
Senior Sales Advisor | Pretoria, Gauteng | 24 Sept 2012
Good place to work at
My day would start by preparing myself to sell short term insurance to clients. The best thing i like about Outsurance is that you need to work hard and smart to live a better life. Management at Outsurance was very good in a sense that they were easy to approach. I had a very good relationship with my co-workers as we always discussed work all the time and how to make a better our sales on a daily basis. The hardest part of the job is when you set a target for yourself for the week and you don't reach it. That will put you a bit back but i always made sure i worked harder the next week. The most enjoyable part of the job was that the environment was very energetic all the time and they were always incentives for your hard work. The commision was very good as well.
Prosa lot of incentives
Consthe job can have a lot of pressure
Quality Assurance Analyst | Centurion, Gauteng | 07 Jan 2015
Fun, energetic company to work for
Day to day basis: I conduct audits on various aspects, the consist of: -Full quality audits for the commercial department as I am the business specialist -Staff error audits, which is where the client claims and there was a possible error made when insuring the client. It is my job to determine whether there was an error made or not. -I have learned a lot regarding all other skillsets within the company as well process and procedures regarding the various skillsets. -In the department that I work in, team work is imperative and we do this well. Management is always willing to assist. -I feel the hardest part of my job is dealing with the operational departments of Outsurance. -The most enjoyable part of my job is making a difference regarding quality.
ProsThe hours
ConsDistance to travel

Questions And Answers about OUTsurance

What should you wear to an interview at OUTsurance?
Asked 28 Feb 2018
Formal trouser and long sleeve shirts with tie and formal shoes
Answered 08 Jul 2020
Formal skirt and shirt and be presentable
Answered 31 Jul 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at OUTsurance? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 03 Jul 2017
Applied for a position online. Was called the very same day. Attended a virtual interview the next day. Went for a fingerprint check the following day. HR was very interactive.
Answered 19 Mar 2021
It depends on the position
Answered 07 Oct 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at OUTsurance?
Asked 30 Apr 2017
Tell us about yourself where do you see yourself in five years time
Answered 31 Jul 2018
Tell us about yourself where do you see yourself in five years time
Answered 25 Jul 2017
How should you prepare for an interview at OUTsurance?
Asked 30 Apr 2017
You need to be confident and know about the company
Answered 31 Jul 2018
Be yourself Outsurance hires characters
Answered 03 Jul 2017
What is OUTsurance sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked 15 Apr 2019
+-22 If you get sick you need to submit a sick note.
Answered 03 Feb 2021
10days....a year and 30days over 3years
Answered 21 Aug 2019