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Mine Overseer | Potchefstroom, North West | 31 Oct 2013
Typical Working Day at Moab Khotsong Anglo Gold Ashanti
Started work at 5:00pm Go through safety and Production stats of previous shift. Go to meeting room to oversee next shift planning. 6:30pm report to Manager with all responsible D3 staff and upper. Get all required documentation available for Manager. Proceed to Change Room to dress for underground shift. Go back to office and get all other legal's in place and inspect night shift report book for any derailment and major break downs that was carried over from previous shift. Go through Night shift, Shift Boss log books with Shift Bosses Present. General discussion Men, Material, Explosives, Legal files, Appointments, Derailment plan and action roster. 9:00pm go underground to 101 level 3150m deep. When arriving on the station inspect all material and material cars and compare night shift report to actual, proceed to my section. On arrival at waiting place The Shift Boss, Miner, Team Leader and Safety Rep take me through the plan board and legal notices, I then scrutinise the safety stats and production if any. See if all legal documentation required by law is in place. Check Miners time and attendance, Safe Declaration books and Explosive control books as well as Physical checks on explosives. Proceed into the section and when passing workers greet and question them on safety and production topics. visit all production ends and see if mined to standard and contractual standards. At the same time I will be noting all my findings and instructions in my field book. 12:00 pro
ProsMechanised Mining Section not labour intensive and all workers receive lunch packs.
ConsVery long hours up to 15 hours some times more.
gen.foreman | Cape Town, Western Cape | 29 Mar 2018
production driven,timeouos deadlines set to completion
Great company to work for,although came in on contractual basis mostly,management supportive in individual decision making,remedial works on-going.A typical day at work would involve liasing with workforce(labour),sub-contractors,consultants and professional teams on a adhoc basis.Executing work sequences in line with plans,drawings,any changes or remedial work to prioriotise. Workplace culture is always helpful and supportive,educational in instructing safety practices and implementing safety on site The hardest part of any job would be not necessarily getting the proper support from management or unco-operativeness from workers or sub-contractors.Hence,disciplinary actions,warnings and penalisation come into play,or corrective measures taken. The most enjoyable part of any job would be when all parties and role players come together to action and execute a job well done,meeting deadlines,within budget,with available resources and time constrains. To be able to step back and see and appreciate a job well done and give each other the proverbal 'pat on the back' in support and recognition of each others ability and support in challenging moments.
Prossubbies functions etc site braais
ConsLong hours and having to meet deadlines
Quality Assurance Analyst | Limpopo | 25 Jun 2014
Learning a lot everyday on site. being part of building a complete power station from the start.
Typical day at work is full of challenges, dealing with new people and deferent characters, cultures and religions everyday. Learning more how to understand people from all over the world. Learning and seeing failures and success of the project. My co-workers are my family at work we sort problems out so we can move forward in an happy and nice environment. The hardest part of working on site is the fact that every one is here to get the job done, meaning that there is a lot of pressure and also a lot of times people fail to reach there dead lines and then all need to do what must be done to get to the "test". Working overtime and under pressure. The most enjoyable time is when you realise that everyone is here to work to get money. That's when you realise that if you don't make a day enjoyable with laughter and a positive atmosphere you will be the one that end's up with a work that you hate and a day you whish to end. No one wants to hate there job because you send 80% of your life at work.
ConsNormal hours
Engineer | Bedfordview, Gauteng | 11 Sept 2019
Great Company in a crippling industry
Due to the economic climate and corruption with tenders in South-Africa, Murray and Roberts' Power & Water industry is struggling to win tenders for profitable jobs. As one of the last construction and Project management companies in South Africa not running bankrupt, it is relying on their mining platform to stay afloat until corruption is removed from the country. The environment was extremely high pressure with a steep learning curve, but posed ample opportunities to lead and manage people from physically managing construction works, coordinating projects, and acting as a bid leader on multiple tenders for large projects provided me with a strong technical knowledge base of the construction industry - business and technical aspects, understanding of people and management expectations, and also with teamwork skills applicable across the board. All the while trying to find the most efficient and cost effective way of tackling problems.
Boilermaker | South Africa | 26 Sept 2017
Very productive and good people skills are motivated
Some days are hard when reporting to management in the mornings just to find out what happened on the shifts before you nocked off before. The team effort to let the work proceed as normal was very good and the planning of work tremendously well as all party's come together to find the solutions to any problems and the executing of the work is done professionally. the hardest part of the job is when we wait for material to be delivered to execute work. The most enjoyable part of the job is when it is done properly and management reward the people for work well done.
ProsWhen working long ours they let you go sooner on RNR to go home to your family
ConsLong trips per day from work to village and waiting for materials to be delivered.
Setter | Witbank, Mpumalanga | 05 Dec 2013
The first day when I was called to operate the machine. It was a machine especially manufactured to cope beams for the coal feed bunkers, cold air ducts. I learned it within a week because the production was to start immediately. From the day one I was impressed my boss. As an operator I had to teach to my assistant basic operations of the machine. The hardest part was when the my foreman resigned who was the programmer of the machine as he was the only one who was taken for training in America for the operation and programming of the machine. I had to learn programming the machine within a month. I now enjoy being an operator/programmer of the machine which is using Peddimat software
ProsThere is free lunch and accommodation
ConsWe get short breaks every month
boiler making | Limpopo | 17 Aug 2012
I must always start the day with a smile so it can be a very productive day,say jokes wheres no job to be done and dadicate my self to the job
Is when the job is behind where the mananger would come around and shout us to hurry up, I have learn that no matter how the pressure is at work never accomodate anger within your heart. I have learnt to always respect the management rules and regulation. I have learnt to respect my co-worker's point of view when we are planning the job.and to prevent the aguiment because they dalay the prodution. Is when we dont agree with one thing as a team. Is that one where the job is going so well where by we are given all the material we are going to need for the job to be done.and to see the mananger so happy making jokes with his employees
Resource Officer | Rustenburg, North West | 25 Apr 2013
HR Department not well structured
Because of the fact that it is a contractor,you sometimes have difficult clients. >Too many meetings in a day and you end up having no time to do your job. >Lack of training and support for HR staff. >Line Management don't provide true labour plans >Employees are generally unhappy so they can't perform. >Not having a say in deciding on your surbodinates, you are forced to work with people who don't have passion to learn anymore. >I didn't enjoy my stay at all, I believed I did a mistake to Leave my previous employer because here I was accused of all sorts of things,people there generally don't trust each other.
Prosfree tickets for sports activities
Conslong unpaid hours
Secretary | Marikana, North West | 11 Sept 2014
outstanding work environment
I started early, my working hours were from 6am to 3pm, colleagues were friendly and easy to work with. Management was qualified and professional. I learned a great deal from Murray and Roberts as well as valuable skills such as leadership skills and work freedom, I gained experience in the mining industry and mine planning. I improved all my secretarial, admin, equipment and HR skills. The Hardest part of the job was in a strike period. it would be dangerous to get to work. The Most enjoyable part of the job was everyday! I enjoyed all aspects of my job and the people that I worked with.
ProsGood work environment and ethics
ConsMining Strikes
Clerk | Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal | 24 Jun 2016
Specific target
I always meeting my targets timeouly, daily, weekly and monthly everything is done. I always get positive news after my reports. Making sure the work that i'm doing is understood. Make sure i comply with company policies and procedures and Always with a team member with integrity and committed to work as one team. If i face any problems in my field i solve them with a polity and make sure that won't happen again. I use to face prombles like employee coming to with late and not valid reason with his/her coming late and his/she not reporting what time she/he arrived at work. My job is good and i really enjoy it most.
Prosno free lunch
Quality Assurance Engineer | Abu Dhabi | 14 Oct 2020
Professional environment, trustworthy. competent colleagues, a company that looks after its employees
MY experience with Murray and Roberts was delightfully productive! Developed my character with sense of professionalism, they provided training for our enhancement. The people appreciate the way the company treats its employees, thereby providing a trust-based environment between employer and employee. Being among people who appreciate their employer, we wholeheartedly displayed loyalty to the company that treats its employees right regardless of salary. It is company who discusses to its employees of its status in the market and future plans and upcoming bids makes the people even more enthusiastic to perform better. Also it is a company who truly looks after the interests of it people, salaries never came late and it is even given earlier than usual whenever holidays fall on the regular salary dates.Truly a wonderful experience to work for a prestigious company that treats its people professionally deserves to be supplied with the same level of professionalism and easy to be loyal to.
ProsLots of free enhancement training, yearly gathering of employees and business updates
ConsThey will never force you to extend your work hours, but it is hard not to extend hours, even if you don't want to extend. Its a debt of gratitude kind of a thing.
Fitter | Mrzeżyno, zachodniopomorskie | 13 Apr 2016
a averall good company to work for .equipent they use are up to date and always in good order.maintenance are perform on a daily basis to maintain maximum planning were sum times not commumicated to all revalent departments and this puts a lot of presure on the engineering dept.but all in all a good company to work for.there benefits and salarys were outstanding.had a good relacion with go workers and engineering team under my supervision.the hardest part of my job was to disipline workers and knowing its not always there fault for time delays ext.most enjoyable part to stand infront of a team of engineering crew and to say thank you good work and zero incurys scoreing the engineering team a 100% ratting from engineer.
Constime delays to get spare and orders that were canceled with out knowing.

Questions And Answers about Murray & Roberts

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Murray & Roberts?
Asked 03 Mar 2017
It a great or pleasure to work at big company which is considering safety first.
Answered 14 Oct 2019
It's a great company to work for, and I've learned a lot from them, and I'm the best employee where I'm working because of the experience they gave me
Answered 13 Oct 2019
How is the environment and the hours that a person must work.Please tell me some tips of doing well in the interview.
Asked 21 Mar 2017
We work 8hours during the week .
Answered 14 Oct 2019
It is good and we are safe to work at murray&roberts
Answered 09 Oct 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Murray & Roberts? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 04 Apr 2017
Month ,you must have clear record.No criminal offence
Answered 09 Oct 2019
We see the post and applied for it.Wait for respond ,mean to be on interview. Two months at training centre a Bentley park .
Answered 09 Oct 2019
What is the interview process like at Murray & Roberts?
Asked 03 Mar 2017
They ask you about the values of company.Work experience.Leardeship skill, if you fellow employee are fighting what can you do.
Answered 09 Oct 2019
Good. Aslong you know your stories like job experience. Some people are too slow learn
Answered 03 Jul 2019
What are the working hours at Murray & Roberts?
Asked 29 Mar 2017
Seven to five monday to Saturday
Answered 31 Jan 2018
From 7h00 till 17h00
Answered 01 Nov 2017