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Intern | Johannesburg North, Gauteng | 04 May 2016
Research and Development
Mintek is research and Development Company which give Graduates an opportunity to learn as well as to utilize our skills and experience in enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation. I've learned a lot since I joined the company, I am confident with my report writing skills, researching skills and conducting projects. The Mintek corporate structure is headed by a Board, which includes a Chairperson and Mintek’s CEO, plus an additional six to nine other members. The CEO of Mintek is supported by the Executive Management team, comprising of General Managers for Research & Development, Technology, Business Development and Corporate Services and Finance, and 15 Divisional Managers. I have a good working relationship with my colleagues and supervisors, working with such humble and intelligent academics have taught me a lot about respect, integrity, humility and mankind. Our division is quite busy, at times I handle more than two projects which are due on the same date, this require lot of time management, ability to multi task and the ability to priorities. The most enjoyable part of my job is the opportunity given to Graduates to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from the University to the company, being exposed to different projects which require critical thinking, and being able to present my results. I also enjoy attending metallurgical conferences (i.e. MAM 14) which outspread my knowledge in the field of metallurgy.
Metallurgist | Randburg, Gauteng | 23 Aug 2019
Productive and worth experimental training
I worked at Mintek as an intern. Performed basic quality techniques to track, analyze and report material processes and products in order to ensure that they conform to the client’s quality standards. Failure analyst for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals by making use of material characterisation techniques in order to investigate the root cause of failure and also to provide possible solution to the problems. Chemical etchants both normal and tint etchants were used to determine the microstructure of the material. Equipment such as Light Optical microscope, Ferrite scope, X-ray and SEM were utilised to characterize the material samples (image analysis). To analyse the mechanical properties of various materials. This involved the testing of hardness, wear, impact, tensile strength, fatigue etc. Conducted corrosion tests on different types of stainless steels by designing a corrosive environment to determine the life span of the material before it corrodes.The corrosion tests included the following: stress corrosion cracking (SCC) test, hydrogen embrittlement, erosion corrosion tests, pitting and crevice corrosion tests. Was also given an opportunity to supervise the students (vacation students) from various universities.
In-service trainee | Randburg, Gauteng | 18 Feb 2014
Productive and good learning enviroment
Mintek was a great place to be, I learned a lot about Metallurgy, mineral processing and the techniques used. I did not only learn about work stuff, but also about good work ethics, how one should conduct themselves in a working environment, the importance of team work and how to effectively communicate with co-workers and superiors. I learned and got to appreciate that we are all from different backgrounds but can come together and work to achieve a common goal and improve on the company's profit because after all, unity is power. Initially, it was challenging to adapt to the environment since most of us were from varsity and did not know what the industry is all about but as we got used to the place, we got to perform very well, prove ourselves and grow as young professionals. What I loved and enjoyed the most about the job was that I did not work on only one project, and this gave me an opportunity to learn about different minerals and techniques used so at the end of the day, it wasn't only about flotation but about mineral processing.
ProsMany opportunities to learn, and people's willingness to share information and give a helping hand when needed
ConsLong working hours during the plant
Coordinator | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 03 Jul 2012
Well resourced workplace.
There is always enough to do for a day and you can always learn new things if you are willing.I joined the organisation as a student and so this is my first employer and can proudly say that I've gained the ff skills:Communication, Project report writing, punctuality; Presentation skills Technical problem-solving; General good laboratory Practice; Quality- Control and adaptation to work environment. My division has about 10 sections and I work with a group of quality and safety representatives from each section and have to train and follow up whether they understand and are doing what is required of them in maintaining the system.There is about 70 of us in the division, we mostly know each other and have good working relationships and I also have to go to sections and audit and interact with supervisors and section heads.SHEQ has deadlines, e.g. responding to audit findings, scheduling and carrying out inspections and closing action items but if planning is done on time, results are achievable.You get exposed to a number of things, e.g. legislation, risk assessments,etc.
Work integrated learning student | Randburg, Gauteng | 03 Feb 2015
Prolific and fun workplace
A typical day begins with checking my emails from my supervisor and fellow colleagues. Followed by checking the work of the previous day in order to give me direction on where to go for the day. Followed by wearing my PPE(personal protective equipment) and going to work. I learned to work alone and work with fellow colleagues, to get the work completed under pressure and to pay extra care to detail when I work. Assisting the Chief Engineer in accomplishing a particular task for the project was a great accomplishment as it showed my competency and capabilities. My co-workers were easy to work with and easy to get along with, because we set aside our differences and decided to be harmony from the on set Hardest part of the job was working on weekends because I don't like work during weekends Most enjoyable part of the job was doing presentation on the work completed as it gave the confidence to know I can do something and finish it and be able to share it with the rest of the company
ProsFlexible hours
ConsWorking during weekends and public holidays
Senior Technician | Randburg, Gauteng | 02 Jul 2020
Great place to learn but too much bureaucracy
Mintek is a very good company to start your career and learn from especially coming straight from varsity. They do pride themselves about the fact they prepare engineers for the industry. However, one should not stay there beyond 5 years, there's nothing new to learn after that. Only a few individuals are groomed and helped to map their career path and growth within the organization. These individuals get all the support from the specialists and the management. The rest are usually left to their own devices and frustrated into wanting to leave, but are constantly made to feel they are not good enough to make it out there. Add to that the red tape and endless paperwork required to kick start a project, the admin and support staff is not as helpful and supportive as they could be.
ProsWellness programs, exposure to a variety of technologies, projects and clients.
ConsBureaucracy, red tape, too much paperwork, unrealistic financial models for technical divisions
Revenue Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 03 Jul 2015
Fair amount of red tape but this is expected of a public entity
Mintek is a stable government entity that is highly technical with opportunities for career growth and advancement. A typical day at work involves risk analysis for prospective customers for credit management purposes, tests of controls, substantive tests, walkthrough procedures, reporting. I have learned a lot about Project Accounting , Revenue Management and Internal Control. My co workers are the most wonderful people I have worked with in my entire career . I enjoy working with them a great deal The hardest part of my job is refusing potential customers credit limit increases when they want to do business with Mintek on a credit bases. The most enjoyable aspect is the risk analysis as it gives insights to how campanies should run their business in order to manage risk.
ProsRed tape and buearacracy
ConsFlexible working hours, financial support for further studies, highly technical environment
Metallurgist | Johannesburg North, Gauteng | 14 Apr 2014
Its a very productive environment
A typical day starts by planning what is in it for the day, outstanding project testworks and reports. We would spend most of the time in laboratories and pilot plants supervising and managing metallurgical testwork programmes. In-house meetings or meetings with clients (if need be) are also held prior to any project or testwork execution. I learned a lot ranging from leadership, research and development, to project management skills. My co-workers were fun to work with and we shared ideas. The challenging part was to meet deadlines especially when you are handling a lot of projects at the same time. But this was possible through good planning and project management skills. The most enjoyable part of the job was that the working hours were flexible.
ProsWe would have a party at the end of each successful project
ConsSometimes communication could be a problem especially in a big company
Section Head | Randburg, Gauteng | 20 May 2015
Extremely complex and a true test of knowledge
On a daily basis there is always a complex analytical problem to solve as Mintek's Analytical Services analyses the entire periodic table of elements. The fact that the laboratory services the global industry and the internal metallurgical divisions, is never a boring day. My knowledge in the mining and metallurgical sector is very detailed, thanks to the laboratory servicing a very wide sector of the mining industry. Turn around time is critical. To manage staff to achieve high quality data in the quickest possible time is of the highest priority. A single facility where you are exposed to a variety of technical expertise enabling one to work in a team to manage a project with different divisions involved. If anyone likes a challenge, then Mintek is the place to be
ProsIt is a challenging place to work with exposure to R&D and quick thinking
ConsLong hours goes with hard work
inservice trainee | Benoni, Gauteng | 09 May 2013
informational and graduate development facility
the research facilities at mintek assisted me to shape my career and inform me about metallurgy. My expertises are any of the following: • Pattern making and preparations (wood and aluminium), foundry technology (sand testing, green and resin sand moulding, die-casting, electric arc furnace melting and casting), casting inspection or quality control. • Mechanical deformation technology (rolling, extrusion and forging). • Welding technology (SMAW, GTAW, PAW, CO2 welding, GMAW) and welded materials inspection or failure analysis. • Corrosion control engineering. • Heat and mass transfer and Heat treatment, completed a certificate in heat treatment of pipes with South Africa Institute of Welding (SAIW). • Materials testing (hardness, tensile, impact and bend), microstructures analysis, spectrometer analysis, Failure investigation and report writing.

Questions And Answers about Mintek

Does Mintek require background check? What kind of background check does Mintek do and how long does Mintek take to complete a background check?
Asked 26 Feb 2018
Yes,criminal record and your references,2 weeks
Answered 12 Aug 2018
2 weeks after checking criminal record and your reference
Answered 12 Aug 2018
If you were to leave Mintek, what would be the reason?
Asked 22 Nov 2017
If I have to go to pension
Answered 12 Aug 2018
When I'm leave to pension
Answered 10 Aug 2018
Which product does mintek deal with?
Asked 16 Apr 2018
Minerals, medicine and jewelry research
Answered 29 Sept 2019
Raw minerals
Answered 27 Nov 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Mintek?
Asked 22 Nov 2017
Formal clothing
Answered 10 Aug 2018
Formal clothes and shoes
Answered 15 Apr 2018
What are the working hours at Mintek?
Asked 15 Apr 2017
8hrs per day
Answered 15 Apr 2018
Day shift and night shift
Answered 15 Apr 2018