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Principal Scientist
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R12 000-R38 000
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R14 000
per month
R7 000-R21 000
Senior Scientist
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R397 376
per year
R198 000-R597 000
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Revenue Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 03 Jul 2015
Fair amount of red tape but this is expected of a public entity
Mintek is a stable government entity that is highly technical with opportunities for career growth and advancement. A typical day at work involves risk analysis for prospective customers for credit management purposes, tests of controls, substantive tests, walkthrough procedures, reporting. I have learned a lot about Project Accounting , Revenue Management and Internal Control. My co workers are the most wonderful people I have worked with in my entire career . I enjoy working with them a great deal The hardest part of my job is refusing potential customers credit limit increases when they want to do business with Mintek on a credit bases. The most enjoyable aspect is the risk analysis as it gives insights to how campanies should run their business in order to manage risk.
ProsRed tape and buearacracy
ConsFlexible working hours, financial support for further studies, highly technical environment
Senior Electrical Engineer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 13 Aug 2018
It is a research mining institution
Mintek is a very good company to work for especially if you want to learn the mining industry because that is what they research is bases on. It is a relaxed company but very productive. in-terms of career development, you can develop your self as much as you can because that is what the company is encouraging. you can study as many degrees as you can. The company provide bursary for its own employees to further their studies. it is a world recognise company in-terms of research. I love to work for the company but at some point you need measure your skills with other big companies out there so that you will be able to compete with other. I m sure that the skills that I got from mintek is the world recognised skill and I can be competitive.
Proslaunche is subsidised by the company
Consflaxable hours
Head of Customer Service | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 07 Mar 2018
Customer Services and Administration
Meeting with Customer Services Staff on outstanding issues. Reports are sent to the manager. Investigating queries. Attending meetings. Approving Quotations and Projects. Managing divisions project and Customer services staff. Billing and Administration. I have learned a lot, ISO9001, 17025, Customer Services management, People management, working under pressure, being creative, communicate better, interpersonal skills, time management. Hardest part of the job is rude customers and sometimes long hours Mintek provide employees with the best training. It has state of the art instruments and in-service students also learns a lot during their training.
ConsRude Customers and Long Hours
Controller | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 01 Nov 2020
Productive and contributed to my growth
most of my experience I got it from working from Mintek. I started as a messanger and got promoted to a clerk and eventually become a registry supervisor and registry controller. The experienced help to sharpe my career hence I study for a proffessionL qualification . Working they helped me to choose a career path
Prosassisted education scheme for employess
Consnothing in particular
Access Control Specialist | Gauteng, Gauteng | 09 Jan 2017
having fun at work while doing your duties
develop me by attending training .on how to operate switchboard and answering telephone calls.always be alert especially with access control
Chemical Technician | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 24 Oct 2013
cultural and good workplace
Mintek is a good workplace. I have the priviledge to grow as a person and as a worker. I enjoy every day that I was working there.
Learning and Development Administrator | Randburg, Gauteng | 23 Jun 2017
Team Spirit , Innovative, A Mintek is a place of academics, continous self improvement and development,
The team spirit across all divisions , the level of professionalism and the platform for one to be innovative and contribute towards company objectives through various avenues is what makes Mintek an amazing employer. One is a able to see evident progression and growth with the company . Last but not least , Great Leadership!
ProsStaff Bursaries, Mentorship programmes, Graduate programmes, platforms that encourage innovation and creativity
ConsWorklife-balance, diversity issues
Laboratory Analyst | Randburg, Gauteng | 02 May 2017
Very productive especially to students and lot of fun
Do different techniques daily and this is the place where i learned lot of chemistry procedures and equipment.Good place to work at if reporting right people and lot of fun activities .
Laboratory Analyst | Randburg, Gauteng | 12 Jul 2012
Expose to various technical skills,some good people.Working here is good by the way.
Consno bonuses and lot of favouritism
Senior Technician | Randburg, Gauteng | 02 Jul 2020
Great place to learn but too much bureaucracy
Mintek is a very good company to start your career and learn from especially coming straight from varsity. They do pride themselves about the fact they prepare engineers for the industry. However, one should not stay there beyond 5 years, there's nothing new to learn after that. Only a few individuals are groomed and helped to map their career path and growth within the organization. These individuals get all the support from the specialists and the management. The rest are usually left to their own devices and frustrated into wanting to leave, but are constantly made to feel they are not good enough to make it out there. Add to that the red tape and endless paperwork required to kick start a project, the admin and support staff is not as helpful and supportive as they could be.
ProsWellness programs, exposure to a variety of technologies, projects and clients.
ConsBureaucracy, red tape, too much paperwork, unrealistic financial models for technical divisions

Questions And Answers about Mintek

Does Mintek require background check? What kind of background check does Mintek do and how long does Mintek take to complete a background check?
Asked 26 Feb 2018
Yes,criminal record and your references,2 weeks
Answered 12 Aug 2018
2 weeks after checking criminal record and your reference
Answered 12 Aug 2018
If you were to leave Mintek, what would be the reason?
Asked 22 Nov 2017
If I have to go to pension
Answered 12 Aug 2018
When I'm leave to pension
Answered 10 Aug 2018
Which product does mintek deal with?
Asked 16 Apr 2018
Minerals, medicine and jewelry research
Answered 29 Sep 2019
Raw minerals
Answered 27 Nov 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Mintek?
Asked 22 Nov 2017
Formal clothing
Answered 10 Aug 2018
Formal clothes and shoes
Answered 15 Apr 2018
What are the working hours at Mintek?
Asked 15 Apr 2017
8hrs per day
Answered 15 Apr 2018
Day shift and night shift
Answered 15 Apr 2018