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3,2Work-Life Balance
2,9Pay & Benefits
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R3 200-R12 000
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Personal Assistant | Bryanston, Gauteng | 15 Nov 2016
People Orinted
Adaptability, were you can work from home as long as you produce the output.. It is a good company to work for. With the latest IT infrastructure. Have maintained and renuwed most of their contracts. A BPO company.
ProsMonthly braai, best filter coffee, free daily fruits and afternoon sweets or pop corn
Senior Customer Service Representative | Woodstock, Western Cape | 31 Jan 2018
Iinet one of merchants biggest clients. Internet serivce provider in Australia and New Zealand, currently rated second in both countries.
Merchants aims at providing a quality service to both client and employees. The benefits and rewards are directly proportional to the amount of work .
ProsGrowth Opportunities
ConsTime Zone Difference
Business Development Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng 2193 | 11 Dec 2020
Good culture and people fit
I enjoyed aspects of my job at my times and succeeded, at times. I enjoyed the environment, culture and the offices as well as the people. The people made me want to go in and marketing did a lot of work and themed public holidays and events to make it more fun. Good benefit and really nice offices. A large corporate with good benefits and progressive in some aspects and some people like this. Some people and some of company processes and Ideas were not. I did not personally know or meet the CEO, at least to my recollection.
ProsGood benefits, nice office environment
ConsCulture of blame
Call Center Representative | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 03 Mar 2016
Challenging and engaging workplace
A very challenging environment, where ones learns a lot and have to on par with product which is very dynamic. I have learned to deal effectively with every type of passenger, from irate, non-English speaking and rude ones. Its a great environment to work in co-workers are great people and the managers are okay though some are not as helpful as they should, to some extent one can feel that he/she is exploited. The hardest part of the job would dealing with irate customers and solving queries where other airlines are involved and in charge of the booking and I can not resolve customer's queries and most enjoyable part is learning new thing everyday such as destinations around the world or any product related information. The other exciting part in my job is being able to give customer what and solving queries and completing their requests.
ProsChallenging workplace and opportunity for growth
ConsDynamic shifts, short tea breaks and lunches, low income
Employee Relations Manager | Bryanston, Gauteng | 19 Oct 2018
Great Company to work for
Excellent and high performance culture. Good values and proactive employee engagement structures. Won top employer for six consecutive years. Growth opportunities. People focus and continuous learning.
Customer Service Representative | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 19 Jun 2020
Fun Workplace
the working environment was pleasing the only problem was with the payroll technicalities which were always being experienced. colleagues and team leaders were making the the environment welcoming.
ProsFree Lunch
ConsLong Hours
Customer Service Representative | Cape Town, Western Cape | 02 Mar 2020
Excellent for getting experience
Great for a school leafer to build experience. Just the balance between your lifestyle and work is not a great mixture. Graveyard shifts. No weekends. The environment is very nice. Unfortunately no social life.
Customer Service Representative | Soutrivier, Western Cape | 08 Aug 2019
Its a really fun place to work at for all aged people, good to build experience in all fields such as sales, billing, technical support etc.
The culture at Merchants is versatile and the people are amazing. Its like a family at work. The growth is rare though. The hours is draining but the money is good. The experience is good.
Consterrible hours
Customer Service Representative | Cape Town, Western Cape | 13 May 2014
merchants is a good company where you are encouraged to learn more about your client adn embrace their culture.
Customer Service Manager | Cape Town, Western Cape | 31 Mar 2016
Fun, tiring and exhausting at times.
My days are filled with mostly fun and challenging days, sometimes difficult and exhausting. Management is stressed out by constant changes in the business, not creative and in-adventurous in trying new things however sometimes can be supportive. Hardest part is coming to a place that I once enjoyed coming to. Enjoyable part is the people. Diverse culture and different personalities.
ProsRecreational Area
ConsWorking additional hours from 1am to 5am on your off days.

Questions And Answers about Merchants SA

Does Merchants SA require background check? What kind of background check does Merchants SA do and how long does Merchants SA take to complete a background check?
Asked 05 Feb 2018
Yes Criminal records Debts history It takes a few weeks
Answered 09 Oct 2019
Criminal checks and educational background
Answered 03 Sep 2018
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Merchants SA?
Asked 04 Sep 2017
I was ecstatic I moved from one campgain to another it was fun it that family feeling until I changed to another campaign I was not happy at all
Answered 23 Dec 2019
Because there is so much perks
Answered 26 Feb 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Merchants SA?
Asked 04 Sep 2017
Rags, they do not need to be addressed with respect...
Answered 14 Jun 2019
Semi formal, not to relaxed.
Answered 05 Mar 2019
How long does it for merchants to give you a feedback about the interview, if you've been selected or not for training?
Asked 12 Feb 2020
I was sent an SMS the day after my interview.
Answered 04 May 2021
They told me on the day of the interview
Answered 12 Jul 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Merchants SA?
Asked 17 May 2019
Not knowing when you will have to move to another campaign, different business processes
Answered 16 Apr 2021
The dynamic nature of the business, and the various cultural changes due to takeovers and procurement of external companies
Answered 09 Jan 2020