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Advertising Executive | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 12 Sept 2014
Work hard, Play hard
Working for Media24 most certainly had it's challenges. I had the opportunity to work for Beeld Newspaper in 2006-2008 working on Features and supplements as well. The market then was extremely good in terms of advertising in Newspaper Print, but newspaper print took a turn in 2008 where circulation started dropping and daily readers turned to online news. I would have loved to do a course through Media 24 in online but the opportunity never came. Beeld and Rapport being the only Afrikaans newspapers in Gauteng region started losing interest from their readers and public making it more difficult on a monthly basis to reach what was needed. Especially if retrenchments are put in place, the uncertainty of having a job in a month or two started showing. Media24 have well trained Managers and Line Managers that use a "hands-on" approach. When working on projects your co-workers certainly have an impact when it comes to team players and most of my co-workers have a special connection to me as friendships tend to grow. I would say the hardest part of the job was the time-frame we had to sell on a feature / supplement / project as we ran more than one project at a time and most often when in the early stages the feature weren't going according to plan, we had to cancel it and come up with a new, fresh idea, which can be challenging. Advertisers are much more educated when it comes to marketing and advertising and different avenues are being used to market their pro
ProsMovie tickets, prizes, free publications
ConsJob security
Journalist | Cape Town, Western Cape | 23 Feb 2014
My day as a journalist
I would get to the office get calls from a person who was a victim of a fire which left them homeless. The first thing I would do is get there and interview the home owner, speak to fire and rescue over the phone and make sure they are given whatever the departments offers like blankets and iron sheets to build a new structure. The next day after the story is out, I know I will get a call from a person who is willing to help the family because my cellphone number was at the bottom of the article. That same day the family gets a call from me telling them someone is coming with me to help them and basically I am the middle man between the family and whoever is helping again I report the help the family has received. As a Journalist I have come to accept that I will not be the richest person ever and maybe what I take for granted other people are dying to have. I know my job is complete when I had ran a story about people who need help after floods or fire and get a call from an individual or organisation willing to help. The hardest part of the job is seeing corruption and inequalities and there is absolutely nothing you, your pen and note book can do about it except for writing. I have learned that I will not be rich but I can make a difference in someone's life by being the voice of the voiceless. I try getting along with people I work with although some people might make that hard.
ProsUnderstanding your respective communities, Access to Events for free, The food.
ConsWorking on Weekends
Account Manager | Cape Town, Western Cape | 14 Feb 2015
Great Experience
Account Management - establish and maintain long term client relationships Negotiate and close deals Communicate with different levels of management, staff and customers Preparation and construction of proposals Delivering presentations Drawing up sales plans and route cycles Completion of all contracts and relevant admin Achieving of sales targets set Seeking new business opportunities by cold calling/prospecting for new business Following up on renewals and pending deals and maintain existing client contacts on a regular basis Maintain and update client lists regularly Responsibility in resolving customers' queries and complaints effectively Weekly sales meetings and workshops, functions and other company related events in and out of business hours Working well within a team environment as well as independently Assist in other areas of the business when required Setting up of formal internal sales processes Maintaining and establishing filing systems for internal purposes Ensuring the administration for the sales department is kept up to date Performing ad hoc duties as and when necessary Maintaining all company disciplines, policies and departmental standards and adhere to company procedures
ProsRestaurant on top floor
ConsNo Parking
Copy Editor | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 02 Nov 2021
The colleagues and the actual work made these jobs
During my 24 years and two months in two different jobs in Media24 what made the jobs so much fun that no work shift ever felt like work were the colleagues and the actual work we did, which felt like having a work shift long visit with one's mates who are cleverer than you and by the end of the visit you all have accidentally made the next day's newspaper or a contribution to it. HR is so useless that it basically exists to make work for itself and the langauge, spelling and grammar in the internal emails for and by HR are frightfully bad. They could have done with a sub-editor and a revise editor or more htan one of each in HR. Instead they retrenched very many of the sub-editors the commpany had in 2020. The company did not take skills development of their existing staff at all seriously, farming it out by making everybody in the company take mandatory, irrelevant Udemy courses.
ProsThe actual colleagues, the actual work and pension and medical aid contributions
ConsSkills development does not exist
Personal Assistant | Cape Town, Western Cape | 26 Jan 2015
Productive, fun and energetic workplace
A typical day at work is very busy, I am the Executive Personal Assistant to 3 Exco Members - GM for Pamphlets, GM for Media Sales and Logistics as well as for the Head of the HR department. Members of the management team are always travelling and we have to book and keep track of meetings and deadlines on a daily basis. The Company strives for a transparent workplace, meaning that they will be as open with employees as possible at all times. The hardest part of the job is that even though it is fast-paced and plans can change at a minute's notice, that there is no room for growth within this specific department or in the company as a whole at the moment as they are busy restructuring and retrenching. The most enjoyable part of my job are the people I get to interact with on a daily basis, my managers are very understanding and flexible and the staff have become my family. We treat each other with respect and care.
ProsGood Benefits - Eg. DSTV Staff Discount etc
ConsNo job stability - lots of retrenchments & little room for growth
Sales Executive | Stellenbosch, Western Cape | 30 Oct 2012
Very professional and fun company to work for
I'm really enjoying myself. Great colleagues, great management. Good values, it's like one big family. Unfortunately my contact expires, and they no longer have a position for me. A typical day at the office would start off with coffee first! E-mails and messages will always be answered within an hour. I like to make people happy. I used to work for Avis, there I learned what customer service is, and enjoy using my skills everywhere I go. I would then get out on the road, go see customers and negotiate and sell adverts in our local newspapers. The hardest part of the job is the rejection, that must be the worst thing ever, being rejected. Walking into the customers' office, all psyched up and ready to strike a deal, and then you get the dreaded "no thanks". Most enjoyable must be when a customer thanks you for your effort and for the advert looking great in the newspaper, and on top of it all; Reaching my monthly target. Hard work pays off.
Consmissing target
Reporter | Cape Town, Western Cape | 31 May 2013
South Africa's most dynamic media house
My time at Media24 and specifically Son was the most productive and pleasantly challenging environment I've worked in. A typical day at work started with a meeting with the news editor and my co-workers. We discussed the previous days publication and pitched our story ideas for the following day. We would then drive out to to our story subjects, interview them and return to the office to write it up before deadline. Furthermore, my co-workers and management were fun, forthcoming and helpful which created an environment where my wellbeing was considered and my creativity continually stimulated. The hardest part of the job was interacting with difficult subjects and meeting deadline. However, this was, more often than not, countered by being out in the field creating a voice for the minority and gaining important information for readers.
ProsBeing at the heart of news and information
ConsLong hours
Senior Editor | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 06 May 2014
Productive, fun to work at and full of positive energy.
I am an early bird and non-clock-watcher so I arrive earlier than my team and start off by reading newspapers and online news updates. I have learned to work in sync with other editors I have not seen face-to-face ever as the are operating countrywide from other provinces. I have also learnt to let staff make their mistakes sometimes so they learnt instead of panicking that they might err. The hardest part of the job is balancing work and private life: working long hours, leaving home at 7am and arrive 12hrs later to attend to kids homework and other issues on the home front. I really enjoy the satisfaction that comes with cracking a difficult story and watching the sales rocket sky-high or getting to meet a happy and satisfied reader/client.
ProsTaught me a lot about working with different people from different cultural backgrounds.
ConsLong hours, pressurized environment
Clerk | Johannesburg South, Gauteng | 17 Aug 2017
creative environment and great for personal growth
I was a customer service consultant and an office administrator. I dealt with incoming calls, responding to emails and administration. Normal day at work will be to distribute daily orders to my team, check on all urgent matters, plan my day according to my diary. Calculate, balance and printing of invoices, checking on stock available before making necessary bookings out, tracking and tracing of deliveries with couriers. The workplace was very busy thus allowing minimal interactions with other staff members, the enjoyable part of my journey there was during book reviews and author visits.The hardest part was not meeting your deadlines thus creating work to carry over. My experience there taught me to work in a fast paced environment, pay attention to detail and to do it right the first time.
ProsThe interactions with the authors involved
ConsThe area location of the company
Accountant | Plattekloof, Western Cape | 17 May 2013
I enjoy everything about my current company. Basically, I have a good relationship with my managers, the directors (down to earth personalities), you can go to them with any kind of situation, they are always ready to listen. i do the overall finance duties including overseeing creditors, querying, chanllenges are my kinda thing, give me any challenges and I will always give a resolution, i never give up until i get to the top of things. I love audit, everyone else hate the time of audit but I just don't get the fuss about the audit, I'm always prepared to take on the challenge. My manager always say he just don't get how over motivated I am, it's not something you see everyday. My job for me is a passion, I do it for the love of it. I enjoy reconciliations, budgets/forecasts, audit.
ProsFree coffee, flexi work times, friendly managers
ConsLong hours

Questions And Answers about Media24

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Media24?
Asked 05 Dec 2017
Grow the company
Answered 04 Sept 2022
It's a good name to have on your CV because it's a big company in SA
Answered 11 Mar 2018
How are the working hours at Media24?
Asked 05 Oct 2017
8am to 4pm
Answered 18 Jan 2019
24 hrs fits business name
Answered 12 Nov 2017
What is the company culture at Media24?
Asked 09 Sept 2021
Its a very open, transparent company with a very strong culture rooted in their ethical values.
Answered 15 Dec 2021
Call centre experience was a huge growing experience. The benefits and career climbing is excellent and they notice potential sooner then you realize.
Answered 09 Sept 2021
What is the interview process like at Media24?
Asked 18 Jan 2019
Not scary very relaxed but they are looking for highest performance
Answered 29 Jul 2020
They always seems to have a panel interview, which was great
Answered 02 May 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Media24?
Asked 05 Oct 2017
Tell us about yourself why did you apply for this position how will the company benefit from you
Answered 05 Dec 2017
General interview questions
Answered 05 Oct 2017