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 Average SalarySalary Range
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R 24 300
per month
R 12 000-R 37 000
2 salaries reported
R 16 000
per month
R 2 400-R 36 000
7 salaries reported
R 16 000
per month
R 8 000-R 24 000
2 salaries reported
R 24 300
per month
R 12 000-R 37 000
2 salaries reported
R 31 500
per month
R 15 000-R 48 000
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Admin | City of Tshwane, Gauteng | 10 Oct 2019
Extremely unfair business practices and working environment tainted by political/racial motives.
I have worked for MMI for a good couple of years and saw how a once prosperous corporate, an amazing company and proud workplace became a place where YOUR value were placed along political requirements and not on the experience and skills you bring to the table. I was saddened to see how MANY political appointments were made - with most of those candidates (even in very high appointments) jumping from opportunity to opportunity - not having or taking accountability for the mess they have left behind. The HR of MMI is non-existent with appalling employee record keeping. Management is full of promises - and ultimately only looking after themselves and chasing their own bonuses... I am not a disgruntled employee and have left on good terms - but if you are someone living the "values" suggested by MMI - think twice as the company does not seem to operate under their own set of values.
Java Developer | Centurion, Gauteng | 16 Sept 2019
Fantastic company, great culture
Would never dream of leaving the company if it wasn't for the fact that my only child has relocated to Europe. It is a privilege to work with friendly, go-getter people in a culture based on tribal unity & strength. The team structures offer growth opportunities and support. Management strives to lead by example and their doors are always open for discussions. I love coding and learning. Sometimes workload makes it difficult to find time to learn, but it is the nature of the industry. I want to end my day feeling that I have achieved something worthwhile, made a positive and valued contribution. I avoid office politics, as I find it non-productive and unsettling. My motto is - don't play the blame game, find the problem, fix it, learn from it and move on.
ProsInformal, friendly, supportive
ConsNo cons to working for the company, unfortunately challenges as a result of crime and uncertainty in country
Forensic Investigator | Pretoria, Gauteng | 25 Feb 2013
Enjoyable workplace
A normal day include writing reports, interviewing witnesses, searching the internet for information, engaging in meetings, providing support to Employee Benefits team, Liaising with SAPS, Home Affairs, Department of Labour, and Various Banks as well as updating information on case management system. My job taught me patience and working independently. Management of the company is supportive and they make sure that i am a satisfied employee. My colleagues are exciting people who believes that laughter helps to ease job stress. The hardest part of the job is when cases come in greater volumes which makes it difficult to solve cases speedily. I get a lot of joy and satisfaction when I am applauded for a job well done.
Prosmingling with team members
Consmicro management - not being given room to express myself
Service Consultant | Bellville, Western Cape | 17 Nov 2016
productive work
This learnership was a good starting point for an opportunity to learn as well as to gain work experience in the corporate and public sector - at the same time. It was difficult to attend classes at first but as time progresses, one learns to adapt. In my opinion, it's much easier when you have help from different resources such as HR, mentors, managers, colleagues, etc. People on the floor is very helpful and assists in any way that they can. This job has taught me it's Ok to get out of my comfort zone. Dont be afraid to seek assistance when you get stuck. I am way more interactive and hardworking. The learnership turns out to be time consuming as you have to work, attend workshops and attend college as well where you have to complete up to 4 portfolio's within a month whilst juggling work tasks.
Prosfree lunch vouchers.
Conslong hours
Marketing Communications Coordinator | Pretoria, Gauteng | 09 Jan 2015
Productive and fun place
I walk into the office at 06:00 and find a few other people who like me, hate getting stuck in traffic. A friendly good morning is always guaranteed. One of the people who are always early is the head of my department. A very friendly and inspirational person. He has a team of great managers. Being a part of the MMI family is great as the building is filled with high spirited people, the best co-workers and the hardest working people I know. The hardest part or time in the job is when there are changes which affect almost all the marketing material and changes need to be made in a short space of time. The enjoyable part is that one never stops learning.
ProsFlexible working hours
Financial Consultant | Soweto, Gauteng | 22 Nov 2019
productive and happier
my first day was wow like enjoying to be at work and very exciting to meet different kind of people. I learn a lot how to do presentation and to face many people and going out to see the really word. in terms of management was very fair and giving advises and mentoring us how to make a business, its was very important to respect other and even their culture race age ,on my side the hardest part of my job its where am out to see client and when am about to meet him/her and explain my product and the client reject me by saying I do have policies and I don't like you company. wow the most its where I reach the target and within the close date that's make me happy
Prosfree lunch on monthend
Cons8 to 6
Actuary | Centurion, Gauteng | 07 Jul 2019
It is an enjoyable and relaxed work environment with great team members
I currently work in the product development team of MMI Holdings. I have a gained a lot of valuable experience across a number of the company’s different savings and life products. I am required to work with Microsoft excel, word, VBA and SQL on a daily basis. The workplace environment is a very easy one to work in, as the culture of the company is a very relaxed one. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different insurance products which MMI has to offer.
ProsAmazing study support and flexible working hours
ConsI live quite far from the office so traffic can get a bit tiresome some days.
Financial Administrator | Centurion, Gauteng | 26 Jun 2016
MMI Holdings gives me a chance to grow professional
As I mentioned that a worked at Metropolitan life for seven years before I relocated to MMI Holdings in July 2014, but both companies are not differ to me, I treat them as my home because I spend more time at work than at home, and I make sure that I make me happy all the time by sharing my views with colleagues. Sometime I feel like I'm not treated well in some cases but what I like is that our management give us time to raise our voice and they listen to us and respond fairly. I enjoy to work at MMI Holding but because I like new challenges, I think I am ready to leave and learn more about the other companies.
Team Leader | Bellville, Western Cape | 16 May 2019
Productive and Fun Workplace
It was a very polite and good working environment. I have learnt to respect diverse cultures and be open minded about their policies. Management has a great management style and open for constructive critism. The workplace culture is friendly and consistent when it comes to policies, rules and very strict about Protection Of Personal Information. The hardest part of the job is to work very hard not knowing about the future as the medical aid industry is unstable. The most enjoyable part of the job is to have access to all the company resources..
ProsFree Tshirt and anything that the company is offering to the staff
ConsTeam Lunches
Human Resources Business Partner | Bellville, Western Cape | 21 Jan 2019
Inclusive Environment
A typical day at work is high energy with evidence of delivery. The culture within the Facilities environment is one of taking ownership, and you need to ask for assistance or advice when needed. Management is keen on development of existing staff. The culture is inclusive, even though not always consistent the management team try their best. The hardest part of the job was encouraging staff to face their management fears. The most enjoyable part witnessing people's growth in skill or and Leadership.
Prosopportunities are amazing and possible through commitment
Conscontinuous restructures
Human Resources Specialist | Windhoek | 23 May 2016
Its a fun place to work in and the kind of pressure my job comes with make me even more prepared for extra challenges in the future
Working in a high pressured environment were there is so much expected from you a typical day would be having an employee calling in complaining that apparently based on their ''intuitions'' she/he feels like the salary reflecting on his/her commission statement is low, she/he feels like they worked more although based on formula everything being reflected is evidently correct and conclusive. Working in MMI Holdings taught me how to manage my work and yet be flexible with ad hocs. About management, working most of the time in the absence of my supervisor encouraged me to be self driven, my co-workers are very helpful and very friendly. The hardest part of my job was when you meet clients that doubt my work because of my age number but I enjoy the pressure I get from my job because I hate sitting around doing nothing.
Prosvery friendly environment, work integrity
Consbeing on contract gives no one job security

Questions And Answers about MMI Holdings

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at MMI Holdings? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 09 May 2017
It took a week. There were too many gliches, from interview stage to signing the letter of appointment. There would miss important documents and would ask me to come back to the office every now and then.
Answered 03 Jul 2019
You have to apply online
Answered 08 Jan 2019
What is the company culture at MMI Holdings?
Asked 09 May 2017
Fun and hard working
Answered 03 Jul 2019
As a young company, these values guide our actions, intent and shape our culture and commitment to excellence, in all that we do. Accountability We show accountability in our willingness to take ownership for our roles, responsibility for our actions and outcomes, and by honouring our obligations to all stakeholders. Diversity Throughout our organisation we embrace and promote diversity, together with the many talents and skills our employees bring from different backgrounds and perspectives. Excellence We strive for excellence in everything we do, by delivering the highest standard of products, service and performance to all stakeholders. Innovation We thrive on innovation by challenging ourselves to find better solutions, continuously improving our processes and growing our people. Integrity We uphold integrity in living up to what we say, doing the right thing, being honest and treating all people with respect. Teamwork Through teamwork, we support each other by listening, collaborating, encouraging and respecting each other in our quest to achieve mutually beneficial results.
Answered 06 Nov 2018
Is MMI a retail or estate
Asked 16 Dec 2017
It is a retail
Answered 27 Jan 2019
Retail and estate planning
Answered 12 Nov 2018
Does MMI Holdings require background check? What kind of background check does MMI Holdings do and how long does MMI Holdings take to complete a background check?
Asked 15 Nov 2017
Yes it does and the psychometric test which takes about 3 days
Answered 23 May 2019
Credit and criminal clear
Answered 13 Mar 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at MMI Holdings?
Asked 26 Oct 2017
You get to be asked questions like if you get employed which places are you gonna look for new business
Answered 04 Aug 2018
Experience related and personal questions
Answered 13 Mar 2018