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Resource Officer | Wynberg, Western Cape | 16 Apr 2013
Great working environment
My Typical day at work consisted of interviews, HR meetings,criminal and ITC checks. Part of my work was to assist my colleagues when they needed help and consult with employees on any IR ,salary or leave issues. What I have learned? For the past twelve years at Homechoice I have acquired many skills such as : Multi tasking Working towards tight Deadlines Being target driven Communicating on all levels Culture Diversity Time and Stress management Attention to detail Work as a team Being assertive How to conduct competency based interviews Performance management of staff Management The management at Homechoice expect only the best from their staff,which is why the company is doing so well and when staff applies for external positions in other companies they excel in their new position. Co - workers I got along well with all my co -workers. They were resourceful,Trusting and helpful. The hardest part of my job other than resigning from homechoice, was when I had to do exit interviews of good staff leaving the company. I see it as a loss and try to get information from them in order prevent more resignations. The most enjoyable part of my job is satisfying my customers who are the employees. Job Satisfaction plays an important part in any company. I also enjoy seeing staff who work hard reap the benefits of the company.
Prosdiscount off staff purchases
Consno subsidise medical aid and salary not market related
Customer Consultant | Wynberg, Western Cape | 21 Aug 2016
Stimulating, challenging and caring environment
I found Homechoice to be a very accommodating and caring company, the management and CEO's are professional. I learnt about the South African market at HC, their retail needs and buying trends, logistical and operational key areas. I did not find that home ware was my strength in sales. Coming from a British market at EE, I found my sales targets were much easier to reach, partly because of communication in English, and also because I am more interested in technology. I originally applied for Amazon, hoping to work towards getting into the kindle department, however I received no response. I have traveled to the US, and I think I can communicate well with Amazon customers. I am willing to work my way up and I am determined, so I hope that this time you will consider my application.
ProsGreat working enviroment, good canteen food, caring supervisors.
ConsSelling home ware which is not my interest, communicating to people who struggle speaking English as a second language.
Telemarketer | Cape Town, Western Cape | 04 Dec 2017
Productivity and Ethics
Coming to work everyday and driving performance, motivating others in a work capacity or personal. As that is what you deal with everyday. I love what I do working with people from all different cultures as we learn so much from each other. It also sets a hype and good vibe and culture within the work place. Besides all of that you also have a to do admin work which takes up a lot of your time. Which at times can become too much as it takes your focus away from your team which I really don't like. I am a people's person and love growing, inspiring and motivation others. The one thing I do not like and find it hard to deal with is unfairness within the work place. This becomes more frustrating when it managers that creates this unfairness. I find coming to work and just being with people and learning everyday and the challenges we go through that grows you daily. I love the hype and how we make our day fun. Working together as a team and making it happen everyday!
ProsIncentive and time off
Sales Assistant | Wynberg, Western Cape | 23 Jan 2018
Diverse and Productive work place
A typical day of work was challenging in all the right ways with customers form all backgrounds with diverse needs and requirements, there was always support available from fellow colleges and management. I learned to teamwork, to always ask for help when I was unsure, and how to support those around me. I learned to apply my initiative in assisting customers and making sales, and patients in dealing with difficult individuals/situations. Management was a great source of help and growth by allowing new opportunities for me to discover my strengths. The workplace culture was diverse and friendly with a great sense of teamwork. The hardest part of the job was doing customer returns and dealing with unsatisfied customers. The most enjoyable part of the job was making sales pitches and helping my colleges and making friends.
ProsFlexible work week scheduled
ConsLong hours
Sales Consultant | Cape Town, Western Cape | 31 May 2018
We worked with a very easy product to sell,cellphones,laptop,and tablets,in our days you need at least to own 1 of the products to make life easy for you.e.g cellphone.but it was not easy to sell because you at times calling someones from his cellphone and you want to sell them cellphone,so you needed to go more on details on why your was challenging but fun to work for them because at all time you must think out of the box. we worked over time if asked too but enjoyed because we gained a lot of experience. we were a mix of culture and all respected each others culture. most enjoyable part of work it was when you making your target,it meant you are working hard. we had good management support, they can easy pick up when there is something wrong with you and they will offer help.
Call Center Representative | Wynberg, Western Cape | 14 Nov 2017
its a productive and yet not so strict but as long you productive and you in line with the workplace vision
a day at work must be a productive day that will enhance the success of the company. i learned how to talk with different people of different kind because of our attitudes.there is a good management that listens to people and also understands that everyone is cap-cited differently.the is a huge entertaining culture that makes feel free because we treated each other as a trying to convince clients and make them increase the sales of the business. its when you have reached your target and sometimes exceeding it
Pros30 minutes of internet
Consextra shifts
Fulfillment Manager | Cape Town, Western Cape | 01 Dec 2021
High intensity during work hours, yet well balanced between work and home.
I found HomeChoice a company where I would join permanently should an opportunity arise. It's a high-intensity environment, yet a home-work balance is positively supported by the management. There was great support and fast action taken during Covid 19 lockdown as well as with exposure situations, which was telling of a company keeping the health of their staff at a highest priority. As with all employers there is always negatives to mention, but in this case the positives supercedes the negatives.
ProsA great and cheap restaurant on the premises.
ConsAn enormous amount of meetings!
Customer Service Representative | Wynberg, Western Cape | 05 Jun 2019
Management is veeerryy unprofesional especially in customer service
The working environment is great. However the management sucks they make it th3 worst place to be. No resources provided to assist the customer and better their experience on every call. Agents font even have emails, no one takes responsibility for anything, team leaders are always grumpy and unable to assist with escalations. Once you disagree with management especially both junior managers just know that they will find a way to get rid of you.
ProsStaff discount and free transport for late shift
ConsManagement is very unprofessional
Agent | Wynberg, Western Cape | 20 Dec 2017
Worse company to ever work for
Homechoice management treat people cramp.The vetting/fraud department has the worse management ..lack of education and don't know how to deal with people. I work in the vetting/fraud department, we write off so much debt over a million a month of customers were agent or people submitted orders without giving consent. Most south Africans are blacklisted because of Homechoice. Don't ever work there ....worse ...worse company ...basics are low...u need to know the write people to move up in that company
ConsThey are slave drivers....vetting department work long hours and underpaid
Data Entry Clerk | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 05 Sept 2017
Kind and friendly stuff
A well know company that has a very little friendly stuff at the warehouse ,nice and secure premises . I learned lot of job opportunities in the company as data cupturer was not the only job I did. I find the opportunity to explore myself with many departments in the warehouse .multitask is one of the things I am really good at . Working under pressure is also one thing I enjoy, time flies if job is available. Homechoice is one company that I enjoyed working for as the stuff have a real good working team spirit.
ProsCelebrating of stuff birthdays for each individual
ConsShort lunch times

Questions And Answers about Homechoice

What should you wear to an interview at Homechoice?
Asked 05 Jun 2017
Formal and net
Answered 25 Mar 2022
Formal and neat
Answered 11 Jan 2021
How often do you get a raise at Homechoice?
Asked 07 Feb 2023
A year
Answered 08 Aug 2023
Answered 26 Jul 2023
How should you prepare for an interview at Homechoice?
Asked 04 Mar 2018
You have to be honest about your career and know the company product that the company is selling
Answered 11 Jan 2021
You must know the product you are selling and you must not be scared to talk to people
Answered 29 Aug 2020
What is the interview process like at Homechoice?
Asked 22 Apr 2017
Formal and neat
Answered 11 Jan 2021
Honesty to the customers is highly appreciated ,Good customer service , to assist the customer from the beggining till the end and make sure that you lead and convince the customer so that you will close your sale with a 100% results (purchase)
Answered 15 Aug 2019
What is the promotion process like at Homechoice?
Asked 24 Jan 2023
Answered 18 Sept 2023
Answered 19 Aug 2023