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R 231 000-R 694 000
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R 12 050
per month
R 4 100-R 23 000
1 salary reported
R 17 750
per month
R 5 500-R 35 000
1 salary reported
R 23 600
per month
R 10 000-R 40 000
1 salary reported
R 22 300
per month
R 8 000-R 42 000
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Auditor | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 19 Apr 2013
Deadline Driven, Extremely easy to get along with, Achievement Driven , Ability to use own initiative and Exceptional Performer
• Leading and participating in audit reviews, delivering audit outputs including final reports within agreed timescales and in accordance with Internal Audit Standards. • Conducting preliminary surveys of the areas and processes under review, obtaining detailed knowledge of the processes in order to establish the scope of the audits. • Process summaries and flowcharts; • Risk assessment: Determining business risks and controls relevant to the processes. • Determining and identifying control weaknesses • Documenting recommendations for control improvements • Performing of the audit fieldwork in terms of the audit program. • Drafting of the audit report, including the executive summary and detailed audit findings highlighting the relevant control weaknesses, risks and recommendations, including management’s comments on the findings. • Liaising effectively with the internal audit manager to ensure that changes in scope or reporting timetable are agreed and that quality review work is performed at appropriate times in the audit. • Liaising effectively with clients at departmental level to ensure efficient completion of individual reviews. • Carrying out debriefs with department managers to communicate the results of the internal audit reviews, and ensuring that the scales and scopes of the deliverables resulting from audit recommendations are adequately understood. • Populating Teammate with good quality planning, fieldwork and reporting material on a timely basis. • Participatin
Pros24 hour access
Conslow salary
Correspondent | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 22 Jan 2015
High Risk environment
Risk Management Ensure that processes, control requirements and risk management frameworks that have been designed for the area are understood • For audit findings that have an impact on the area, work with the relevant parties to understand what actions are required to close out findings. Implement required actions. • During scheduled audits and management assurance reviews, ensure that all information required by the auditors are provided timeously. • Log all Risk and Loss events as a result of error or fraud highlighted in the department on the relevant system. Ensure that the audit issues are thoroughly investigated and closed or escalated as per policy. • Monitor compliance training undertaken by team members and ensure that they complete the required training within prescribed timelines. • Ensure that all regulatory requirements are adhered to. Continuous Improvement •Effective management of Business Process and Change Management •Develop, deliver and maintain the required business plan as well as control, Review and Forecast continuum required to ensure effective active operations management. Ensure that the department has a clear understanding and application of the business product and process required to meet customer expectations and meet the groups managing for value requirements. •Strengthen the department by assisting the Support teams in utilising opportunities to increase/introduce new business through analysis of various data system
Customer Service Representative | Claremont, Western Cape | 22 Feb 2017
Fnb was a place where employees are challenged daily but have fun trying to get a day's work done.
Working in a bank was exciting as everyday brought different situations and challenges which I would need to deal with as quickly as possible. I learned that my client was the most important person who would need to be dealt with respect, empathy and professionalism. Having learned and been trained extensively, I found that Management was there to steer the business in the right direction, and that I was to use my skills to service my clients' needs. I only referred problems to Management after all other avenues had been explored. At Fnb, there was a strong work place culture where we treated everyone with respect, all were equal, we took ownership of a problem even if it was not ours. The hardest part of my job was to serve clients as quickly and efficiently as possible despite factors like staff shortages and to not let the shortages reflect in the quality of my service. It was a constant problem but it challenged me to find quicker and more efficient ways to deal with clients. Working with clients was so rewarding! It was like reading a new book with every client. Getting to know the different types of clients was interesting and I enjoyed turning difficult clients into people who would only want to deal with me. Due to the present tough economy staff were reduced in many branches which made it extremely difficult to deliver outstanding service to queues of clients with few people to serve them.
ProsFree parking
ConsWorking on Saterdays and overtime
Senior Debt Collector | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 12 Jun 2017
Challenging, productive, competitive, pressurized and interesting working enviroment
Great company to work for. There was always to time to make jokes and laugh and even it was a pressurized and challenging environment. I have had the opportunity to equip myself in terms of leadership skills, training staff and mentoring when necessary. I taken initiative to enhance knowledge in financial services operations, risk management, processes and banking functions in other financial credit business areas for personal enhancement, personal development and at the same time to be able to provide the expected services to various Corporate/ business and individual private/wealth clients. The financial sector is constantly changing and complex where constant analytical, research, decision making and strong negotiation skills that are imperative for the success of the organisation. I believe that my current BComm e-Commerce educational background and years’ of extensive experience in the financial services sector serves a a great advantage to most companies. I am ambitious, reliable, independent individual with a passion for finance and people. I enjoy doing challenging projects and strive to learn more.
ProsFexible hours
ConsPressure and stressful
Personal Assistant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 13 Jan 2013
Productive and fun workplace
Everyday meets me with different challenges. The environment is very stressed and high pressured and I am able to cope very well under these conditions. I have learnt to be flexible and to multi task. We work on very tight deadlines. Working in this specific environment and department, you need to realise that you will not leave the office at 4.30pm. You will have to be prepared to leave at 19h00 or even later. My co-workers are like family and one can feel the team spirit and teamwork during our year-end and monthly deadlines. The hardest part of the job is that there is no balance... work and family. The most enjoyable part of the job is that I am not micro managed as I have gained the trust of my team and managers and I have gained a huge amount of knowledge of the department, built good relationships with the Exco team, CEO, internal and external stakeholders. I have established an amazing relationship with my immediate Manager
Prosflexi time
Conslong hours, no balance between work and home
Financial Planner | Cape Town, Western Cape | 03 Sept 2013
It has a huge opportunity to impact our Diverse Country and Nation with it"s customer Innovations
I use to work in Plumstead and Constantia and the market is totally opposite to the market in Mowbray. There is alos room for client education and empowermnent, however as a commission earner only I spend most of my time educating rather than selling. I am a strong peoples person and could get caught up in the empowerment of people rather than the monthly sales and targets that need to be made. I enjoy my work and it allows me to experience diversity of persons, careers and work environments as I build relationships with my clients to also ensure their well-being as well as a successful practice. The down side of it is that I cannot be ill or take a break as when I don't work I also do not earn.
ProsRoadshows and team building sessions
ConsBusiness or transactions can only be conducted during banking hours
Consultant | Free State | 04 Sept 2020
Management and Worklife Balance
Manager was a boss and completely clueless about what is happening in the bank, always victimizing us, and only cared about bonus. You work hard and no growth opportunities, recognition, motivation and zero work-life balance. The union would come and find out what we were experiencing but were never on employees' side. Fatigue is definitely what you will experience because of staff shortages, limited lunch hours or no lunch at all. I doubt they really want to see you grow and learn because it felt like you are trapped into making a mistake then boom warnings left, right and centre. HR Management doesn't engage with employees and check their wellbeing no HUMAN factor at all in Human Resources.
ProsLoved serving customers
ConsLong hours, limited or no lunch breaks, inconsiderate management and HR, not looking forward to the next day, under pay
Fraud Investigator | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 10 Feb 2017
Frustrating workplace
A typical day at work can be quite good but then management makes demands off the cuff and unplanned. This interferes with schedule, amounts to scope creep and adversely affects Service Level Agreements! I've learned a lot about the banking industry in general. Management doesn't plan well and has unrealistic demands. Management isn't big on training; this year, one is expected to pay for ACFE courses/conferences out of one's own pocket. Workplace culture, in the absence of management issues, is great. Meeting the SLA is the hardest part due to interruptions. The actual investigation is the most enjoyable part of the job; reaching a breakthrough in a case.
Prosinvestigative work
ConsLong hours, interference, entrapment/victimisation
Internal Auditor | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 29 May 2018
Productive and Friendly environment
An environment that allows individuals to learn and get skills to be more productive, with supportive and friendly teams to work with. I got the opportunity to explore more of the Auditing process as I was fresh from University without any experience, working with qualified and professional Auditors up skilled me as I learnt a lot on Auditing planning, Fieldworks and also the Reporting phase as to drafting of Audits Reports. I did not only learn about the Auditing I tend to explore more as I was working with the International team I got the opportunity to go to Lesotho for a branch Audit for two weeks I explore more than I expected.
ProsFree juices
ConsTime managemt
Regulatory Specialist | Sandton, Gauteng | 26 Apr 2023
It was traumatic.
What is the best part of working at the company? The products are very innovative and customer centered What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Toxic management and low salary What is the work environment and culture like at the company? It's toxic with little room for growth. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Ongoing meetings with unrealistic deadlines for projects, followed by more meetings which take the time required to actually do you work. Say goodbye to all your weekends and holidays. You'll take work home and never knock off.

Questions And Answers about FirstRand

Can you work there without qualifications?
Asked 28 Apr 2017
Yes I did. But all the work 100%
Answered 15 May 2019's all about knowing what you want.... follow instructions when given tasks
Answered 28 Apr 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at FirstRand?
Asked 06 Apr 2017
Face to face interview
Answered 28 Mar 2019
Face to face interview
Answered 22 Feb 2019
What is the interview process like at FirstRand?
Asked 06 Apr 2017
Is to provide good quality customers services to help an organisation to satisfy their need in order to get a better quality result in order to achieve their goals and strong innovation of the company
Answered 02 Mar 2020
How to prepare for an interview and what must I bring on the day of the interview
Answered 28 May 2019
Do firstrand hire foreigners?
Asked 30 Jan 2018
Yes including foreigners with a Permanent Residence permit
Answered 24 Feb 2023
Yes foreigners are hired
Answered 17 Sept 2020
How often do raises occur at FirstRand?
Asked 31 Jul 2020
Every new financial year ,and based on performance
Answered 09 Sept 2023
Answered 24 May 2023