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Environmental Manager | Cape Town, Western Cape | 08 Jan 2014
Productive workplace, high turnover rate for various applications for environmental authorisations
At the start of the day, I set aside priority applications that need to be resonded to. These are arranged in chronological order according to the deadlines of each application that must be responded to. In the morning I review reports while my brain is still fresh and the second half of the day involves drafting responses to the applications that must be responded to. I have been taught time management, due to every application or non application having timeframes associated with it. Being an EIA reviewer also trains the mind to be a more critical thinker to real world problems and helps create a more holistic approach to how I review each and every application. My current job has allowed me to grow as a team player. The management is of absolute quality. Management is always on top of everything. I have a good working relationship with the management in my region. My co-workers are all hard workers. I have learnt many things from them and I have a good working relationship with each and every co-worker. The hardest part of the job is the pressure that comes with the legislated timeframes for EIA's. Finding a balance is key to surviving in this job position. The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing that I am part of a decision making process that affects the public. It is very satisfying having input towards decision making for various controversial developments. Having positive input into designs of a specific development that may cause less harm to
ProsI have been trained very professionally as a public servant.
ConsLunch is only 30 minutes
Assistant Director | Pretoria, Gauteng | 02 Jan 2018
Team builidng, training courses,
Planning for inspection and investigations against industrial companies for non-compliance with environmental legislation. I have learned that environment and nature should be respected and pollution is dangerous to the health of human being and to the environment. The management was good and we were given a free platform to express ourselves, especially in time of presentation of inspection findings. Each and every member of the investigating sub-directorate was independent of his/her own task of work. The workplace culture is smooth and relaxed where there is no addressing of rank structure. The main important part is to respect one another and also work ethics to be respected. The hardest part of the work is when one is confronted with illegal storage or dumping of medical waste which is a high risk of one's health and one have to equip himself;lf with protective clothing. The most enjoyable part is the privilege of subsidised vehicle issued to investigators as part of the incentives. The department also look after its employees in relation to outing to relief work related stress.
ProsIncentives of overtime payments
Project Coordinator | Kimberley, Northern Cape | 07 Oct 2013
productive workplace and fun
a typical day at work is when i have to schedule the project in logical steps and budgeting time required to meet deadlines, conferring with supervisory personnel owners, contractors and design professionals to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints and construction problems and preparing contracts and negotiating revisions, changes to agreement with the land owners and farmers i have learned how to be a successful project coordinator, working with different contractors, land owners and farmers has made me to understand people, helped me to be able to resolve problems when they arise . the hardest part of the job was when i have to give the contractor the red card and also to terminate their contract because they were not complying with the working for water standards. the most enjoyable part of the work is i get a chance to travel, i have to be able to do what i like most and that is coming up with the solutions that occurs when the projects are running,
Prosskipping lunch
Consi work long hours
Environmental Technician | Acornhoek, Mpumalanga | 10 Jan 2017
Great experience work out
everyday you have to come up with ways of selling yourself to different companies & how you associates yourself with those who already on the field of environment. because i came as a learner and an employee. How to conduct an EIA,EPA, CHECKLIST generally you have to be committed in doing your work on time, submit monthly reports on time, being punctual when it comes to time and hard work hard work management is good great co-workers the best co-workers, our bond didn't even take a month travelling was the hardest part from the office to the site of work at some instant you had to travel by foot about 5 km going to the site and another travelling back to the office or yet even more. going to class sessions as we would meet other co-workers are also in our program it was enjoyable. and making researches about our assignments in terms of work its a great experience as you learn a lot also online.
Intern | Pretoria, Gauteng | 15 Jan 2018
Fun, exciting and allowed a room for gaining experience
Day to day work was physical but calm. This opportunity allowed me to further concolidated my Basic planning and coordination techniques, Stakeholder engagement and interaction, allowed me a chance to network with other people in order to share information about available opportunities, increased auditing experience and report writting. Management was excellent and encouraged a friendly working environment with focus on production and career development. Encouraged cultural diversity and promoted that each individual must respect the cultural values of the other. the hardest part of the job was the walks on big industries when conducting complaince inspections. Internet and the opportunity given to me to apply for permanent employments elsewhere as it was not a garanteed permanent employment after the contract.
ProsFast speed internet
Senior Human Resources Associate | Pretoria, Gauteng | 12 Jun 2013
Productive and learning environment
Independence is promoted here although the hierarchy is long and stringent, policies and procedures have to be adhered to. Although there is little room, flexibility should still be visible. The team spirit is high, should one make a mistake, the whole team takes accountability. I have gained immense problem solving tactics, analytical skills and innovation in government sector. Strict processes and difficult line managers, one incomplete process halts the whole process, constant follow-ups are necessary in the sector. The overall challenge of process, hierarchy and dealing with rank cautious managers is a thrill and creates some kind of drive, once a task is completed in the mist of all of the above, one feels fulfilled.
ProsJob Security
Senior Human Resources Associate | Pretoria, Gauteng | 12 Dec 2012
The Department is well structured .It has good policies in place which allow one to grow
I typical day ,The first thing would be to check my emails followed by contacting clients . Carry on with the task at hand which varies everyday.I have learned to communicated better with the colleagues and clients,internal and external. Management is very supportive at the section and having them as my client as well keeps me grounded.The relationshipship with the co workers is open ,which is very good.The hardest part of the work will be to have service providers who don't comply. The important part of my work is that i get to interact with many people which allows me to learn so much about people and my self
Prosbe allowed to do my work without any supervision
Project Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 27 May 2014
Time conscious and experience builder.
In the 5 years i worked as an implementation agent on behalf of the DEAT in a poverty alleviation project, i imparted a lot in terms of people and skills management. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and would have wished to have taken the project further but prevailing circumstances ended prematurely a pilot project that grew the intended community. It is always fun to work with different backgrounds as the experiences never remain the same,they are always enriching. I am aiming to work with the Department once more and will be submitting my CV during this spell before the 2nd of June,2014
ProsIf you are environmental friendly then you will love this department
ConsNeeds patience and dedication
Liaison | Pretoria, Gauteng | 20 Mar 2014
Productive and you Learn everyday.
typical day is media monitoring in the morning, have a telephonic conference with the important officials and provide important stories for noting for the day. I have amazing co-workers who always motivate and push you to strive for the best. The hardest part of my job is being under/short staff because my job requires a team and to help each other get the work done, so when one is absent it does leave a loop whole. The most enjoyable part of my job is the extensive travelling it comes with. I have never flown and this job provided that opportunity and meeting the Department of Environmental Affairs Minister personally as I have worked closely with her at most events.
ConsShort staff
Senior Libraray asssistant | Pretoria, Gauteng | 16 May 2013
proactive and standards
Professional work experiences have been very rewarding and educational for me. I have learned to deal with several challenges and apply my knowledge, skills and experiences enjoyable part: Ability to work with different branches and stakeholders, attending of events and information sessions management: They allow me to strech my ability and guide me to reach my goals Co-workers: The psrit of tearm work create a healthy environment to all what a learned: ability to work underpressure and against constant time deadline Initiative independetly: excellent communication skills and Interpersonal skills
ProsTearm work and trust
Conssometimes unplan events create pressure and long hours
Deputy Director | Gaborone | 07 May 2015
Efficient, effective and provides opportunity to learn more
- I chair the committee for submitted project briefs for environmental assessment, quality check the scoping and ToRs and detailed environmental impact assessment reports. Attend scheduled meetings at the Ministry to give feedback on the progress made by the department to the office of the President - Everyday provides an opportunity to learn more, ........ - Management team comprise of the Acting Director, his Deputy, the Heads of divisions and Head of administration, this team work together to direct the department to achieve its mandate, management is energetic and works collaboratively with the rest of the officers. I get well with my co-workers as subordinates as colleagues, is a team of highly motivated individuals with varying skills and knowledge - Hardest part is taking disciplinary action on my co-workers, selecting individuals for promotion because all of them are best performance. The most enjoyable part of my work is mainstreaming environment and sustainable development into national, local and sectoral planning and monitoring of the environmental plans - this because our fruits of labour can be seen
Prosprovision of cellphone and airtime, hoor allowance
ConsLong hours of work
Natural Resource Technician | Gaborone | 11 Apr 2013
Productive job
1. mobilizing the community to inform them about the existing opportunities which they can benefit from - introducing a new project to the rural community or a group of unemployed youth. 2. when you work with people who are not in you field or at your level of understanding is not an easy thing. it is not everything that you bring to them that they will accept or appreciate. first you have to put yourself in their shoes, find out what they want before giving them what you came with. 3.the management becomes supportive during productive days and hardly there when the tough is going. the management does not take welfare issues as important at daily work activities are fine, supportive and a good team to work with. but it is of no use if the management are is not forth coming 5.the hardest part of the job is when the management is not in support of new development, initiatives or innovation. also when you do the good job and you don't get appreciated. it is also when you have to do the job and you don't have the resources which are needed. 6. you do the good job, meet deadlines, all resources available, get the support from the management and being appreciated for the job well done.
Prosaward ceremony
Conslong hours
Petrol & diesel Mac; | SANAE IV | 07 Jul 2015
Very exciting and challenging
No day is the same. There's something new every day. Nature is very unpredictable and you have to adapt to the circumstance. Like wind an snow. During takeover it gets very busy and require quite a lot of energy. I learned a lot gedeurende my spare time. Like to jug up my copter skills.Also how to work with all types of people as a team together. It was quite a challenging, as management was very far apart from us. But every thing work out for the best. The most difficult side of every thing is too leaf your family at home for 14 months. The biggest part is to bee open minded through the winter when the sun disappear for a very long time. The most enjoyable time was the day you put you foot on shore in Cap Town. After such a long time.
ProsToo safe mony and no traffic
ConsTo bee away so long from you family.
Electrical Technician | SANAE IV | 10 Sept 2019
productive and fun
a typical day for an electrician at sanae base starts at 08:00am walk around the base do visual inspection if there's anything unusual regarding electrical you can tackle it. thing to check on regularly basis are the efficiency of the generator, the power the base is consuming, snow smelter, heater tapes as the temperature are very extreme. then there is preventative maintenance which include cleaning strainers and replacing of filters on the water reticulation system. the workplace culture is good we understand each other as a team members and the hardest part of the job is being isolated for 15 months in a cold desert and away from your family apart from that the experience of being in antarctica for over a year its overwhelming

Questions And Answers about Department of Environmental Affairs

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Department of Environmental Affairs? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 28 Mar 2018
Filtering and selection, profile of applications, shortlisting, interviews being conducted and get the shortlisting and interviews minutes submitted for approval
Answered 03 Feb 2020
Short listing first than interview and sign off DG
Answered 03 Sept 2019
What is the dress code at Department of Environmental Affairs?
Asked 12 Jun 2019
Look presentable semi casual n formal dress
Answered 03 Sept 2019
Formal or casual (your pick)
Answered 12 Jul 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Department of Environmental Affairs?
Asked 06 Jun 2019
To ensure our environment being on good conditions and working from the school teaching the learner how to recycle some of papers they always use
Answered 10 Apr 2021
Nothing much to prepare as questions are strictly work related.
Answered 14 Oct 2019
What are the working hours at Department of Environmental Affairs?
Asked 14 Jan 2019
Eight hours to nine shift 8to 16 n 8 to 5 working hours are in conjuction with labour law
Answered 03 Sept 2019
9 hours from 8am until 16 hoo
Answered 16 Feb 2019
If you were to leave Department of Environmental Affairs, what would be the reason?
Asked 12 Jul 2018
Or contract expiredeals.
Answered 26 Sept 2019
I would be getting a job that offers better
Answered 12 Jun 2019