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Curro Holdings Ltd
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 Average SalarySalary Range
1 salary reported
R16 000
per month
R8 000-R24 000
1 salary reported
R6 500
per month
R3 200-R9 800
2 salaries reported
R22 750
per month
R11 000-R35 000
General Worker
2 salaries reported
R9 600
per month
R4 800-R15 000
School Principal
1 salary reported
R234 000
per year
R117 000-R351 000
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Curro Holdings Ltd Reviews

Overall Reviews at Curro Holdings Ltd

Website Administrator | Pretoria, Gauteng | 06 Dec 2017
An enjoyable few years
An enjoyable few years which was convenient while my children were small and in the school. A lot of experience in designing and writing during this time.
ConsLong hours, low pay
Facilitator | Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal | 03 Mar 2017
Great school to teach at
Great place to teach at, with fantastic support structure and child friendly environment! I learned the value of being part of a well oiled team. The management is very good and will always do the best they can! The workplace culture is very supportive and constantly strives for greatness. The hardest art of the job is the long hours. The most enjoyable part of the job is watching the children grow in greatness and the camaraderie with the fellow staff.
ProsSchool holidays
Conslong hours
Specialist | Kempton Park, Gauteng | 05 Mar 2018
Children are fine - parents make the rules
Rules are for parents and children to change on a daily basis. Teachers gets thrown under the bus no rights for educators i am upset with everything at the moment
Conslong hours / weekend work
English Teacher | Krugersdorp, Gauteng | 15 Apr 2017
A great learning experience
The Curro system is very structured and rigid. The work hours are reasonable and the salary is as expected of an educator position. The staff are warm and friendly and the learners are of diverse cultures.
ProsDiverse children, structure
ConsPoor salary for amount of work expected, not enough room for creativity
Teaching Assistant | Pretoria, Gauteng | 06 Feb 2018
Very Productive and creative in all aspects
I loved my experience at Curro. I loved how they allow their students to explore both their strengths And weaknesses through the activities that they do. Their curriculumn caters to each student's needs and it pushes them to reach their fullest potential.
ProsGreat workmanship
ConsAlways on your toes !
Enrollment Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 27 Oct 2017
Forward thinking, innovative and empowering organisation
An amazing company to work for. Every day has new and exciting challenges, but with the amazing employees where team work is part of every days experiences - nothing is impossible. Growth for employees is par for the course and with a mission to empower every individual to reach their potential, may it be staff, parents, learners or stakeholders every day is a ground breaking experience.
ProsStaff development, growing fast developing brand so scope to grow proffessionally.
Educator | Mafikeng, North West | 11 Jul 2016
Productive, enriching, and fun
Working at Curro, being on of the biggest schools in South Africa is an amazing experience. There is a network of people that can assist right around the country. One always gets to stay up to date with the latest curriculum due to constant staff development.
English Teacher | Gauteng | 28 May 2019
Stressful and Rewarding
The school is still new, therefore stress levels are high, we often manage in crisis mode. I have learn't a lot about teaching and myself working here. The hardest part about my job would be balancing my personal and work life. The best part of my job is to be a teacher.
ProsSchool Holidays
ConsDisorganised and poor management
Teacher | Langebaan, Western Cape | 27 Jul 2014
Provide opportunity to grow and be a valuable teacher
Because you work with learners, co-educators and parents not two days are the same. Every day something new is happening. This is on the one hand exciting and it forces you to be alert and creative, but also very tiring. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with young people, to be part of the process to prepare them for their future after school.
School Principal | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 24 Sep 2020
Stressful and too much strife
I was not happy at the school. The school was barely 1 and a half years old and we had 2 admin people and 15 teachers resigning since last year. All 920 odd pupils from gr r to gr9 in one building. Discipline issues. The heads who are all high school teachers run the foundation phase like the rest of the school. Our phase head resigned in the third term last year. Too many unhappy people. Salary does not equate the workload and stress. Unrealistic expectations. They make decisions and don't respect teachers opinions. I am an experienced teacher but they humour you and don't listen. Very important to keep parents happy and get more bums on the seats. Suppose to be private 33 in a class. NO ADMIN PERIODS FOR FOUNDATION PHASE TEACHERS.
ConsToo much unhappiness, disrespect for teachers expertise

Questions And Answers about Curro Holdings Ltd

What is the interview process like at Curro Holdings Ltd?
Asked 15 Apr 2017
Interview take 1hr to interview one person
Answered 20 Jul 2020
It is normal and fair
Answered 04 Aug 2019
What is the company culture at Curro Holdings Ltd?
Asked 21 Aug 2018
Loved the ethos of the school
Answered 18 May 2019
If you are not a teacher or Teachers assistant, you get excluded. Well here at this school anyways
Answered 30 Oct 2018
Teachers salaries
Asked 12 May 2018
Way below standards. Average salary +/- R12000 per month. If the executive head likes you or knows you personally you tend to get a better offer.
Answered 27 Apr 2019
Definitely not market related. Teachers in government schools get better pay and better perks.
Answered 09 Jan 2019
What are the working hours at Curro Holdings Ltd?
Asked 06 Mar 2017
Hours are reasonable. it is all the hours after school for prep and setting of papers
Answered 22 Dec 2017
School hours and School holidays off. Work long hours after hours, if you are an educator. That is normal.
Answered 22 Apr 2017
What is the age requirement?
Asked 25 Sep 2017
None. All ages welcome
Answered 01 Aug 2019
Eighteen years and older
Answered 29 May 2018