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 Average SalarySalary Range
1 salary reported
R 5 900
per week
R 1 600-R 12 000
4 salaries reported
R 9 125
per month
R 2 100-R 19 000
1 salary reported
R 15 000
per month
R 7 500-R 23 000
2 salaries reported
R 15 000
per month
R 1 700-R 34 000
2 salaries reported
R 18 139
per month
R 2 700-R 41 000
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Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Reviews

Overall Reviews at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa

Automation Technician | Elgin, Western Cape | 03 Dec 2022
Fully working with Systems ,professional fun if you like love what you do
I love Appletiser SA, it’s a plant based In Elgin Valley in the midsts of the apple & grape farms (hence Appletiser & Grapetiser ) it’s very fresh surrounded by nature & dams .I am working now 4 years at CCBSA Elgin known as Appletiser SA , I have left worked at ABinBev for 6 months I had to come back for my personal life to be close to family & Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa Elgin welcomed me back with warm hands & I am enjoying my job which is strongly requiring systematic working all meetings are defined however since I’m a Controls & Automation Technician I learnt there are a lot of unpredictable breakdowns that will happen during the course of the day meetings get disturbed & still I have to keep track of everything I did do problem solving & root cause analysis, I do standby 1 week & the other technician 1 week then I can live a bit for 1 week we are however now working towards preventative maintenance & being in control of the whole packaging & processing plant .
ProsFree Beverages, Free Fruits for lunch .Breath Fresh air .
ConsStandby can be tiring but I love what I do so I am willing to push it until the end !
Personal Assistant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 07 Nov 2012
Productive and fun working place.
A typical day is thinking on my feet and being attentive and responsive to ad hoc requests and what I like to refer to as organised chaos. Working in the legal department means being prepared for the unexpected at all times. My co-workers are lawyers, so you have to be able to think on your feet and be very organised at all times. I keep the office organised and coordinate as these are my strenghts. I'm able to effectively work with all levels of staff and I try to be one step ahead at all times. The hardest part of my job is dealing with constant crisis management associates - since this is a marketing environment and they usually come up with the 'most interesting' concepts and last minute requests which we in the legal team have to assist with and try to resolve or produce agreements to fit the situation. The most enjoyable part of my job is that I'm able to balance a full time job and my part time studies, which I appreciate and the fact that this is a very interesting and fun environment.
Prosfree cooldrinks
Consour team is staff with contractors and they come and go every six months, in the last 3 years i've trained 10 admin staff.
Quality Control Supervisor | Pretoria West, Gauteng | 08 Jul 2021
Stressful at times
The work is interesting to do, but at the specific plant where i was the management in my department was worse. I enjoyed the job but the management made me lose interest and never want to work there anymore. Instead of helping find solutions to certain problems there are those whose main mission is to despise and discourage other colleagues so they feel better about themselves and when you check their work ethics and ability to carry out tasks you find that they're far more worse than you. I liked working as a quality controller there but one is used and underpaid, even honours permanent employees earned less than in-service trainees. Specifically the Pretoria west plant. Sometimes you're asked to do things that are out of line in order to cover up their shortcomings and lack of commitment during audits. They push numbers, not quality. Another issue is that they don't retain their talent. I was an experienced trainee but they took someone who had no Quality control experience and asked me to Train them and they hired them instead of the group of experienced trainees. Horrible i tell you.
ProsFree drinks
ConsLong hours with little pay.
Payroll Administrator | Parktown, Gauteng | 03 Jan 2015
Fantastic Benefits, work-life balance not so great
Although the benefits were great at CCSA; they really look after their staff financially - I found the work-life balance to be a challenge. Perhaps this was however just due to the role that I performed in a contracted position as Payroll Specialist. I found I worked a lot of overtime (unpaid) and also over weekends to meet the deadlines. But I was then able to take additional leave in lieu of this overtime. On the whole, this is a great place to work as long as you are permanent staff, and depending on the department that you work in. There is a fantastic canteen and you get 3 cases of free drinks per month.
Pros3 to 5 free cases of coldrinks per month / Very Good Benefits
ConsLong hours and no paid overtime
Sales Manager | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 10 Mar 2021
Fast paced stressful environment,you chasing set targets daily. Because of the Sugar Tax and the Covid-19 pandemic targets are difficult to achieve
There's a lot of changes currently because of the impact of the sugar tax and the proposed PET and Carbon emission tax.Oppositions are also threatening the market share.Everyday poses new challenges. I have learned to work under immense pressure Management is supportive but impatient The work culture is diverse and interesting Hardest part is achieving targets during the pandemic Most enjoyable part is being part of this wonderful international brand,watching it grow in leaps and bound and interacting with people from different walks of life
ConsHighly demanding job in Sales
Utility Manager | Wadeville, Gauteng | 21 Sept 2016
A busy Productive Environment
Going through e-mails to catch up on what happened on afternoon and nightshift. Going through the production plans for the day and rest of week daily. Daily management meeting with Team Leaders. Attend to adhoc meetings within plant and with Suppliers. Do a walk about through the Process and Utilities department. Check for issues and improvements and address any issues in the different areas immediately. Approve any orders in SAP system. Always be on the lookout to improve status quo. Good enough is never good enough, always place for improvement. Attend Management meetings weekly. Always assist co-workers with any demands they might have.
ProsFree cold drinks, stable company.
Sales Representative | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 12 Jun 2020
Good but stressful
Coca Cola Beverages South Africa is a very good company to work for with a lot of growth opportunities. However, the sales environment/department can be stressful but also rewarding and there's an opportunity to learn a lot about other business operations as we service multiple types of businesses, such as grocery stores, both national and non-national, fast food outlets, liquors, Canteens, hotels and even salons. The employee involvement in decision making is not quite satisfactory, and communication is mostly a one way type of communication, mostly from top to bottom. The improvement is needed on those two aspects.
Prosplenty of growth opportunities
Consjob security
Syrup maker | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 19 Jan 2019
Enjoyable and challenging job
Working in this company has open my eyes that in life nothing is impossible and i can learn while working. My life has changed a lot , i have managed to build a big 8room house for my mum and pay for my child school fèes while i was working as a temp. The only dissappointing part is that i worked for 9yrs without being permanented which i understood why and now im jobless with that nine years experience. If you can ask me today why am i no longer working there i wont tell because i also dont know as i was stopped without proper explanation why.3
ProsFree transport, subsidiced food and year end precents
ConsShifts with enough resting time e.g 4days in 4days off
Driver | KwaZulu-Natal | 28 Jul 2017
Hectic Dangerous
It was dangerous because we had to start about 2amloading our trucks and make sure to finish less than an hour so that you can run to the gate where you will be counting all the staff again making sure that you have enough not more or less. Now the really danger when you drive to this location criminals are still ruling and because it was the fisio drinks everyone is looking forward to have one and the children when they saw it they will be happy in such a way that they will jump in front of the truck to cherish it with the idea of they might get a free drink unfortunately not
Prosno free lunch we work until the night
Conslong hours without stop
Promoter | Nelspruit, Mpumalanga | 26 Jan 2020
Productive and fun interactive workplace
My experience was great, it was a great first time job. I enjoyed every part of it. A typical day at work would start of with us setting up then we'd open shop and that's wen the real work would begin. One thing I learned was that team work is very important in a workplace because the more you work together the more productive you are. I must say our management team was the best they were very kind and made sure we were productive. The hardest part of the job had to be standing all day but the most enjoyable part had to be that we all became one as we were working.
ProsFree Lunches
ConsStanding for long hours
Management Trainee | East London | 17 Sept 2019
challenging and revolving
.My day start with me analyzing sales reports to see where we are against the monthly target. Analyze non-conformity report to identifying gaps and opportunities from the execution point of view and share that information with the sales team early on the day so that when they start selling they know exactly where to focus. .I have learned to be responsible, focus and be able to lead by example. learned to cope well under stressful seasons where sales are not coming and be able to strategize and come up with winning formula. .I'm good listener and very innovative so I work well with management. As for my management style I'm a team player, so I instill that culture in the teams because in our industry you need to be focused, execute your tasks with passion, transform your mental attitude to be able to perform with speed and agility. .Workplace culture is good because is everybody is made to feel important and to be in a position to suggest solutions in the market place. . The hardest part is during winter seasons where sales are not coming as expected and its beyond your control. .Leading a happy team members that celebrate every success as a team. The competition amongst the teams to win trips or incentives makes our job so enjoyable. Last but not least, to work for the international brand is fulfilling also knowing that our brand is a world leader in its category but stay humble.
Account Executive | Nairobi | 21 Jun 2018
Exposure and talent naturing company
My typical day at work would start with account development order generation in the morning hours,account development and business proposal with customers in the afternoon.Then later in the evening processing generated orders in the the system and report writing. I have great presentation skills,analytical skills, time management skills and people management skills.The work place culture was to always work in unison with other support department and colleagues to achieve a common goal.The most difficult bit of the job was conflict within the department which would end up affecting the customer in some cases. I liked the support the company gave us making sure that we attended raining to sharpen our skills, product knowledge and changing market trends.
ProsFlexibe and adaptive to changes
Técnico | Mozambique | 10 Jul 2017
Uma verdadeira escola, com bons ensinamentos e disciplina laboral
O Trabalho e' sempre sob pressao, devido as metas a alcancar, o trabalho em equipa e' essencial e bem elaborado, a gestao e' excelente, a convivencia e' muito saudavel, respeitando-se cada um e as normas de HST, melhor ainda e' a remuneracao conforme o trabalho e a hora exacta, formacoes e updates sempre que possivel e necessario. E' realmente um dos melhores lugares para trabalhar, nao ha nada dificil, pois a tudo adapta-se com o tempo, mas os objectivos e metas individuais fazem sempre com que o individuo procure alcanca-los de tal forma que devemos procurar por oportunidades de acordo com o que se pretende alcancar.
ProsSubsidios Dignos, Partilhas de Lucros, Bonus Anuais, Ofertas Mensais
ConsNao da tempo para cumprir com outras actividades pessoais (faculdade entre outros)

Questions And Answers about Coca-Cola Beverages Africa

How often do you get a raise at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa?
Asked 07 Nov 2022
Every year
Answered 08 Sept 2023
Answered 31 Jul 2023
Does Coca-Cola Beverages Africa require background check? What kind of background check does Coca-Cola Beverages Africa do and how long does Coca-Cola Beverages Africa take to complete a background check?
Asked 29 Mar 2017
Yes on all prospective employee,eg education, criminal records,it takes a a week
Answered 06 May 2021
Qualifications and reference
Answered 11 Sept 2019
How long do you have to work at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa before you can go on maternity leave?
Asked 09 Nov 2022
3 months
Answered 26 Jul 2023
A year
Answered 11 Jul 2023
How is feedback from management delivered at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa?
Asked 04 May 2021
Answered 14 Apr 2023
Answered 31 Mar 2023
What is the interview process like at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa?
Asked 25 Apr 2018
Skills and experience
Answered 11 Sept 2019
Job related questions are asked and personal related questions to ensure balance of personal and work life. Professional questions too.
Answered 26 Mar 2019