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R 2 500-R 7 500
3 salaries reported
R 6 167
per month
R 1 500-R 13 000
1 salary reported
R 8 900
per month
R 4 400-R 14 000
2 salaries reported
R 6 250
per month
R 3 000-R 11 000
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Overall Reviews at Clicks Group Limited

Human Resources Administrator | Cape Town, Western Cape | 10 Oct 2012
A company that really looks after its employees
I have been working here at TCG for three months now and I promise that I never want to leave. I get employee discounts from Clicks, Musica and The Body Shop as an employee. I get an email every morning showing the menu for the day from our on-site canteen. I can also call the canteen up anytime from my desk to order any beverage, and it gets sent up to my office which The Clicks Group pays for. I get my hair done every Friday at our on-site beauty salon. I can also go to the on-site doctor, have a shower or go to the prayer room anytime if I am feeling a little holy. But my favourite part is the culture of the people. I look forward to coming to work everyday. The open plan work space allows real interaction between employees. No cubicles. I know my entire department after being here only three months. The managers are also very approachable and there is no sense of hierarchy at all. After working at many other companies that are as well known as The Clicks Group, I must say that this has been my favourite. Free coffee of my choice, easy access to food all day, a challenging and enjoyable job, opportunity for growth and travel within the company, and the most amazing people to work with. I love this place and really would not mind working here for the rest of my life.
Prosan hour lunch break excluding tea-breaks, discounts at our stores, free drinks
Consnine hour shifts and social networking site blocks... and that's about it.
Senior Team Leader | Cape Town, Western Cape | 03 Oct 2015
Very demanding at Clicks as one is expected to work long hours especially in times of difficulty as it is an online environment.
I am managing the Team that is responsible for support of the many applications in my area of responsibility. It is highly pressurised as we service over 4000 business users. Servicing of these members timeously is crucial as if the applications are not available to them, it means potentially that the DC's are unable to order and replenish stock and/or distribute stock to our over 500 stores countrywide. No trading means no sales which means no profit. The most difficult part of the month is when our many promotions are sent down to stores mostly towards the end of the month. That is the time that my Team is on full alert to try assist business users with promotions set up incorrectly and then to send these corrections ASAP down to the affected stores. It is critical that TeamWork is effective and that we have highly skilled and motivated staff. Team spirit is high in the Team and my Team performs really well. The best part of the job is being part of the Team, working closely with them and being a leader of such a highly motivated team that always delivers, no matter the effort that it takes in times of crisis. It is always satisfying when a production problem is resolved and the business users are happy
ProsSubsidised restaurant
ConsLong hours with no over time
Beauty Consultant | Stellenbosch, Western Cape | 16 Nov 2022
The work place was nice to work at.
I have been working at clicks since 2013 and ever since I have worked there. I never had been happy. Other people that comes after me at clicks get promoted but I was just the one hoe had to do everything. I have worked as a receiving clerk when there was no receiving clerk. I work at checkout as a training services advisor, I worked at the beauty counter since I have started there in 2013 but never have been promoted for my hard work. I can work all over in the shop when ever a customer needed me. No other staff members could have done that in the store where I did work. For 8 years I have been a shop assistant cashier and only last year got promoted as n beauty consultant. But I have regined a month ago. Because I wasn't happy for many years because of the management , the company tge benefits they give the staff and the salery I have worked for. That is my reason why I left clicks.
ProsMore off days
ConsLong hours
Office Clerk | Ermelo, Mpumalanga | 22 Jul 2019
Can work yourself up and stand out if your a hard worker
your day will depend on what you make of your day, you only will learn if you are willing to learn from other people have respect for management and they will have respect for you "other staff as well" be need and tidy in your workplace and make sure your work is up to standard and up to date. Hardest part is when you got a work load that needs to be finish by a cut off date and you pushing yourself to do it and when you reached you goals and your made it then you feel so good that you are looking forward for the next one. Most enjoyable is when i can work and understand my co-workers and have a good relationship with them and when you as a team archive something good for the company and the company seen the good work in the employee`s
ProsStock take launches and every morning bread milk and tea for tea time
ConsWhen it`s stock taking, and over December
Store Manager | Fish Hoek, Western Cape | 01 Feb 2018
Productive and energetic
Typical day at work would consist of staff coaching, spending time with individuals. Learning is ongoing while managing people. Management could work towards being one sound, and one mind in order to assist individuals who struggles with self development and identify own shortfalls requiring coaching. Maintaining a work place culture should be every team members responsibility and not just the manager. This is possible through consistent IR processes followed fairly and needs identified from individuals taken seriously and passionately. The hardest part of managing is not being respected by top management. Potential not recognised and efforts not valued. Lack of trust being final. The best part is planning together, executing together and reaping success together as a team.
ProsShort week end hours
ConsLimited family time
flexi worker | Gauteng | 27 Jan 2017
I had a great experience at clicks carnival, I had great professional and yet fun to work with.
my day at work would usually be working efficiently to maximize the productivity. I learned how to interact with different people on a daily basis,the importance of having a good relationship with my collegues and that a customer is always right. Clicks Carnival mall store manager was the best, she made sure all the her staff was comfortable and yet productive. she also knew all the employees individually, management at Click's Carnival mall was well organised. work culture was to always work as a team, we used to call ourselves "Team bring It". Hard part of the job was knocking off late and being unable to find public transport. The most enjoyable part at work was during lunch where we usually eat together and made jokes and had casual conversations.
Pros2 days off
Conslong hours
Trainee Manager | East London, Eastern Cape | 28 Dec 2016
good place to work for because you get to work directly with your customers and you sell to people exactly what they need which can be exciting.
We are a health store which means we provide necessities to our customers.we help with how one can maintain good health and also promote that people should take care of their health. For those on medication and chronic conditions,we offer them with medicines to help stable their condition. So working for Clicks feels like working in a hospital taking care of your people,which is exciting at times. Also we have a front shop with takes care of all the other needs of our customers making sure they don't have to go anywhere else for anything extra they might need. We also specialize in beauty which is also very exciting as we make people look and feel good about how they look!
Prosstaff discount
Consforever on duty, few off days
Assistant | South Africa | 02 Mar 2020
Not worth the mental drain
Great opportunities presented in the form of training and learnerships but the expectations are set way above what a single person can achieve. I understand as a company they have to make profit but if it’s at the expense of a staff member’s mental well being then it’s not a good sign. Slapping an employee wellness programme in place should not be the end of your moral obligation to staff. Compassion and empathy sorely lacking in management. Managers gossiping endlessly about staff and handing out warnings like free candy. Always fighting about salaries being less than what they should be because management didn’t capture sick leave or annual leave. Salary increases barely cover the cost of goods and service price increases. Completely sucked the passion of my job and the joy of customer interaction right out of me
Pharmacist | Pretoria, Gauteng | 28 Oct 2014
im just a humble & an easy going person, most of it all i am a good listener can work individually & as a group
my days at work are just as enjoyable as my holidays because i make them to be enjoyable that's where i spend most of my time, accepting difficult tasks, good communications skills, listening skills, being humble, problem solving, my co-workers and i get along well as a team that is willing and able to put or bring change in peoples life's and also adhering to our scope of practice to strive to meet quality at the end of each business day, dealing with a patients whose medications had not been paid my the medical aid & he/she does not have money to pay, to put a smile on 9/10 patients a day its my enjoyable part
Prosa day out for team building once in every three to four months
Conslong and slow hours with no patients at the dispensary counter
Beauty Consultant | South Africa | 13 Apr 2019
Productive and customer orientative place
A typical day at work is when our doors open the customer service is on top notch the staff are always friendly and eager to assist if needed the management always loves the staff input and opinions and always haves a positive attitude which makes it easy for the staff to just be themself. For me the best part of my job is to see a customer satisfied and leaving the store with a smile on her face after she left my beauty counter with her purchase and makeover.what I have learned from working at this company is that you must always see things from a different point of view like stepping in someone elses shoes because we as human being are all different and unique in our own way.
ProsYou never stop learning
ConsRetail hours
Senior Designer | Capetown, CA | 30 Oct 2019
No structure no followed processes
We kick start a day with Status meeting to align everyone of workload and projects busy with. Meeting consist of Line manager, designers and Account managers who are also Traffic managers. Then you carry on with your day executing projects obviously aware of scheduled meetings that day (could be briefs, debriefs etc) if you have been sent a meeting request, because often than not client forgets to include everyone who is meant to be in that meeting cause often than not, they don't even know which creatives are working on their project. Then towards end of day if you have anything to show line manager in terms of your progress that day, you can otherwise you submit what need to submit for sign off by line manger and head of creatives.

Questions And Answers about Clicks Group Limited

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Clicks Group Limited?
Asked 21 Jun 2017
Firstly you must have ability, passion and more energetic so that what ever comes out in you mouth people must be able to relay on the business that is called manner of approach
Answered 04 Sept 2019
To contribute back to the company and make changes in people's lives for their coming future
Answered 04 Sept 2019
What is the company culture at Clicks Group Limited?
Asked 03 Apr 2017
I like to work at clicks shop is clean good customers service
Answered 28 Sept 2020
Satisfaction of people needs and services are the most important in order the business to succeed
Answered 04 Sept 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Clicks Group Limited?
Asked 16 Apr 2017
13 years retail expriance
Answered 11 Nov 2020
Focus on the job spec.
Answered 19 Feb 2019
How often do you get a raise at Clicks Group Limited?
Asked 07 Nov 2022
Answered 17 Sept 2023
After a year
Answered 17 Sept 2023
What is the promotion process like at Clicks Group Limited?
Asked 07 Nov 2022
No promotion on
Answered 22 Aug 2023
When there is vacancy
Answered 17 Aug 2023