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3,4Work-Life Balance
3,2Pay & Benefits
3,2Job Security & Advancement
150 Rivonia Road Morningside
1,001 to 5,000
$1B to $5B (USD)

Popular jobs at Cell C

 Average SalarySalary Range
Sales Consultant
5 salaries reported
R7 620
per month
R900-R18 000
Sales Representative
5 salaries reported
R7 560
per month
R900-R17 000
6 salaries reported
R5 000
per month
R2 500-R7 500
Customer Service Representative
1 salary reported
R4 300
per month
R2 100-R6 500
Call Center Representative
1 salary reported
R4 000
per month
R2 000-R6 000
Salary Satisfaction
Of the employees are satisfied about their pay
Based on 360 reviews

Cell C Reviews

Overall Reviews at Cell C

Stage Manager | Bloemfontein, Free State | 06 Jun 2016
Exellent and spectacular
IT was my very first gig,during my NQF Level 4 Technical production,i have learned so many things about the show buissness,then and i want to be an expert in that field.
Specialist | Bloemfontein, Free State | 20 Feb 2017
Network Management
Network improvements meeting KPI's attending to customer complains Vendor management and network design Network maintenance Solution recommendation
Store Manager | Bloemfontein, Free State | 30 Apr 2019
Badly structured
I enjoyed the sales and management positions very much, however, current management ,eaves a lot to be desired. I found the treatment of staff bordering on the inhumane. Targets and company procedures change monthly and make it difficult to assess what the company actually wants from its staff. No bonuses, holidays or consistent incentives. basic salary is very low for the job required, and as mentioned previously, targets were erratic. At one point the target structure changed 4 months in a row consecutively, and is structured in such a way that sales improves, but staff still see no real financial benefit. The treatment of sales staff was terrible, and something that I battled with as a store manager. The Bloemfontein division does not take the human element into account, and I found myself burying my friend while still having to be at work by 12:00 the same day.
Prossupplier incentives. networking. fast paced.
Consno real growth, and you will be diminished to company stock, rather than a person
Field Service Technician | Bloemfontein, Free State | 01 Jul 2014
A busy and more learning workplace
I like a busy day at work whereby i get exposed to new challenges. I learned our network structure better. I like an experienced,hands on manager. I like the information sharing co-workers and willing to learn. When the fault is not solved and the problem is just out of my area of expertise. After having a hard times of faults and eventual resolved and learned something new.
Branch Manager | Bloemfontein, Free State | 08 Oct 2012
I am a hard worker and a fast learner. I enjoy working at the company I'm at but looking for better possibilities and salary advantages.
A Typical day at work starts with the banking and stock checking for the balancing of the previous day. a Quick meeting to discuss the sales expectation for the day. Then the admin must be done since the sale is only finished when the admin is done. On the floor it is mostly about sales, customer relations and queries and watching the staff performance. I have learned a lot in the industry, my people skills has grown and being able to be my own person. I am part of the management team but i would say that support is very important from the higher above. Co-Workers should have a Team Work attitude, good Team Work means good sales. My hardest part of the job is working with furious customers screaming and complaining about the network. All you can do is listen and try to help the client in the best possible way. The most enjoyable part of my job is when i have a good sale day. Sales means commission and when you finalized that sales it means money in the pocket and a happy customer because he/she has a new play thing.
Prosmedical, no hospitalization but you can go to the doctor and dentist for checkups.
Consno incentives from the cellphone manufactures
Sales Leader | Bloemfontein, Free State | 17 Feb 2020
Team work, communication, always changing, good interaction, good motivation, always kept in the loop, cares about employees, great environment , hardworkers
Salesperson | Bloemfontein, Free State | 24 Jul 2012
Informative and developmental work
A day at work required enough enegy to think and act positively. Dealing with different people was the biggest highlight of the day, my co-workers were great team in terms of work though people are not perfect, I experienced difficulties in dealing with mis-behaviour of some colleagues, mostly enjoyed being part of a winning team of people with lots of experience in the field of sport and learning from such great minds and skills.
Prosgreat team work
Conslong meetings

Questions And Answers about Cell C

Does cell c perform background checks?
Asked 07 May 2017
Yes does all the time
Answered 09 Feb 2019
Yes because we must be proper and fit
Answered 09 Feb 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Cell C? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 20 Apr 2017
The step is to make sure that I know my story or field about cellc and b a hard worker because ground field there is lot of hazard
Answered 09 Feb 2019
Through recruitment agency. Quest & apmc recruitment
Answered 08 Sep 2018
What are the perks offered by Cell C?
Asked 20 Apr 2017
Free Airtime
Answered 04 Jan 2018
Answered 10 Jul 2017
What makes Cell C stand out from other service providers?
Asked 03 Apr 2017
There the only network that has WhatsApp bundle and have different data plans and bundles also the cheapest network
Answered 26 Nov 2018
Their products are truly exceptional.
Answered 12 Jul 2017
How is feedback from management delivered at Cell C?
Asked 26 Oct 2019
By our team leader
Answered 16 Jul 2020
Meetings, emails
Answered 17 Feb 2020