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R 4 300
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R 2 100-R 6 500
1 salary reported
R 4 300
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R 2 100-R 6 500
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Cashier | Soshanguve, Gauteng | 24 Jan 2019
My safe Haven
One thing I loved about the place was that it was home. I would come in sad from home, but as soon as I got to the door and they would see that I was not feeling well, they knew what to do to make me feel better. As colleagues, we had our own outburst whereby we would argue and fight. But we made sure that we would sort them out without having to complicate our work. We supported each other and if you had a pending matter to attend to, we would switch shifts so that you can attend to your matters. It was homely. In the morning, we collect our till floats, count it and check if it is complete. Clean your workstation and prepare your coffee or tea for the morning (my manager preferred coffee made by me). I always came in 45 minutes before and would also stand in for our supervisor if she had to go somewhere. The hardest part would be working overtime while having a new born baby. Sacrifices that we make as parents. Getting home while my daughter is sleeping. The one thing I enjoyed about our job was being a family, the love we had towards each other and the trips we had on Mother's day as a store (cashbuild does not open on Mother's Day)
ProsMother's Day Trips
ConsSolving Customer complaints
Accounts Payable Clerk | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 09 Dec 2018
Productive work place
A typical day at Cashbuild is to complete Recons by uploading onto the accounting programme. process of supplier invoices as per the supplier statement. all invoices paid by month end in order to keep aging of accounts in check. All queries to be sorted out as and when they arise. Prepare the payments at month end and make sure the supplier is paid on time and to keep all invoice on current. management encourages the staff t work smart and not hard. Encourages the staff to do even better than the last month and year. the environment is an exciting and very active. staff enjoys team building every year. the hardest part of the job is getting the supplier to pass credit when they also have a process to follow when to get the credit passed. the most enjoyable part is the team buildings that we have every year for spring and year end functions.
Prosteam buildings, audit result functions.
Consunfair promotions
Trainee Manager | Greenstone Hill, Gauteng | 17 Jun 2015
Would walk in fairly early, run all my reports for the previous day: obsolete stock, stock on hand, etc. Split up the floor staff members 30/70, 30% will maintain store standards, whilst the other 70% assist customers, nothing more frustrating than to wonder around in a store with nobody to assist. I would then start with my favorite part of the day, doing the ordering of stock, i would keep my stock on a 6 week stock level. I learn new stuff every day, but the most important thing i learned, is that you don't want one customer buying for a R1000, but yet you want a thousand customers to buy for R1. The hardest part of the day is to keep all the customers happy, unfortunately, its impossible. As long as you keep you co-workers happy, then they will strive to do their best. I would then close the day by doing cash up, whilst all the floor staff sweep the floors and get everything ready for the next day.
ConsNo family time
Sales | Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga | 01 Jul 2016
productive and fun working enviroment
I enjoyed working at cashbuild ,especial when we had to help customers with their shopping and helping then on making good dissensions on what to buy for their building problems and i have learned how to work under pressure and still be able to function on my level best ,the most hardest part off the job is when we have to lift heavy materials like cement and steel round bars .It also felt great working with my colleague i really learned a lot from them especial to be a good team player they also gave me the platform to be individual depended to make vital dissensions ,also my manager was indeed a good person i took her as my sister. the reason i left the job was because i had to go to school .
Prosfree shopping gift
Branch Manager | Bloemfontein, Free State | 12 Feb 2014
• Staff controlling and Leave Planning • Staff Interviews • All HR Related Issues • OHASA Issues • Budgeting for New Financial Years • Customer Servic
• Staff controlling and Leave Planning • Staff Interviews • All HR Related Issues • OHASA Issues • Budgeting for New Financial Years • Customer Service • Cash ups and all cash related issues. • Stock Controller • Basic Store Policies and Procedures. • Pricing and Communication with our Procurements • Profit and Loss. • Security Controlling. • Stock Takes in other Stores • Assisting in HR Issues in other stores in the Division. • Assisting Divisional Manager with all Managerial related issues. • Reporting to the Operation Managers in the other regions.
Inventory Controller | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 28 Oct 2013
Long hours and no benefits
In the mornings when there was little staff, I had to count my stock and assist the customers with shopping. During the day after the manager has seen th reports of the stock counts, we had to double check and inform the dm of the stock situation. after a third and final count the stock would either be investigated ( sometimes up to 1 in the morning ) or adjusted on the system to balance with stock on hand. The job recuired alot of long hours with no overtime and alot of personal sacrifice. The best parts was when i had to assist customers with quotes and some freedom the job provided.
Prosself management
Conssmall salary with long hard hours
Loss Prevention Manager | Ormonde, Gauteng | 18 Nov 2019
Cashbuild operates in line with the Cashbuild Way which is based on ISO 9001. A fun place to work for but it is also a deadline driven environment.
Deadline driven. Pressurised working environment but a fun workplace. Most of the time in your position you work unsupervised as the type of job needed a level headed out of the box thinker and a productive worker. There are many opportunities for advancement and nothing stands in your way to achieve it. You are in charge of your destiny and development. All employees to complete a set of e-learning training to be competent, as well as hands on tutor led training.
Inventory Controller | Palm Springs, Gauteng | 31 May 2017
Productive and fun at work place
each an every month a store has a daily an monthly budget to reach in order to get bonus an gift card.But unfortunately on May 28th 2014 the business was not running smoothly no costumers no sales. Instead we were given written warning. But through Cashbuild I have learnt a lot, like convincing costumer to make a good decision. To pack stock and Merchandise according to planogram. I used to work with a great team with moral support and understanding, we share all our ideas an work towards the company success
Cons7am till 5pm
Stocker | Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape | 10 Dec 2016
it is good but the behavier nd the working situation is not really good
Working at cashbuild was fun for the past few years, getting bonuses,but now things seems to be changing. U wake up in the morning wondering what is gonna happen to you today,coz the threats you get by your divisional manager(DM), and the way he speaks to you, he shows you that he does not care what you feel about it. All that makes you wanna quit the job and find a better job.
Prosfree ration every 15th of each month
Consthe hours are good, bt sometime they are too much. e.g the 7-7 shift
Procurement Manager | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 07 Apr 2014
I am an enthusiastic, motivated individual that strives on challenges and adapts quickly to new ideas. I am result driven and believe in effective com
I have over 10 years experience in the retail, procurement and logistics industry. My experience range from General Manager, Branch Manager to Warehouse manager and Senior Procurement Manager
ProsI enjoy to be involved in the day to day running of the business, to positively contribute to the sucess of the company and my fellow colleages

Questions And Answers about Cashbuild

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Cashbuild?
Asked 27 May 2017
I feel great
Answered 10 Oct 2019
I love working with different people so I can learn to give good services to our customers and am currently working as Petrol attendant.
Answered 05 Oct 2018
What are the perks offered by Cashbuild?
Asked 27 May 2017
Monthly bonus and opportunity to learn more
Answered 16 Jun 2019
Salary and benefits
Answered 08 Feb 2018
Why should we hire you?
Asked 20 Jul 2017
I am eager to learn more and l do have experience in hardware and l know how to deal with customers..
Answered 08 Dec 2020
I can work under pressure and I love working with my team
Answered 11 Oct 2019
What is the interview process like at Cashbuild?
Asked 20 Apr 2017
It very good because u're enterviewed by professional person.
Answered 04 Feb 2018
4 answers You are given time to meet your branch manager
Answered 04 Feb 2018
I want to work seven days in a week
Asked 13 Feb 2019
Ten days then weekend offs.
Answered 28 Apr 2021
Yes and 5 on the other week
Answered 20 Mar 2021