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Sales Assistant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 08 Jun 2015
Productive and encouraging.
Retail is not only about selling items to customers, but also working hard as a team to make the company successful by completing tasks and encouraging your co-workers. A typical day at work includes greeting and assisting customers, merchandising and keeping a general order within the store by cleaning and replenishing the stock that has been sold. When I first started work in the store I did not know how to merchandise and/or sell items. My co-workers then trained me and encouraged me to make a sale or change up my department. The managerial team is very efficient and I have respect from them. There is a difference between being a boss and a leader: the difference being that a leader encourages the team and commends them for their hard work, but is also the leader in terms of telling you what can and cannot be done in a way that does not belittle you, which in turn motivates you to work harder or change your method. The hardest part about my job is selling, this is because I cannot convince you that you must buy the item that you are in two minds about. The easiest part about my job is merchandising. Merchandising is creative and exciting because it must catch the eye of the customer so they believe that they must have the item. The most enjoyable part of my job is working with the team. They are fun to work with and easy to talk to, encouraging and interesting. It is rewarding to work with a team that can be productive and yet with the same token encourag
Store Manager | Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape | 03 Sept 2013
Good Values and cultured company
A typical day at work will start with bank reconciliation a good morning meeting discussing sales targets, targets achieved on the previous day and where we are currently against our monthly budget. followed by either a team building and motivating exercise or a training session about new or existing products. delegation of daily tasks. admin checks hazard count control liaise with administrators,planners and buyers regarding customer stock requests the general stock situation within the store and and suggestions towards new or improved products to supply to our clientel. store presentation checks.dust/price checks/general merchandising drive sales and motivate staff implementation of campaigns as assigned by H/O close of day. Over and above all the skills i have learnt over the years People skills,handling hard tasks and to work under pressure comes to mind.What i have mostly learned from working for this company is that hard work get what you put in. Management is some of the best in the retail sector, really caring for staff and always wanting the best from them. The culture within the company is really positive and motivated.hard work gets noticed. From H/O to sales consultants they are a great bunch of people. The hardest part of the job, although not the worst would be working weekends and public holidays. The most enjoyable is to have a truly happy and satisfied customer that ensures return business.
Pros13th Check, overtime and incentives
Consworking weekends and public holidays
Sales Assistant | Pretoria, Gauteng | 26 Jan 2022
A good place to build character, but it still has racist tendencies
Arrive on time, finger print sign in, put your tag on, if manager doesn't have ready task for you, attend any available customers, else, fix merchandise and or fill in empty store position. Half way through the day, take one hour break, before day ends, you take on cleaning task, such as sweeping, mopping or dusting, finger print sign out and lock up. Skills Learned: Sales and communication: My sale experience has taught me that, customers have to be and feel heard before they will listen to what I have to say. Customers are likely to return if they feel helped and appreciated. Stock management: I’m familiar with the stock counting process and I have experienced what is like to lose stock to theft. Both from with in and without. Punctual: I have lost a job for being late before. I also know what its like to loose opportunities because of lack of punctuality. Communication: My sales experience have taught me that the mouth and the ears go hand in had, this has made me dependable and responsible. Management changes, every once in a while, some management, will be awesome, and some management will be unbearable. workplace culture, is not so great, often depends on management. Hardest part of job for me, was making sales, on days I wasn't having a good day. otherwise, job is relatively easy. Most enjoyable part of job is connection you build over time.
ProsUp to 65% store discounts for employees
Conspoor and often negative, gossip culture.
Sales Assistant | Nelspruit, Mpumalanga | 02 Aug 2018
Productive and enjoyable environment
Each day had its own challenges and fun moments, each day i was expected to have a conversation with the customers were by i was helping them to choose in our different products. I've learned that each customer always had an idea of what he/she want and it is not always easy to convince one to buy something they did not come for, i was expected to have a strategy of convincing them on what to buy by telling them more about the benefits of each product. The management of the store is well demonstrated or conducted since the managers are well skilled and trained, each manager knew on how to use their skills towards their colleagues regarding decision making and motivating us each morning. The workplace culture is not difficult to adapt since you are expected to be always on time and have an acceptable attitude towards customers, each morning one manager would conduct a small meeting briefing and motivating the colleagues. The hardest part of the job was when you had to help a rude moody customer, the most enjoyable part of the job was that you meet different people where by sometimes you get to learn new languages or be told interesting stories about why they need a certain product.
Salesperson | Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng | 29 Nov 2012
Working as a team to reach tight goals
The company is very target orientated, and each day we get a new target to reach the day. As a team each day we will discuss what our plan of action will be to reach the target and what will each team member's target be. Management is very involved, advising us when we are confronted with a challenge, and also getting involved with customers. Customers are the main focus of the company; a happy customer will always come back again. The company also encourages us to work hard, so that we can be noticed so that we will be given opportunities to grow. The company also rewards hard work through incentives if your store reaches its monthly target. The hardest part of the job I would say is keeping your multi sales (selling more than one product at a time) up. It is not always possible to convince a customer to buy an additional item. Never the less, my multi sales are usually the highest in the store. One part that I love about my job, is that each day is a new chalenge, and the team we have now is like a family, we care for each other, and encourage growth.
Prosincentives when reaching goals
Conshigh expectations
Sales | Mossel Bay, Western Cape | 10 Aug 2016
Productive and Learning workplace
Working hours were from 09:00-18:00 everyday during there week. Normally everyday we arrived an hour before opening the store and we will do staff training as well as reflecting on our previous day. Whether we managed to do our targets and things that we can improve going further in ensuring a productive and a learning environment for us, also we ensured that we help each other in working as a team. When we open the store we will tidy-up the store, do stock count, fill in the stock were it belong if the is new stock that arrived, we will do sizing as well and also we will be making sales as well and assisting customers in between. I learnt a lot on how important it is to work as a team, time management and also in doing what needs to be done at that specific time. Since we were working as a team people that I worked with were friendly which is the part that motivated me. The hardest part of my job was when customers were not satisfied or complaining but with experience things got better and I was now able to deal with such situations.
ProsFree lunch
ConsLong hours
Cashier/Sales | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 18 Aug 2017
Dynamic, fast paced,
A typical work day comprises of doing stock counts, flat packing, tagging and hanging out stock, cleaning and tidying up, seeing to customers and cashing. I've improved my customer service skills and learned how to manage many different situations I've learnt valuable skills and knowledge which are essential for any work environment. I was lead by an amazing management team who guided me, shaped me and molded me to become not only a good worker but also a better person and encouraged me to strive for excellence in all I do. In a dynamic and ever changing environment I've learnt to adapt and keep up with various demands. I didn't look at any aspect of my job as being difficult but rather i took it as a challenge and a new learning experience, however dealing with customers can sometimes get difficult, a little patience and understanding goes a long way. Learning about new products and how they work would have to be the most enjoyable aspect of work for me, as I regularly learnt about new products and the purpose they served. It was really exciting!
Branch Manager | Gauteng | 27 Jul 2012
Loyal, Disciplened, flexible and focussed
1.My normal day included opening, Housekeeping, Staff Meeting, deligating daily tasks to employees, Monitor Customer Service and ensuring Customer satisfaction. Banking and admin 2. I learned the importance of time management as there were lot of tasks to be completed daily. I also learned that if you want to succeed you have to associate yourself with strong and positive people. 3. In worked witn a dirvese group of coleagues and I managed to work and get along with people from differant backgounds. 4. The hardest part of the job was obviously getting the balance right betwwen hiring suitable and rght people for the job. Also making sure that daily and monthly budgets and targets are achieved individually and collectively. 5. The most enjoyable part was definately seeing people you hired progressing and getting promoted to differant branches. Making or meeting daily,weekly and monthly targets also left that sense of satisfaction
Consnot being able to take leave when its due
Shift Manager | Roodepoort, Gauteng | 18 Feb 2013
Very productive and with hard work comes great rewards.
My typical day would start with a morning meeting. Complete expense book and do banking of previous day. Do hazard/stock count. Delegate duties to staff. Send reports to area manager or communicate likewise to store manager. Learned staff management skills, Opening and closing of sales. How to move between leadership styles. To align myself with the companies vision and mission. I loved working with my co workers as they were very supportive and contributed to my growth. the casual staff are very attentive to instructions and complete their duties with ease as they knew what was expected of them. The hardest part of my job was dealing directly with suppliers when it came to customer repairs(back logs, delays and not respecting deadline). When the store makes target and everyone assisting each other to reach their individual targets. Then working on going to the big trip that happens once a year.
Prosbig trips once a year
Conslong hours
Shipping and Receiving Clerk | Cape Town, Western Cape | 28 Nov 2013
Culture and Workplace
I love the culture of the company, and have the freedom I have to make spur of the moment decisions that could make the difference in the company saving money. I have learned over the years that if all departments work together to one common goal the journey will be so much more fruitful and successful. I am regarded as an senior in my department and enjoy sharing my knowledge with the various people , as knowledge is power. I am very comfortable with managing people as well as myself and don't need anyone to keep an eye on me, as I know what is expected from me and I am adult enough to take responsibility. the hardest part of my job, I would say is to learn to shut off or disconnect from my job after hours. As I find myself opening my laptop after hours to take care of things. The most enjoyable part of my job, is finding new processes and being innovative and the freedom to express myself.
ProsStaff Sales
ConsSometimes takes allot from my family life
Department Head | Yorkshire and Humberside | 10 Feb 2013
Productive, educational and fun workplace
I work on a shift of 12 staff. we have a shift manager and a shift supervisor. I work in the outdoor foulweather department and sell technical clothing to customers doing any outdoor activities. I also have a vast knowellge of merchandising experience and apply my knowlledge on a daily basis. I work with a very diverse group of people from different backrounds. We all have the same goal to work together as a team and do so very well. We have mutual respect for one another and support eachother always. I recently climbed to everest base camp through my company, and have used the wonderful opportunity to assist and advise customers doing similar outdoor activities. The most enjoyable part of my job is to be in such a well organised team and the support from my managers are excellent. The worst part is that Im currently seeking a bigger challenge abroad as I feel I have allot more to offer a larger company abroad
Pros6 hour shifts
Cons1 day off a week

Questions And Answers about Cape Union Mart

What are the perks offered by Cape Union Mart?
Asked 31 Mar 2017
Everyday shopping destination
Answered 23 Nov 2020
Best incentive when the store reaches target
Answered 04 Dec 2019
How often do you get a raise at Cape Union Mart?
Asked 15 Nov 2022
Once a year
Answered 21 Apr 2023
Answered 20 Apr 2023
Is it possible for a student to get a job at Cape Union Mart during November holidays?
Asked 14 Oct 2017
Yes can do
Answered 04 Dec 2019
Yes it is possible to make them have more knowledge and less crime
Answered 29 Aug 2019
How often do raises occur at Cape Union Mart?
Asked 30 Nov 2022
Every financial year end
Answered 23 Mar 2023
Answered 07 Feb 2023
What is the promotion process like at Cape Union Mart?
Asked 30 Nov 2022
Getting interviewed by area leader and HR
Answered 20 Apr 2023
Very slow
Answered 10 Apr 2023