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Laboratory Technician | Cape Town, Western Cape | 11 Sept 2013
I am working in the Lab as the Lab Technician and I am dealing with lots of students and these are people from different back rounds and cultures. So I need to have my own rules in my working station so that everybody can respect me as I would respect his/her job as well. One day I had a group of students coming in to do practicals and usually I can accommodate a certain number of groups as the lab is small and is servicing students from different level. So I went through the list that they use to make their own availability depending on their time schedules from their class. This certain group apparently they booked for 11H30 and they were the 5th group to book same time and my rule are stated in the front page of the booking time sheets that I can only accommodate only 4 groups per time slot. Then I heard to chase them away because the was no space for them in the lab and that was the biggest mistake a did coz one student said a I am a lab technician that is full of nonsense and I heard that and I called him for questioning and I also wanted him to repeat what he just said. It was a had mission because he kept on saying he didn't say that and his group mates as well here covering him, so I had to report him to my senior technician. Simple because I couldn't understand how come a student can address me like that coz I haven't done anything wrong on my side and it was them who couldn't comply with my rules. One thing I have learnt is that, I need to be patient and prof
Accounts Payable Clerk | Cape Town, Western Cape | 24 Mar 2014
Hardworking, fun Education driven
I always leave the office last in the afternoons’ to make sure there are not any outstanding or unattended queries on my desk. If there is, I will rearrange these queries from the most urgent to the least also from date of receipt. In the mornings I will attend to these queries by either calling the internal staff or contact by means of email to sort out the problems immediately in order for payments to be processed accurately and successfully. However most of my workdays are mostly the same, so there is basically one goal for me to reach and that is to capture my payments speedily and like I mentioned earlier to process it accurately and successfully. I always make sure that I do my work to the best of my ability by meeting deadlines frequently; the daily delivery of payments, delivering documents to external and internal auditors as per the lead time given or allowed, and always make sure that everything is in place on my desk for the next morning, etc. I learn a lot of new things every day, like how important teamwork is. If there is no such role-play in any company or department, it can cause a lot of animosity as well as disagreements amongst co-workers and could be the cause of low productivity levels in business. A person should also be willing to share ideas because the saying is and I quote “great minds always think alike” and how can we know this if we are not eager or willing to share information. I am working for a University so learning is a part of our mi
ProsEducational, we can empower ourselves more by continuosly studing.
ConsSometimes long hours
Clerk | Cape Town, Western Cape | 15 Oct 2015
Challenging as the administration department is always under enormous pressure but I enjoy working here as I love challenges and to accomplish.
A typical day contains maximum output as there is always enquiries, assistance and guidance needed by students as well as you fixed administration duties. I have learned so much about higher education and also that we have a generation of youngsters that are so in need of guidance in every fasset of life. Management is a bit out of touch with challenges workers are facing but they are doing good in holding it together in this environment where it is extremey busy and loads of pressure despite short comings. There are hard working co-workers and there are the ones collecting salaries. I choose to spend more times with the ones with future goals and displays work ethics I can only learn from to improve myself. The hardest part of the job is definitely to see so many applicants dissapointed when their applications are unsuccessful. The most enjoyable part of the job is when batches are delivered to faculties on time after weeks of hard work and sometimes long hours in order to meet deadlines and that moment when you see a student progress and you had a personal part in assisting the person. I love that you get exposed to a whole lot of different situations daily that shapes you and enriches your life with experience no money can buy.
ProsYou get to grow daily by dealing with situations.
ConsYou are surrounded by so many negative minded people, It is constant hard work to stay focussed on the positive, Some Co-workers fails to seperate personal from work related, It is harder to have unity as there is always someone who differs, Institution prefers to run this important department with temporary workers, Most temporary staff members is not so focussed and spend most of their time on job search, Very few is willing to take responsibility
X-ray Technician | Groote Schuur, Western Cape | 13 Aug 2012
The workplace is very strict and disciplined which is not at all uncommon as it is a medical field which requires immense discipline.
Being a student radiographer you have to make sure that a staff member signs you in at 8am as your degree entails having worked a certain amount of hours. Once signed in you have to prepare the rooms in which the patients will be examined after which you prepare their folders and enter their details into the specialized computer system. Once that has been completed you start examining patients for the rest of the day, having a half hour tea break and an hour lunch break. Staff was always friendly and fairly lenient considering that we were still students in training. They were also very helpful and understanding of our limited capabilities. Working in a group with my fellow students was also fun as we could always assist each other and distribute whatever knowledge we had so as to keep mistakes made to a minimum. The most difficult part of the job was definitely having to examine patients (practice radiography) on critical patients who were unable to cooperate as it took a lot of physical strength and patients. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with all those different types of people as many of the people could always brighten up your day with their encouraging stories or even motivate you to go further in life. I also really enjoyed being able to help people and make them smile regardless of their current health condition.
Prosworking with very advanced medical equipment
Conssometimes having to come into contact with bodily fluids
Document Control Clerk | Cape Town, Western Cape | 02 Nov 2015
Fun, hardwoking and good relatioship with my team
Print a cost-centre report on a weekly basis from the ITS system. Perform an analysis of the cost-centre report to determine the status of these orders Do a cross reference of new orders to identify duplicate orders Re-printing of the purchase orders as per the cost-centre report and detailed analyis. Check on daily basis with receiving clerk to identify incoming assets. Compare the items received by receiving clerk to the purchase order in order to start recording the inventory sheet Check the full description of the asset(s) & record to the inventory sheet. Check all other information to ensure accuracy regarding to allocation to correct cost centres and account codes to avoid misappropriation Arrange appointment with final recipients. Barcode assets as per prescribed method. Record serial numbers, physical location, staff details and signature on the inventory sheet. Ensure all data is correct by verifying if end user is a permanent staff member and check staff card for accuracy and completeness Make copies of the original inventory sheet file in weekly records On completion of the bar-coding process, hand the completed inventory sheets to the controller. Follow up with end-user and suppliers relating to outstanding and incomplete items per order Retrieve invoices /EFT’s to confirm individual unit prices for complex bulk orders to prevent over/under stating bulk orders
ProsMy job is not offuce bound
ConsHaving to travel to different campuses
Laboratory Technician | South Africa | 08 Jul 2019
Productive and motivational workplace
A typical day at work would be to communicate between the important role players involved with the project being worked on e.g. as a assistant resident engineer I had to issue instructions to the contractor on the project in terms of any works that had to be completed such as replacing of cracked or broken kerbs. Other responsibilities included to do sewer line inspections e.g. whether the pipeline conforms to being straight without any blockages within the pipe as well as the pressure of the sewer line being tested. As a laboratory technician I learned that teaching students practicals within the laboratories needed some patience in terms of allowing them to get familiar with tests that is actually applicable within the industry. A desirable workplace culture would be to work in an environment where each team player does what is expected of them. Regarding management, with reasonable management systems in place any project can be a success. The hardest part of the job would be to work with a team member that doesn't fulfill their part within a specific project. The most enjoyable part of the job would be when the necessary expectations of a project falls into place and the project is finished on time while working with team players that aspires to resolve problems as it comes along during the project.
ProsBeing able to experience a community that doesn't cause problems during a project.
ConsBreakdowns of plant that supplies asphalt material.
Administrative Assistant | Mowbray, Western Cape | 20 Nov 2012
productive, busy and very stressful workplace
Dealing with all kinds of student issues ranging from a personal to a financial nature. Setting up of classroom and examination venues, assisting lecturers with administration, liasing with invigilators. I am also responsible for all office administration, liasing with service providers and other departments within CPUT. I have come to realise that as as secretary for a Higher education Institution, you become the "Jill of All trades". You become photocpy technician, electrician, caterer, counsellor, friend, all round problem solver. I have an excellent relationship with my colleages and Academic staff and have yet to meet a challenge that I am not willing to tackle head-on. The hardest part of my job is knowing when to quit. Being slack is not part of my nature of job description. I will only ask for help if all avenues have been exhausted. The best part of the job is getting a thank you and a well done at the end of the day. Then you know that all the stress and hardship has not been in vain. My main goal is to see that the Academic process is as smooth as it can possibly be for both students and staff.
Prosopportunities for self improvement
Consjob insecurity. getting paid by the hour whilst on contract
Administrative Secretary | Bellville, Western Cape | 12 Oct 2012
Productive and great workplace environment
A day at work comprises of dealing with student queries, both telephonically and physically, dealing with many departments day to day. I have learnt that doing your best, is evident in staff and students reactions towards me and that at times things could go wrong, but thinking of a way out is where your energy should be spent. Beacuse it is a huge institution management all sing the same song therefore it is more challenging for changes to be implemented, rules needs to be followed accordingly using the many channels. I have great co-workers, they have become my friends too. The hardest part I would say is during the student registration periods and also when procedures are not being followed and the department is unaware and students academics are affected by it. The most enjoyable part is seeing the joy in both students and staff's faces and body language once I have either sorted a query out for them or just chatting to them when needed as tech life is tough at times, so just being a friend too when needed.
Prosi am allowed to attend classes during my working day, i get extra time off for exams to be written
Consno major cons that need to be mentioned
Researcher | Bellville, Western Cape | 07 Feb 2014
Work isn't too challenging and at least the hours are short, but the remuneration could be better.
I come into the clinic and set it up. Bring patients to the clinic. Help in taking their glucose readings and help in drawing their blood. After the data has been recorded we come to the office at CPUT tocapture the data recorded. I learned to read reference ranges on blood results. I learned to use SPSS (a statistical programme). Management unfortunately do sometimes make mistakes, especially with regards to our contracts where they either lose them or don't complete it in time, that is why many of us don't get paid a salary at all in January. Co-workers do similar tasks as myself, but also have the same problems with management not paying us or changing our contracts that we take a 50% salary cut even though we've gained experience and or responsibilies increased. The hardest part is that due to my knowledge and former education i get frustrated, because it isn't challanging enough for me mentally. My co-workers and the fact that I don't do any extreme physical work due to my heart condition make it fairly enjoyable.
ProsShort hours only working from 09:00 to 14:00
ConsBad administration
Marketing Intern | Bellville, Western Cape | 23 May 2016
Productive and free workplace with really good coffee
One of the key qualities learnt while working at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is to do whatever you can as soon as possible. The environment that I work in can be quiet at times, and within the space of a few minutes, you could be swamped with work. No two days are really the same - which I like because it keeps you on your toes. I find that working alongside my team at CPUT fills me with great happiness. We work as a unit, and help each other whenever we see the need, or when we are asked to do so. We generally take initiative since work can at times be stressful. The best part of the job for me personally is when we host an event and EVERYONE involved pulls together to get it done. As you well know, when planning events you come up with every scenario possible so that you have contingencies in cases of emergency, but often things dont work out according to plan, so when we pull together to host a successful event and people have a good time without knowing that we had an issue in the background, is what I love. No matter what, its about the experience guests have (in the business of events).

Questions And Answers about Cape Peninsula University of Technology

What should you wear to an interview at Cape Peninsula University of Technology?
Asked 12 Aug 2017
Smart Casual
Answered 16 Jan 2019
Formally, decently and appropriately dressed with no low cut revealing dresses.
Answered 06 Dec 2018
What was the most challenging part of your role at Cape Peninsula University of Technology?
Asked 09 Apr 2019
the most challenging part about the role is the report it must be accurately and correct
Answered 21 Aug 2020
Working effectively during the fees must fall campaign with no direct line of management
Answered 23 Jan 2020
How should you prepare for an interview at Cape Peninsula University of Technology?
Asked 03 Aug 2018
Understand the role I have been called for
Answered 12 Feb 2019
Depends on the position you're applying for.
Answered 16 Jan 2019
What is the interview process like at Cape Peninsula University of Technology?
Asked 17 Jan 2018
Interviews are done via the department board
Answered 29 May 2019
It is proffetional but they make you feel comfortable.
Answered 25 Feb 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Cape Peninsula University of Technology?
Asked 09 Jan 2018
What skills do you have that are relevant to the position that you are applying for
Answered 13 Feb 2019
The interviewers seek to confirm the depth of your legal knowledge.
Answered 04 Jan 2019