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Business Development Officer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 19 Dec 2013
Fantastic environment for Business Growth
Walking into the Broll Property Group/CBRE International affiliate offices everyday is always a pleasure. I have been allowed to, through a great relationship with my Seniors, create my original employment position into something completely new which is of great advantage to the group as a whole and myself included. A typical day will involve media analysis in terms financial news, business market trends, National and International Firms and the changes they are making. Following this I will formulate a strategy by completing a full analysis on the Companies I have chosen to focus on and then have conversations with them about their future moves and how we can assist which generally results in setting up meetings and getting presentations ready further on. I have learnt that I can use my creativity in the Corporate World, and I have literally and successfully redefined the my position so much that if I needed to be replaced I would need to train them in how to carry it out successfully. There is no better Team to work within than the Group as a whole and a more compact level, to work within my Commercial team. Everyone gets along, there is a great level of respect, there is a good competitive vibe which keeps people motivated and our Management is just fantastic. I have never met more understanding or rewarding people to be involved with in my career. The hardest and yet most enjoyable challenge of this job is to successfully land the large clients, you have to think so care
ProsGreat team, fantastic management, good leave and reward structure
ConsSometimes the team can be a bit to competitive amongst themselves
Junior Technical Manager | Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape | 22 Feb 2017
Productive day at work
Broll Property Group, is a well managed organization. They have helped me to settle in and understand their systems well threw meetings and internal training. A typical day at work, starts will log inning all calls from the previous day, I make sure that all my paper work of the day is up to date. Then by 9 am, I leave the office and go to my stores and to inspections and visit the management to find out if they are still happy and if there is something I can assist with. The hardest part about the job is getting all the workforce under control, and making sure all the stores are happy and if needed assistance they are helped as soon as possible. The most enjoyable part is working with such a great group of people, from the management, right threw to the tea lady. We all working together for a better service to out stores.
Prosgreat team working together
Consmaking a lot of calls during the day
Opearions . Admin , Facility | Western Cape | 22 Aug 2022
Bad. Blame Game , Ops and Property Admin
Not worth it , especially Broll Western Cape H/O. Constant high staff turn around. Toxic cuture from managment. No bonuses , no increases. Extreme overworked and will continue to add work even when your scope does not cover. promise the world and constantly change the goal post. Senior managment will uses you to there benefit to look good to step on you. Very pretentious people. Not interested in your family or your life. .Basically you must be single , stupid or divorces with no life and work 24/7. EXtremely manipulated , lie and have zero ethics. If in admin ,facility or ops will be a death sentance. Process are ineffective and will add numerous paper workload for no constructive reason. Must even work if booked off sick or on holiday or you will be reprimanded.
ConsNo medical contribution, no increase, extreme workload
Portfolio Manager | Polokwane, Limpopo | 26 Jul 2018
Traveling and Meeting New People
Typical Day at Work Communicate with Clients and Tenants, Attorneys and Ensuring Problems are resolved Lesson Learned Communication Skills is the best Tool Management Management Meetings Held Once a Month and Reports Tabled and Discussed Work Culture Professionalism maintained and good relations building Hardest Part of the Job Taking Legal Action and Eventually Evicting Tenants Enjoyable Moments at Work Reaching Targets, Winning Budget Restrictions and Improving Services Delivery by Impressing Landlords and Tenants
ProsGood job will be Coommented in a Good Way
ConsBad Job Makes one feel sad and demotivated
General woker | Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal | 28 Aug 2014
conducive environmentally friendly workplace
I have learned to work as a team with the rest of other employees. the management is very friendly and benetitive to me with regards to work and personal perspectives. Everyone I have ever worked with is good to me even if differences in personalities and conflicts arise i find ways to let go of almost everything. I Really find it hard to do my job if if i am being instructed and given no chance or choice to show put my views if needed. The most enjoyable part of my job is when i am given a challenge or when i face something new to install.
Prosfree job causes or short term company paid causes
Consunpaid leave
Senior Credit Controller | Cape Town, Western Cape | 22 Jun 2017
Productive work place
My day always starts off with having breakfast first in the morning, then I do the receipting of rental payments, follow on with rentals that has not been paid by phoning or emailing the tenants. My day is always busy stressful but good, telephone queries during the day, a little laughter here and there,. Sorting out account queries and with Property Managers during the day, Then it is lunch time, taking a break from my desk for 30 minutes, helps a lot. Then back to work following up on outstanding rentals, sending out emails or by telephone till home time End of day at 4.30
ProsBuy lunch
Cons1 hour
Chief Executive Officer | Cape Town, Western Cape | 07 May 2015
diverse functions
Not only was this a place of hard work, work required on weekends and late evening, depending on the schedule of my wonderful boss. Outside of work duties were called for i.e. management of business outside of Broll and plenty of family tasks and assistance. As in most of my positions, being thrown in the deep end only improved my attention to detail, time management and ability to prove my capabilities. My co workers were hard working and fun to be around. The most enjoyable part of the job was Learning, we were always learning.
Senior Receptionist | Cape Town, Western Cape | 12 Jun 2012
A happy work environment, lots of job satisfaction, wonderful colleagues
Open switchboard at 8am, calls came through fast and furiously from then on. I learnt patience of the highest degree.Had great managers and directors who believed in me and never doubted my decisions or opinions. Co-workers were loving, caring, full of fun. The hardest part of the job was to find someone to relieve me for lunchtimes. Enjoyed dealing with clients, directors, managers and co-workers.
Prosa sense of belonging
Administrator | Sandton, Gauteng | 20 Mar 2023
Best property group I have ever worked for, They are too professional including HR
The Management has an open-door policy and interact with the whole team on professional and personal level. You have an opportunity to further your studies at the institution of your choice. The inhouse system is user friendly and what I like most is that you have a choice of working from office or working from home.
ProsSalary Increase, annual bonus and monthly team lunches
Consno room for growth
Developer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 24 Jun 2014
The most enjoyable part of the job
I enjoy doing research and learning new things/ new ways of doing things. There is always something to learn everyday - and you don't have to rely on people to do your job perfectly, you can always do research on the internet and learn new ways of doing your job better. The other thing I enjoy is - we work directly with top level management - where it's easy to understand the goals of the company and what management wants to accomplish from using the system.
Head of Broking | Mauritius | 02 Mar 2020
Fast Paced professional environment
The Broll property group being the real estate giant of Africa that it is, dictates an extremely faced pace and unrelenting commitment from its management. Broll maintains a very proud corporate culture and demands a high level of skill and dedication to maintain its position in the market. The hardest part of my job are the continual changes in the real estate sector, and the political influences within these. I have learned high level professional skills, that have enable me to climb the corporate ladder and gain the trust of my global corporate clients.

Questions And Answers about Broll Property Group

What is Broll Property Group sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked 17 Aug 2021
Standard 30 days sick leave per year as per labour law
Answered 22 Aug 2022
30 days over 3 year cycle
Answered 02 Dec 2021
If you were to leave Broll Property Group, what would be the reason?
Asked 02 Nov 2018
My temporary contract expired and they didn't offer me a permanent contract
Answered 17 Aug 2021
To become an entrepreneur
Answered 04 Dec 2018
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Broll Property Group?
Asked 26 Jul 2018
It is a great company to work for.
Answered 03 Sept 2019
Only in asset management role
Answered 02 Nov 2018
How long do you have to work at Broll Property Group before you can go on maternity leave?
Asked 16 Mar 2023
0 months
Answered 22 Apr 2023
6 months
Answered 16 Mar 2023
What is Broll Property Group vacation policy? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked 08 Nov 2022
20 days
Answered 01 Feb 2023
22.5 days
Answered 08 Nov 2022