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Buying department | South Africa | 26 Feb 2017
Great pay bad ethic
Everyday was fast paced. Deadlines were tight. Managing your workload is essential and becomes a skill. I learned to work smart. It is important to be quick on your feet at head office. Management differs there are the older people who are mature and just. Then there are the younger managers who are quiet immature and are more concerned about their titles than seeing their employees grow. I've seen numerous people leaving within months of them starting in other departments. Workplace culture also differs according to departments. We had a close knit team and the senior managers where easy to relate to and could come down to our level without much effort. The hardest part of the job was dealing with junior managers who worked their entire careers at boxer so they don't know how the real world operates outside their little boxer bubble. Alot of these junior managers at head office see nothing at cutting and belittling staff below them. They can be quite rediculous at requests. Some even ask for photos while you are on sick leave to prove you are sick. You must haves very strong sense of self to work at head office as and you must be target driven.The most enjoyable part were the year end parties.
ProsPay and med aid
ConsLong hours and unprofessional managers
Merchandiser | Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal | 16 Sept 2016
Vibrant workplace. A home away from home.
It is easy to make good lasting friendships and memories that you will treasure for life. I must mention this particular day when we were hosting the stockvel club members(customers) of our business. We served them well and organised for the truck to deliver the goods they bought from us to their homes. The management took these members seriously because they value them as important part of our business. There was also good co-operation between us as ordinary staff members to handle the customer's goods until we delivered them all at their homes. It made me realise that with team work we can achieve greater things. Only if our Store was bigger we would have managed to achieve high sales. When the store was packed on month ends and weekends it became difficult to move around the shop. You would see the shelves becoming empty right before your eyes but realising that it will be a dificult task to fetch the stock from the warehouse quickly since it wont be easy to move around hundreds of customers. I enjoyed seeing customers live the shop with a smile just because he/she was satisfied with the service we offered to him/her.
ProsStaff parties and vouchers if we achived good stock-taking results.
ConsWorking on nightshifts
Human Resources Administrator | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 22 Feb 2015
Its really a great company to work for. the company is growing at a rapid rate however the department is a small department and there is not much grow
A typical day in the workplace of Neshinee Govender - I generally start of with the attendance register. passing information to the GM if there is any absenteeism or latecoming -There is a quick morning talk with the employees regarding their workplan for the day and if there are any issues following from the previous day - i sign off invoices, payments etc - invoicing to Seta -follow ups on payments expected - work on WSP and BEE for the first half of the year Friday mornings - check the travel and accomodation of the learners i also do the agreements between Seta Boxer and the learner i work with a great group of people, very willing to assist. If asked they will stop what they are doing to assist anybody to meet a deadline its difficult without proper structure and instruction but when you have completed a big task there is a feeling of satisfaction. you learned by yourself and you did it by yourself
Prosi have a flexible manager - time off given for school events
Consno real structure in place
Branch Manager | Taung, North West | 24 Mar 2013
Intense upbeat and bussy environment. Only for strong minded managers
Travel to work just after 5h in the morning, Open up the store before 6h to start preparing for trade. trade starts at 7h. The store is bussy from open to close, there is no oppertunities to waist time, there is alot that needs to be done and a strong direction of workflow is needed from management to keep up a great environment for shoppers. Many operational emails to respond to and impliment daily. Doing orders, stimellas, floorwalks, recieving, spotchecks, audits, solving staff issues, chairing enquiries. The only one of your race in the entire location makes it difficult to find people to relate to. Store visits by regionals, directors and general managers. Handeling customer complains. Getting your PnL to find out you all the hard work is paying off because you are exceeding budgetted turnover and net profits. Leave late and you have a lot to do, your family does not see you. You have to be at the store early again.
Prosthe company pays well.
Conshours are very long, not worth it. it causes enmity at home.
Personal Assistant | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 25 Jun 2013
I enjoy a friendly environment where everyone does their best to get along with their colleagues. I am not someone who causes trouble. I
I enjoy the responsibility and trust that my Director bestowed on me. I prefer to come to work each day with a smile on my face and ready to face what may come my way. I would come to work in the morning greeting everyone I came into contact with. I would check my emails first and then begin any tasks that needed my attention. I get along with persons of all ages and backgrounds. The hardest part of any day is when things do not go according to plan and you have to do all you can to ensure that things flow smoothly. A relief when everything falls into place.
ProsI had the keys to the section of the office I worked in, and could therefore come and go as I needed to, I worked in the Executive Wing which was the quieter side of the office.
ConsNot always being appreciated for the hard work and long hours that are put in, At increase time this is brushed over as a non essential.
Merchandise Manager | Taung, North West | 22 Apr 2015
good industry with good management growth
a typical day at work is fun when you know how to run your team,day by day we work to keep our shelves clean and full of stock with a floor that is spot less clean through out the day. I have learned that in an industry like this you do not have to have friends but you have to treat people equally with respect and they will satisfy you.I mostly work with old people,sometimes its hard to give out instructions but all they need is a cheap in the right direction.the hardest part of the job is giving out instructions to them because of age and satisfying my manager at the same time. but the most enjoyable part of my job is organising my team,listning to them and coming up with an action plan all together.boxer is good company with good growth in has good challenges that can surprise a person,but every challenge it has shapes you up to be a good manager.
Assistant Manager | Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal | 20 Apr 2015
Good company that allows staff to train and progress within the company.
early start ensuring that the store is clean and departments are full and ready for trade. I've learnt a lot from the various departments, trying to reduce expenses to show a better bottom line, trying lots of things in order to make the daily budgets. Management were good to work with because I always learnt something new. What I enjoyed most was when there were Promotions and the various stores competed who build the best display. Overall I enjoyed working there as There was sometimes pressure to deal with and I enjoyed working under pressure.
Prosincentives for passing audits and getting good results after stocktake, motivation
Administration | South Africa | 20 Mar 2021
The only fun that you will get at Boxer its during their birthday judging which is done twice every year
Once you become part of management you workload increases and it becomes more stressful to manage all the areas that needs your attention, eg if you get promoted to being an admin manager you end up doing more work which leads to you having to work extra hours in order to finish your work and you would not be paid for those extra hours ,plus if you worked a public holiday you will be paid a R200 only
ProsBonus payment for getting a required percentage during stocktake and passing your audit
ConsWorking long hours and sometimes eating late
General Assistant | KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal | 16 Jul 2017
Productive ,it weren't so bad
It was fun and enjoyable but they usually long hours or more overtimes but less pay .I trained for 2 months with no pay The hardest part was to pleases customers course most of the times we don't know what wil satisfy the customer Management was great except of one thing ,clocking out late everytime they were more customers. It was good experience working at boxer it tought me a lot ..It employees were friendly and open ...Well one of the challenges were to always respect the customers even if they were wrong ...Well they is nothing I loved more than back shopping
ProsNo free lunch
ConsLong hours, and less pay
Branch Manager | KwaZulu-Natal | 23 May 2017
Motivations and praisal
I am Branch Manager at Boxer Punch I have learn at a lot in terms of leading skill mentoring and being a team leader you learn at lot to meet new people it create different network at boxer Boxer has got own respective to overcomes all kinds of problems in workplace it teaches me respect everyone in the workplace from My staff ,Customers. And securities. The Hardest part of the Job stock take it gives nightmares and disciplinary enquiries decisions for innocent mistakes To see my staff happy and to donate out the community for poor communities.
ProsHave to meet targets first

Questions And Answers about Boxer Superstores

How are the working hours at Boxer Superstores?
Asked 20 Jan 2018
8 hour 1 hour lunch 15 min tea time
Answered 23 Sept 2021
8 hours (Monday to Friday) 5hours (Weekend)
Answered 16 Jun 2021
What is a typical day like for you at the company?
Asked 01 Dec 2022
Hectic but enjoyable if you handson and it teaches new things daily
Answered 26 May 2023
Busy and hectic. Lots of pressure
Answered 02 May 2023
How long do you have to work at Boxer Superstores before you can go on maternity leave?
Asked 07 Nov 2022
Answered 27 May 2023
1 year
Answered 19 Apr 2023
If you were to leave Boxer Superstores, what would be the reason?
Asked 27 Mar 2017
Better salary
Answered 16 Feb 2020
Bcoz Boxer pays Packers work alot
Answered 13 Jan 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Boxer Superstores?
Asked 04 Jul 2018
Where do I see myself in the next 5 years? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What is the important thing that ypu need to know about your customers? Are you willing to relocate?
Answered 29 May 2023
Tell us about your self
Answered 21 May 2023