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Supervisor | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 21 May 2014
Team work and Customer service
a typical day will be working on counter from the morning when the branch open till closing time. as a supervisor it was my responsaibility to work and assisting customers on counter if staff was short on leave or sick. i have to open and close bank accounts to the customers needs. sending daily reports every morning and also review the prevouis days work. sorting out company aswell as customers queries. doing sales on products. training of new staff and also go out to companies for deliveries. i have learned how every single person personality is. because we have worked with people from different countries. i loved my co workers i take them as my second family as my work place is my second home. we spent 99% of our time there. i took in as much as possiable information from management as they have been in their post for a reason and they also have worked hard for it. the hardest part of the my job was when it came the yearly budgeting for new amounts for the year. and then to make sure that the branch reach the targets that was given. i love to go to work every day. as i enjoy working and when i am given a change to show myself to others and to my managers. i always came out with new ideas for new business.
Prosfree launches where given depents on your manager
Consworked almost every saturday of the month due to short staff
Credit Analyst | Braamfontein, Gauteng | 16 Jan 2014
Where careers and souls go to die.
Look it's not all bad. But senior management were only concerned with short term gains, never long term growth and maximising potential or market share. Very short sighted approach. HR was completely useless, I honestly don't know why anyone there even bothered coming into work because if they didn't it would surely be better run. Co-workers were either one of two things; a) Alright and decent nice people (about 40%) or b) absolutely narrow minded sperg lords and I couldn't believe they hadn't succumbed to their addictions or massive personality flaws yet. Hardest part of the job was probably waking up in the morning to the soul crushing reality of it. Oh and the pay. I'm not joking when I say that illiterate and uneducated rock drilling miners get paid more in this country than we did.... With Honours degrees. Its such an enormous set back that it takes years to work back up to an appropriate market related pay.
ProsNice view out the window, bar on the 11th floor, a few very nice and genuine individuals.
ConsPay, Management, lack of advancement, lack of foresight, lack of training, general attitude and demeanor.
Regional Manager | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 29 Jan 2018
Summary of my job at at Bidvest Bank
A typical day at Bidvest Bank can be very challenging, having to deal with different queries, complaints, compliments and product and system issues. From facing these challenges, it makes one stronger, resilient, dedicated and passionate about the job at hand. Management works with the teams to drive the goal of the business, which is to be profitable and productive. The work culture is one of "getting things done" quick and fast, to the best of ones ability, ensuring that the customers needs are always put first. The hardest part of any manager is dealing with staff, as each one has their own personality with a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. As a manager, I have to learn to accept this of others and find ways of working with them and around, to ensure that I get the most out of them. Most enjoyable part of the job is reaping the rewards of your seeds sown in the business, that is running a profitable business which shows growth in numbers as well as development of people.
ProsWorking for a recognized group
ConsPassionate about the job, not knowing when to stop
Banking Consultant | Cape Town, Western Cape | 30 Sept 2014
it is a productive fun environment where most of the staff members are on the same page.
day at work come in, process my deals for the day and head out of office between 10:00 to 10:30am to deliver the corporate clients cash which would last me an entire day get back to the office roundabout 16:00pm balance up go home learnt to be more responsible and work together in a team and work well under pressure too management the way I see things is they don't have the staff at heart because surely an entire region cannot be unhappy co workers are exceptional people because they sacrifice a lot having to work till 7pm Monday to Saturday and till 5pm on a Sunday and most of them are mothers with young kids hardest part is getting to a corporate client on time having to sit in traffic and arriving late is not what I or shall I say the company stand for most enjoyable part meeting people from all forms of life and people from across the world
Prosfree soccer t shirts
Conshaving to work till 7pm monday to saturday, and sunday till 5pm, and they dont give you a day off, and salary is not worthit.
Sales Manager | Johannesburg South, Gauteng | 22 Jan 2018
Poor client Service Bidvest Bank
I Want to review to better inform others This bank is very behind No Atm Deposit No off show atm Its operates like a federal old style bank Understaffed only four employee in a particular branch mostly two services desk active waiting time in Que best is 30 minute worst is 2-3hours the bank it self is very small so if you want a bank with maximum security to hold and handle your funds better go for the others not bidvest. It seems under staffing is a major concern with this bank. employees health is at lisk since they work in more than four department at once call center, til,l investment, Forex, and accounts Please this is a review based on facts so beware The labor office should look in this kind of unfair employee working manner
Prosno atm deposit
Conslong que waiting
Supervisor | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 02 Jan 2013
productive place
we start work at 9h til 17h i always have a check list of what i will do when i get to work thought its a bit difficult to stick to it with quiries from head office one has to deal with also having to help the consultants if they come across difficukties in some of the work they do,beside that i try hard to get it done especially th important things. i have learned to appreciate and respect people i work with reason being i spend almost the whole day with them and this improves the team work in the office.i work well with my colleagues. the hardest part is when u cannot finish your work for the day and now i have a baclock.the most enjoyable part is the satisfaction i get after helping my staff with a complecated deal or a difficult customers
Prosfree lunches as well as day offs
Conslong hours
Junior Sales Consultant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 08 Feb 2013
Good learning area and it helps you grow as a person
Where clients would be full at the branch and we are short staffed most of the time and most of our transactions take long. I learned a lot especially dealing with difficult customers but I always relax and manage to calm them down and they always walk out with a smile. When it comes to management I always learned that they are not my friends and I should respect them at all times. Working with money cause its my full responsibility and its not an easy task sometimes but I'm used to it by now and that has made me more responsible. When customers compliment me for the good service that I gave to them.
Prosevery friday we get free lunches
Consworking under pressure because we are short staffed
Consultant | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 14 Nov 2018
Productive and un workplace
Any day at work was exiting and fun. I learned a lot about foreign people and international money. Management is good always know how to solve a problem,very supportive and motivated his workers. The workplace culture is fair there is no racism every one gets handled even. There is not really an easy or a hard part of this job you yourself just need to know how to work with money and know the rules and regulations and pay attention to what you doing. The most enjoyable part of this job is working with people from other countries because you learn more about other countries and hear a lot of languages.
ProsGet rewarded for hard work
ConsDont always have time for lunch brakes
Foreign Exchange Trader | Pretoria, Gauteng | 17 May 2017
basically i worked as a foreign exchange consultant at western union where i learnt everything from scratch ,but i learnt ,it was hard but eventually i learnt and slowly worked on my own,eventually i was put on to the moneygram side were we did opening of bidvest bank accounts,and moneygram transactions,i was also in charge of opening and closing the branch,helped the supervisor with day end work ,checking documents sending reports to management,getting files ready for auditting,ienjoyed the job thoroughly,sometimes it was stressing but eventually you learn to handle it.
Proswent for courses
Consworked on sundays
Consultant | Walmer, Eastern Cape | 07 Jan 2023
Tools to work with was a challenge
My position was pressured as I was the Corporate Consultant for more than 42 companies I processed all the forex requirements for the companies and the arranged for the couriers collections that had to delivered and worked against the clock. Time management was very important to get the forex orders out. I also attended to all the emails and queries etc. I worked front line every second weekend. I had to ensure that my product knowledge was up-to-date to ensure walk in clients needs.
ProsI was 2Ic and worked back office.
ConsNo luxury from Bidvest no rewards you earned a salary we had no perks

Questions And Answers about Bidvest Bank

What questions did they ask during your interview at Bidvest Bank?
Asked 05 Jul 2017
Why do you want to work for the company
Answered 29 Sept 2020
Experience with customer service
Answered 02 Jun 2020
How would you describe the pace of work at Bidvest Bank?
Asked 02 Jun 2020
It was a little bit fast
Answered 03 May 2023
Slow pace. Good for elders who are about to retire and those lazy younger lads who cannot keep up with the pace at other companies.
Answered 17 Jul 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at the company?
Asked 29 Jul 2019
Busy throughout the day Dealing with clients Having to do so much in one day
Answered 03 Feb 2020
Working with peoples finances and working at a bank you have to constantly be awake of your surroundings.
Answered 02 Sept 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Bidvest Bank?
Asked 19 May 2019
Smart casual, professional.
Answered 07 Jan 2023
Profestional Attire
Answered 15 Jan 2021
Does Bidvest Bank require background check? What kind of background check does Bidvest Bank do and how long does Bidvest Bank take to complete a background check?
Asked 21 Oct 2018
They do all the necessary checks as it is the bank, and their systems are quick to gather information.
Answered 16 May 2019
Yes, criminal record clearance and credit check.
Answered 14 Feb 2019