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R 250 000
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R 125 000-R 375 000
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R 82 500
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R 41 000-R 124 000
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R 36 000
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R 18 000-R 54 000
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Specialist | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 09 Feb 2015
Challenging environment to work in and a great Company to work at
Assist and Execute the Supplier Selection Process including cost reduction activities, analysing quotations, making supplier selections based on criteria such as quality, cost, process capability, lead time and supplier stability. Assist in resourcing activities such as make versus buy decisions. Collect cost data and prepare supplier cost/industry analyses. Support Engineering Change Control, process to design changes and product improvements are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner. Assist inventory to achieve inventory/asset management and material flow goals in line with the Product Delivery requirements. Drive continuous improvement in terms of performance and lowest total cost. Define, resolve, and provides permanent solutions to supplier performance issues with the assistance of other functional representatives such as quality, product engineering. Assist with the expediting of parts as necessary and finding suitable alternative parts for production.
ProsExciting work and always challenging
ConsMeeting time lines could be problematic on manufactured parts
Product Designer | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 30 Jun 2013
Very teamwork based workplace
A day in my life at work would include a cup of tea or coffee in morning,its a time I meet everyone working in the building within different teams and as well a my fellow team members.At this time my pc is on I have checked my emails from the previous day that came after I had left for home, see if anything needs my urgent attention.I prioritize my work for the day based on the work I have done in each project and the urgency of completing the project.The hardest part is deciding which project to tackle first when all of them need your urgent attention.So good time managament is really important in achieving one's goals.At times the decision leans on what you have available at your disposable to complete your task.The enjoyable part of the job is seeing the fruit of your labour operating in reality.Since each person within the team has their own specific product they have expertise in,one is able to seek advice closeby.Management is results driven and expects two hundred percent output but does not reciprocate that in terms of remuneration.
ProsIncentive bonuses
Conscareer advancement is very slow
Quality Assurance Inspector | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 31 Oct 2014
very productive workplace with moderate motivational abilities
Bell equipment on a typical day experiences allot of challenges that will help develop and accelerate your ability in a co-operate world , management is a global problem with a lack of effective leadership and Bell is a victim to this .. our co-workers are a rainbow nation with all races and culture denomination that makes it a fun place to be on a daily basis .. the hardest part of my job is enforcing decipline / compliance but with the same breath i am glad that i stand a pillar in this area and it makes my appointment important .. if you dont feel important the motivation is not at hand ... the most enjoyable part is teamwork and commitment honest days work for an honest days pay ...
Prosglad to be working for a company that has been founded by an honest man, from humble beginnings, sharing in his leagacy and building the company, JSE listed company
Consno recognition for hard work, no merit increases, poor HR department skills and knowledge / management skill
Stacker | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 03 Sept 2012
Production company
* Safety is a very important aspect of our daily work * Always busy and hard at work * We work under a lot of pressure depend on production * We have a very responsible work, without us working hard production lines will stop and then production will stop! * Some of us at work feels more like family than work colleuges * We laugh and cry together, even joke * We do not see colour we are all one * management is great, they take all our problems we have serious! * I have learned a lot on how to be more responsible and made a lot of new friends * The hardest part at work is when the pressure is high and production is extreme, BUT nothing breaks us we all work together as one and help one another. Even if it is not your job title. * Most enjoyable part of the job is our relationship with each other. * The way we get along with one another and help eachother out (in personal or work related issues)
Proswe do get spoiled womens day, get our public holidays, end of the year we get our braai!
Quality Assurance Manager | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 30 Jun 2016
Inspection on large and small axles. Writing of non-conformance. Performing magnetic particle testing. Performing liquid penetrating test. Write inspection reports. Quality checks i.e. material thickness and material certificate. Pre-weld Inspection i.e. gabs, primer and tack welds. Final inspection, overall inspections. Witness leakage test on large and small axles. Inspecting bins and use the laser light to line the bushes. Inspections on large and small components Writing inspection reports Witnessing leakage tests on large and small components Training and couching fabricators Suggestions about Jigs Liaise with Engineers on incorrect drawings Making visual guide (Welding sequence) Generating and Evaluating non-conformance reports (NCR’s)
ProsThe enviroment was good
ConsThe benefits were not so great
Product Support | South Africa | 05 Jul 2015
Bell is a family business and has always been a pleasure to work for.
I have worked in many parts of the world with Bell Equipment and this makes it very difficult to pin point anything specifically about my job with them. Everyday with them was enjoyable as i worked alongside some really nice people.My most challenging part of the job in East Africa was getting feed back from my boss to relay back to the clients. This was very frustrating as i like getting things sorted out right away. I hate procrastination.I love my work and the interaction with fellow workers. I have been involved with Bell for so long being employed by them and doing contract work for them. Its a family.
ProsGoing home to my family for a break.
ConsNothing to complain about them.
Expeditor | Jet Park, Gauteng | 04 Feb 2019
Bell Equipment Used Division
Start at 7:00 finish at 4:30 Internal and external sales. Please orders required by clients, Internal and external, Expediter all open orders, Receive orders, updated stock qty on system, Invoice orders. Update reports, job cards, etc. Prepare for meetings with JV owners, Work shop managers, Used division Manager, Used division Parts Manager and Commercial Director. Learnt how to interact with management at a very high level. Being part of a very successful team allowed me learn and added confidence. Everything about the job was hard just as the title suggested but having good leaders and teaches around me made everyday joyful and therefore successful.
ProsGood Managers, Great team
Product Designer | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 11 Jan 2022
I worked there a short time, but my colleagues had all been there for much longer. It is a nice company to work for.
Creating new products, updating outdated products, creation of custom once-off designs, creating. Good management style, gives you full responsibility and does not micro manage you at all. He asks when you think the work will be done and it is up to you then to give feedback, he checks in on the day you said it will be ready - unless the work has a strict deadline. We had a daily team building exercise in the form of a coffee break where we went out for coffee. It is a nice company to work for, out of the 8hrs in a day, you probably are fully engaged in work for 7.5hrs. You don't even notice it.
ProsGood coffee
Industrial Engineer | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 07 Dec 2012
Challenging and full of opportunity for personal growth
You came to work each day ready to tackle your everyday tasks aswell as any new problem that may have arisen within the work facility with which you were responsible for. There was plenty to be learnt; working under pressure, balancing work well, and dealing with difficult colleagues. Within the department there was good work spirit and support throghout. The hardest part has to have been dealing with colleagues, especially older colleagues. The most enjoyable part was comparing results and noticing significant improvements.
Prosexposure to many manufacturing processes
Consnot a big opportunity to grow
Production Manager | Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal | 13 Mar 2019
Production output driven
Good working environment & I've worked with different types of people, at various levels. I enjoyed the team effort to achieve common goals. I've had the opportunity to take advantage of employment opportunities within the company which allowed me the exposure and understanding of different parts of the business. I managed to work myself into management roles so I was able to experience both sides....this helped me to have a better interaction and relationship with people across the company. We always created an atmosphere where we made each other feel like family.
ProsTeam work
ConsSome individuals that were not team players

Questions And Answers about Bell Equipment

How should you prepare for an interview at Bell Equipment?
Asked 24 Jul 2017
Study the role you applied for learn about the company
Answered 24 Jun 2021
You must know what are they doing at Bell You must be a hard worker You must be willing to work overtime
Answered 19 Sept 2019
If one applied for earthmoving mechanic what will be the questions for the interview?
Asked 21 Feb 2018
Do you know the parts?
Answered 06 Oct 2019
What are your qualifications What are they doing at Bell What are you willing to earn at Bell
Answered 19 Sept 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Bell Equipment? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 24 Jul 2017
Apply on line
Answered 06 Mar 2019
Apply online at BLU.
Answered 22 Dec 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at Bell Equipment?
Asked 30 Apr 2022
Good, but difficult and physical
Answered 17 Oct 2022
Its friendly but not consistent
Answered 30 Apr 2022
If you were to leave Bell Equipment, what would be the reason?
Asked 30 Apr 2022
Finding a better job
Answered 17 Oct 2022
Career growth
Answered 30 Apr 2022