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Production Coordinator | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 29 Apr 2014
Very large company with several sub-businesses
Very well managed company, utilising SAP as an operating programme I used my Excel and Word abilities to a very large degree whilst in this company, drawing up budget forecasts, trends and achievements, pivot tables to monitor turnovers in various categories of the business and preparing service contracts for the team of reps for whom I offered a support function Also arranged Customer Days which would include the invitations, creation of presentation documentation, CD's etc as well as arranging for the venue, catering etc.. I was fortunate enough to be involved in not only the earthmoving plant side of the business (i.e. Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders, Excavators, Off Highway Trucks, Graders, etc etc) but also in the Marine and Industrial Engine side of the business, which was a relatively new area of the business in Durban, and which I was involed in from its inception there about two years prior to my emigrating to Australia Very fortunate to have worked with very dynamic and responsible people with excellent work ethics.
ProsStable company with good performance incentives
ConsSome unrealistic targets set at times but nothing really major
Administrator | Sandton, Gauteng | 27 Jun 2013
in the morning to make sure all the training providers are settled in, the training rooms are neat and have everything a provider might need is in order. then i make sure that the delegates arrive on time. course starts on time. refreshments are ordered and displayed. check with our cleaners, if the restrooms are neat and tidy, and the tea lady to display refreshments on time for breaks and lunch times. load all the delegates on system once attendance registers have been signed. the hardest part of the job, is to do the charge outs at the end of training session, because i have to charge even the delegates who have not attended and then let their managers know. the most enjoyable part, is putting together a monthly report together, and also putting a report of the training reactionnaire and find that my delegates were happy with the service that i have offered at their training sessions.
Prossometimes leaving the office early
Consat times very long hours
Warehouse Worker | Lusaka, Free State | 24 Sept 2014
Freer work enviroment
Do house keeping and attend to picking slips depending on the type whether it is customer waiting(15 minutes) or customer collecting(1 hour 30minutes) or delivery by road(24 hours at the most.Attend to walk in customers especially those with back orders who may not have received the parts at the time they were placing the order because we did not have the parts in stock. I have learned to multi task because the scope of my job is quite broad. Management encourages initiative and would want us to do it right first time. We pull together with my co-workers who are passionate about what they do. When we are understaffed there is a sense in which working under pressure brings out the best in me. The most enjoyable part is delighting the customer who goes away with a feeling that he has been attended to with urgency and with a deep sense of courtesy.
ProsA lot of in-house training
ConsWorking over weekends sometimes
Process Engineer | Isando, Gauteng | 13 Mar 2018
Career growth and development
My career aspirations are to find a stimulating and challenging position which builds on my university skills and knowledge, as well as professional experience. I am an ambitious individual who wants to learn and develop under the guidance of those who are at the top of their field and then use those skills to become an expert myself. That will include Management Accounting were I will be concerned with the provisions and use of accounting information within the organisations, to provide the basis to make informed business decisions allowing me to be better in my control function. So being at Barloworld Equipment has helped me achieve the above mentioned on daily basis. The culture is one of team work, integrity and also development of individuals. Multiple project with high deliverables sometimes come as a challenge but because of team work, one can be sure to deliver in time.
Controller | Isando, Gauteng | 10 Apr 2017
Understand the companies objectives and goals.
Everyday is a new day with new challenges, to be productive never a boring day. Safety is no1 priority in this company. Understand the companies objectives and goals. Good interaction with colleagues, learning from one another. Co-workers, we respect and value people with different opinions, diversity training was given, investing in staff. The hardest part of the job, is at year end trying to make targets. I have learned a lot working for Barloworld, customer comes first and Professionalism, Respect from the co workers, loyalty for the brand is of utmost importance to make a success of the business. I learned that you can achieve anything if your mind is right. The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing when I go home I made a customer internally or externally happy/satisfied.
ProsBrilliant Medical Aid
ConsNo Growth in our department.
Clerk | Kroonstad, Free State | 29 Jul 2015
Pruductive work in my own understanding i would say, being positive, energetic and always on time leads to fun work and feeling more comfortable.
1 ) A typical day at work for me it is an everday job that you do without any pressure. 2 ) What ive learned from my work is not to mix business with pleasure and not to feel more comfprtable but to focus on whats important. 3) Management is there to support us and make sure we understand our roles in the compmany and as for my co-workers they are people who need to give a hand where help is needed and also make feel at home. 4) The hardest part of the job for me is having to deal with people who want to make my owm work hard for me or customers who doesnt want to comply to our work procedures. 5) What i enjoy about my work is haaving to work with people who are passionate and who make my work easy for me by assisting if help is needed.
Automotive Technician | Potgietersrus, Limpopo | 23 Jul 2014
Self motivated, hard work, self discipline, achieve deadlines and goals
My work involves a lot of initiative and self discipline We work outside in extreme conditions The work involves a lot of physical activities. I work on all the machines (Shovels) The biggest challenge of all is to do preventative maintenance in such a way that your breakdowns are minimal.(and enhance preformance) The most enjoyable part of my job is when there was a problem on a machine and I solved it, and the machine starts and preform well. Management - The management changed a lot over a period of time Co-workers - They are like a family, when we work we look after each other for the safety of each other.
ProsBarloworld pay us insentive bonus and, they also provide us with transport to and from workplace.
Consphysical hard work and long hours
SAP Lead | Isando, Gauteng | 08 Oct 2019
Highly Pressurised Environment
I cannot say much about the BWE SAP IT Applications department. It provided me with a platform to learn much but the environment was more like working in a blast furnace. Results were produced. The environment is such that you work on a business process that needs a 1-week solution in 2 hours. The system is highly customised, and when there is a break, the management commands the consultants to fix it the same day even if it needs more time for development and testing, and the quick solution will only be focussing on the broken part of the system and not wholistic. The only time we would enjoy was when the managers were absent from work. This workplace taught me to be independent, know all and tough.
Proslearn to be independent and responsible
ConsVery Long hours, longer than 16 hours
Industrial Engineer | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 25 Jan 2013
Turn around time when ordering part and customer satisfaction
When we had to drive to Kuruman (Northern Cape branch) left the office at 7am and arive11.30 and start working untill 3am and gain 7am work as if there was no yesterday. Had to design the layout of the ware house and pack it according to its code. I learn than that dedication, pressure. motivation and proper planing is equal to desired results. Management participation and clear instructions is equal to more production. Team work is the key to good results. The hardest part of the job is when the supervisor does not give support in what ever you do, The most enjoyable part of work is when I learn new things and also be given a chance to apply my knowlege and to learn from other colleagues.
Proswhen travelling to ather provinces
Cons24 hours
Electrician | Tete, KwaZulu-Natal | 21 Jan 2023
5 stars
What is the best part of working at the company? Field Service Technician.Attending to breakdowns at the mine.Rebuilding and Assembling machines.Troubleshooting and Faultfinding. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Working during odd hour s and sometimes getting a callout during the middle of the night.Working alone without an assistant.Travelling long hours to and fro to the minning site. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? The working environment was very friendly I enjoyed working with the whole team.There is a great teamwork spirit. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Fridays were the best days for me,because we would knock off earlier and get some to relax and refresh.
General Mechanic | Botswana | 30 Apr 2022
They do not compromise on the quality of the brand so as to keep ahead of competitors and tries hard to motivate the employee.
The day starts at 0700hrs with the morning meeting for all employees, then job allocations, followed by house keeping, then writing job safety analysis and the resumption of work. Tea and lunch time is 0900hrs and 1200hs respectively. When a job is completed and the machine is handed over to the user, house keeping should be carried out around the work area. Knock off time is 1600hrs. There is no comprise on safety in the mining environment. Reviews and briefings are done from time to time. Management require correct and accurate information which they pass to the customer. Workplace culture overloads hard workers while "left handers" are not pushed over or given responsibility and they do not mind that set up. The hardest part of the job is when the customer gives a time limit for delivery while we are still battling to find a solution to a problem, then you have to be asked to work until you finish, which might be from a few hours after knock off time to late into the night or early hours of the following day. The most enjoyable time is when when you lead a team to carry out a challenging project then you work as a team to successfully complete it ahead of schedule or right on time.
ProsThe company offers gifts such as t/shirts, cooler bags or mugs when targets are met.
Artisan | Botswana | 05 Feb 2013
Productive and fun place to be with tools and equipment of high quality
A day is filled with joyous new challenges, i`ve learned that a machine can run on one bank of cylinders without a load and sometimes you won`t recognize it, the management is though profit orientated they are safety driven and prioritize your social welfare, co-workeres are always fun to be with and very helpful at all times, there`s no hardest part of the job but only situations where by you have inadequate tools or manpower or extreme temperatures when tyring to do your job which also is rare, the most enjoyable part is when you`ve successfully completed your tasks within a short period of time and the machine is back in production!
Prosfree uniforms, lunches, accomodation, transportation
Consextreme temperatures, long hours

Questions And Answers about Barloworld Equipment

If do well during interview how should i know. Same day result or when
Asked 05 Apr 2017
Yes if possible
Answered 24 Jul 2019
Within a week
Answered 16 Nov 2018
How should you prepare for an interview at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 02 Apr 2017
To be just honest to all questions
Answered 24 Jul 2019
What kind of questions are they asking
Answered 14 Nov 2017
What is covered by the health insurance at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 25 Nov 2022
Dread diseases Accidents in and out of work
Answered 27 Jul 2023
2/3 of medical aid costs
Answered 21 Jun 2023
What questions did they ask during your interview at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 02 Apr 2017
Are you willing to work overtime.. can you handle working under pressure
Answered 26 Oct 2022
Ur name were u came from I ur willing to work 4 barworld 4 Tym and conditions
Answered 30 Mar 2019
How often do you get a raise at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 13 Nov 2022
Answered 25 Aug 2023
Answered 22 Jun 2023