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Overall Reviews at Barloworld Equipment

Maintenance Mechanic | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 16 Jun 2021
Professional, productive and relaxed workplace.
In the three different positions I experienced, there was as lot of professionalism, hard work, team work and Always putting the customer first in every situation. I learnt a lot from the colleagues. I was given a lot of opportunities and support going forward. Be the professional person, understand the business, have inter-personal skills.
ProsFree branded clothing.
ConsLot of traveling
Project Manager | Sandton, Gauteng | 26 Sep 2016
Great company with excellent benefits
Highly recommended for young professionals. Many opportunities Many challenges Continuous improvement projects to improve the customer experience as this is our only source of income
ProsMedical and Provident support from company
Foreign Exchange Trader | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 03 Jun 2014
Specialist's have limited growth.
Stable employment but in a speciality field opportunities for growth are very limited.
Equipment Manager | Gauteng | 18 Apr 2018
Fast pace and intensive
In the finance department our work is very fast paced. Our day is typically sourcing the previous information and making sure it was entered into the system correctly so that our financial values settled correctly for billing of customer invoices and for the companies GP.
ProsMedical Aid, Pension
Automotive Technician | Potgietersrus, Limpopo | 23 Jul 2014
Self motivated, hard work, self discipline, achieve deadlines and goals
My work involves a lot of initiative and self discipline We work outside in extreme conditions The work involves a lot of physical activities. I work on all the machines (Shovels) The biggest challenge of all is to do preventative maintenance in such a way that your breakdowns are minimal.(and enhance preformance) The most enjoyable part of my job is when there was a problem on a machine and I solved it, and the machine starts and preform well. Management - The management changed a lot over a period of time Co-workers - They are like a family, when we work we look after each other for the safety of each other.
ProsBarloworld pay us insentive bonus and, they also provide us with transport to and from workplace.
Consphysical hard work and long hours
Facilitator | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 08 Jul 2014
Productive Fun and Challenging with new experience
every day job was fine, and I learned a lot about HRD activities, Management was also good and the co- workers were also friendly and helpful in many ways. the hardest part of the job was travelling a lot but at the same time challenging because of the new experience on the daily basis. most enjoyable part of the job was learning and development plan for the employee because it pushes you to expand the knowledge and skill
ProsFree training meals
Administrator | Sandton, Gauteng | 27 Jun 2013
in the morning to make sure all the training providers are settled in, the training rooms are neat and have everything a provider might need is in order. then i make sure that the delegates arrive on time. course starts on time. refreshments are ordered and displayed. check with our cleaners, if the restrooms are neat and tidy, and the tea lady to display refreshments on time for breaks and lunch times. load all the delegates on system once attendance registers have been signed. the hardest part of the job, is to do the charge outs at the end of training session, because i have to charge even the delegates who have not attended and then let their managers know. the most enjoyable part, is putting together a monthly report together, and also putting a report of the training reactionnaire and find that my delegates were happy with the service that i have offered at their training sessions.
Prossometimes leaving the office early
Consat times very long hours
Maintenance Person | Boksburg, Gauteng | 02 Apr 2017
Fun and productive
Starting at Barloworld felt like a grade one starting primary school,but alot of hands was there to assist.Barloworld gives its people alot and would recommend anyone to this company.
ProsFree overtime meals
ConsLong hours
Senior Planner | Boksburg, Gauteng | 11 Nov 2014
Being productive never a bored day, I learned that you can achieve anything if your mind is right. Management is here to embrase componsate and assist where needed. Co-workers, we respect and value people with different opinions, experieces and backgrounds, we as a team sharing our talents and knowledge amongs each other. The hardest part of the job, thats year end trying to make target. the most enjoyable part of my job is to know when I go home I made a customer or a supplier happy.
ProsTeam building
Controller | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 18 Apr 2016
best company to work for
I have learned a lot from working for Barloworld, customer comes first, Professionalism, Respect from the co workers, loyalty for the brand .
Artisan | Botswana | 05 Feb 2013
Productive and fun place to be with tools and equipment of high quality
A day is filled with joyous new challenges, i`ve learned that a machine can run on one bank of cylinders without a load and sometimes you won`t recognize it, the management is though profit orientated they are safety driven and prioritize your social welfare, co-workeres are always fun to be with and very helpful at all times, there`s no hardest part of the job but only situations where by you have inadequate tools or manpower or extreme temperatures when tyring to do your job which also is rare, the most enjoyable part is when you`ve successfully completed your tasks within a short period of time and the machine is back in production!
Prosfree uniforms, lunches, accomodation, transportation
Consextreme temperatures, long hours

Questions And Answers about Barloworld Equipment

If do well during interview how should i know. Same day result or when
Asked 05 Apr 2017
Yes if possible
Answered 24 Jul 2019
Within a week
Answered 16 Nov 2018
How should you prepare for an interview at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 02 Apr 2017
To be just honest to all questions
Answered 24 Jul 2019
What kind of questions are they asking
Answered 14 Nov 2017
What questions did they ask during your interview at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 02 Apr 2017
Ur name were u came from I ur willing to work 4 barworld 4 Tym and conditions
Answered 30 Mar 2019
Safety questions
Answered 29 Nov 2017
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 05 Jun 2019
Im currently working shifts,so it is 12 hours.on a normal shift is from 7:30 to 16:00
Answered 05 Jun 2019
Im currently working shifts,so it is 12 hours.on a normal shift is from 7:30 to 16:00
Answered 05 Jun 2019
What are the working hours at Barloworld Equipment?
Asked 17 May 2019
Depends on contrack 12hour shifts
Answered 02 Jun 2019
8am-16:30 pm
Answered 17 May 2019