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Accountant | Pretoria, Gauteng | 12 Dec 2014
Productive and fun days
A day starts at 7h30am with junior trainees making tea/coffee for everyone at our department. And then checking emails and make follow ups of issues or inquiries that I had the previous day. After solving everything, I do my daily work. I have learned to work with people with different attitude, cultures and ages. When I got to my second level I managed to take over the work of a third year as my seniors contact was terminate. I learned to take responsibility to grow myself by learning most of the Work by myself with a little help from my Junior Manager. I learned to be a leader, supervisor to my junior. Assupol Life management are very involve with their employees. They are concern and keen about what is going on around them. The relationship is good and effective and it creates a good environment. It is very easy to work with people whom you share the same goal with. I enjoyed working with my co-workers , they were the best. The hardest part of the job was when I had to play the role of the senior. It is not easy to be hard on other but sometimes the Job needs to be done and It is very important to meet the required deadlines. I enjoy it when the work is done and it's been approved by management and we all go celebrate afterwards. It is nice to go out of the office once in a while just to relax and talk about things outside work.
Pros* AFS celebration lunch, Year end functions, department lunch and department year end lunch with the CFO
Financial Advisor | East London, Eastern Cape | 02 Apr 2022
Sales Driven, Proffesionalism, Honesty & Integrity is vital
My work environment is of a sales driven & customer service related matters. Honesty & Intergrity aswel as being of high standards proffesionalism is one of the company's protocals of which i enjoy. I absolutely enjoyed the challenge & making targets & I exceeded. But, today after the recession of the economy...most clients have been entrenched & are in financial strains so, therefore surrendering rates have become higher & sales for new business has become tough. We have what u call "clawbacks" & this is when a client terminates it's contracts within 24 months then the company deducts the original commision it had awarded u of the client cancelling or wherethe the client's being retrenched from new generated commision. This is therefore, very discouraging & not motivating to me because I end up failing to meet up with my monthly liabilities & family expenses. I am therefore now, on a look out for a company with a diffrent challenge & atleast one that doesn't have a "clawback" as part of the contract. I am a very mature, single mother & hard working individual that's looking at investing my talent into a diffrent business with the trust that the company will look well, & fairly after me too. Regards
ProsFree lunches during training
Field Marketer | East London, Eastern Cape | 08 Jan 2013
Target driven and with great opportunities to grow
Well my job is not office bound most of the time I am out looking for clients, Over the years I have learnt how to communicate with different types my work experience has taught me to deal with them according to their ages, class and status. With regard to management the only positioned that I ever had which is close to management was when I was a supervisor at Stats SA, and I think I handled it well and my previous experience of working with people was an added advantage it made it easy for me to be able to handle my team, and deal with the community members who were difficult or uncooperative. The hardest part of the job for me was to tell a debtor that we are proceeding with the sale of his/her goods as instructed by our client , as the said debtors has not adhere to the arrangements made or failed to respond when he or she was given an opportunity to do so. Collecting big amounts of money without incurring costs ( I use to call it easy money) and assisting those illiterate clients with their insurance claims.
Consbeing a field worker you get to work long hours, and most of them you will spend the travelling to those far away places from home.
Client Services | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 13 Aug 2013
Loving environment
Very long day, sometimes no lunch no break but a very humbling environment, good people and a loving family. I have learnt mostly to be on the other persons shoes, to be polite in all situations and humble. Management is good but tends to overlook issues that seem be of concern to us even though it is not deliberate, type of environment, workload and deadlines are the primary causes of this issue, overall we have a very support structure and an ear that is always open to listen and advise. My co-workers are wonderfull people, everyone does their bit and are very friendly towards each other. Dealing with difficult clients who does not want to follow procedures. I enjoy being of assistance whether towards the client or fellow colleagues, it pleases me to hear a person say thank you I did not know what to do, or thank you my query was resolved amicably and on time. offering good and accurate service makes the hard and long day worth it,
Prosthe love and understanding
ConsExtra long hours
Sales Representative | Pretoria, Gauteng | 13 Jul 2019
Productive and Great Commission Structure
My life has never been better since I started working at Assupol, I work 4 - 6 hours per day, I have enough time to spend with my family and I am able to have time to study so that I can get my degree in Accounting Sciences. My family is happy eversince and i also managed to achieve a few of my goals in a short space of time, like changing my 2 little 7 and 5 years old daughters school from public to private, getting an apartment in one of the most expensive property developers in the Pretoria East, Getting my driver's license at 30...ooh yeah, Buying my first car although very small Renault Kwid but hey I am driving bbe, I am now planning to take my family on one of my first dream trips in September. The problem is not how much am I going to spend but rather which destination should I decide on... 🤔 All rieghs to Assupol Life for changing the life of my family. Praise to the Most High.
ProsPromotional Items
Agent | Pretoria, Gauteng | 18 Oct 2012
I enjoy working for Assupol, i would like to have basic salary at work.
1. I generate clients and contact them by telephone and make appointments to go and sell them insurance policies. 2. Do cold calling. 3. I have learned different skills of approaching a client and presentation of business. 5. The management is always there for us when we need them. 6. We have a great team of co-workers, we support and work well together. 7. The hardest part at work is traveling, especially when you have to honer appointments using public transport that is not reliable. 8.Working on commission only makes the job a bit challenging as well. 9. The most enjoyable part is working own hours.
Prosthe company sometimes take us to resturants for meals for free.
Consworking very hard for the whole month and getting little business.
Administrator | Pretoria, Gauteng | 26 Jan 2017
Quality and productivity combined with fun
A typical day at work is full of quality productivity looking after internal and external clients. I learn every day, that makes giving quality service to clients so much more awarding Management forms an important part in any company and assist with mentoring and employee development Workplace culture forms part of the heart of a company and as an old employee I know the value and specialness of Assupol life's workplace culture. The hardest part of a job is making a deadline for a project, but working together as a team, we will overcome the problem and complete the project in the specified timeframe The most enjoyable part is to see a happy client and complete a project successfully in time.
Data Entry Clerk | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | 19 Feb 2014
capture all bussiness on the same day and general admin duties
to complete all my duties timeously and defect free. to alway be a team player and assist where you can. to assist management and have a open door policy with your line manager. Integrity is also very important to me. the hardest part of my job is when we need to meet deadlines and all bussiness will come through on the cutt off date, but I still go the extra mile to make sure target is made. the most enjoyable part of my job is when I had a productive day and can go home knowing all is complete. I also do the event planning at our office, which I enjoy very much.
ProsProduction bonus
Consworking long hours on cutt off dates, that can be prevented if bussiness is consistant through out the month
Sales and Marketing Manager | Pretoria, Gauteng | 21 Aug 2016
Interesting workplace
A typical day at work was helping brokers and sales representatives with any admin that needed to be done. I also assisted the sales managers with filing and general admin duties. I learned how to work with a deadline as we had monthly cut-offs, and I tried to learn everything that I could. The management was good and supportive, and pushed me to be the best that I could. My co-workers were professional yet friendly. The hardest part of the job was choosing when I needed to say no. The most enjoyable part of the job was knowing I did my best in everything that I did.
ProsTeam Building
ConsNo growth
Sales Representative | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 20 Jan 2015
Interesting, fun and outdoors
DAY AT WORK Good attitude always. Self-motivated Discipline Presentable LEARNING CURVE Communication skills Presentation skills Closing off sales immediately Optimistic HARD PART Approaching clients Eye contact closing off sales Patience Co WORKERS Healthy competitions Communication Work in groups Reaching targets as a team MANAGEMENT Team meetings Support Training Back up ENJOYABLE PART Outdoor Meeting different people everyday Face to face Travelling on a daily basis
Proscommission and claim back from sars
Consunpredictable working hours

Questions And Answers about Assupol Life

What are the working hours at Assupol Life?
Asked 07 Aug 2017
07h30 to 16h00 weekdays with Saturday 08h30 to 13h00
Answered 20 Sept 2020
We wear formal and there is no working hour for a representative
Answered 06 Jan 2020
What should you wear to an interview at Assupol Life?
Asked 26 Sept 2018
I weared formal dress and hills
Answered 21 Aug 2020
I will wear formal
Answered 20 Jan 2019
How long does it usually take to get a code?
Asked 18 Mar 2019
Normally a code takes up to 3 days.
Answered 04 May 2022
2 days not more than a week as I remembered
Answered 10 Jul 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Assupol Life?
Asked 07 Aug 2017
Why should we hire you?
Answered 19 Jun 2019
Long term insurance and FAIS related questions Ethics Ambitions and development
Answered 27 Jul 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Assupol Life? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 26 Apr 2017
Two weeks Steps involve 1. Credit and criminal check 2. Qualifications verification 3. Interview 4. Telephonic role play 5. Interview
Answered 06 Mar 2020
When there is a post candidate hand in their CV or upload them online then wait for feedback
Answered 24 Nov 2018