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Assistant Manager | Klerksdorp, North West | 11 May 2016
Condolences and Sympathy business
With every deah of a family member it is AVBOB's responsibility to give the family the best care, condolences and sympathy and the best products and services that will be helpful in their needs. This business is a hard stressful business and are not always fun to be in this work atmosphere. There are times for happy and times for sadness. Administration gets sometimes hard and full of pressure with receiving payments, funeral cover explanations/writing, paper work, switchboard answering all on the same time is the hardest part of the job. This job is a total eye-opener that death is not something you can get away with and that it can happen so quickly. The most enjoyable part of the job is that there is time for functions, sport and entertainment that comes my way that I may get permission to attend it on weekends or sometimes during the week. There is laughing times but also seriously working times. Help each other as a team in the business makes the working environment so easier and enjoyable. During the week-of-work, the branch handles funeral arrangements, running around to get all paperwork done, doning administration etc. A sad point of the business is that the manager has to pay his workers out of his salary. if there is no funerals, no salary can be provided to the employees. That is the reason I need to start a new career at a new business as the manager cannot provide me a salary anymore due to 4 quiet months in a row in 2016.
ProsEvery 2nd weekend off
Conscall outs during midnight
District Manager | Rustenburg, North West | 17 Oct 2014
If management was to work with us, they would have a better understanding of the heart beat of the operation, which means high staff retension.
Limited room to initiate methods or ways to run an operation more cost effective to minimise liabilities. Lack of support and reasorces from management to maximise productivity. Inability to have interventions as comunication is usually more directive rather than participative (eg. Staff retension as we tend to loose good manpower to our competitors due to lack of benefits for staff members) Limited room for growth. No job security as the usual method which magement apply in of dealing with challenges is threatening your positions. No sense of belonging. The challenging part of the job is opening of new sources as support and reasorces are usually not available however the exiting part part of the business is interacting with diverse individuals from different backgrounds with different belive systems and to be rewarded based on what you put in. The greatest excitement is making the most of a terrible situation like closing a deal with a huge company.
ProsYour input determines your output
Sales Representative | Pretoria, Gauteng | 16 Aug 2017
Very productive the more you put in the more you get rewarded
The job I am currently working at is versatile because you are working as your own boss as you have to manage your time, manage your diary to make sure you honour clients appointments. I have learnt to be more resilient, patient, to manage time wisely as often times you make an appointment with a client only to find that upon arrival the client is either at the meeting or has changed his mind about taking up a policy. The challenges that I have come to realize is that you have to use your own petrol and airtime to make appointments and visit clients, also getting rejections from potential clients. The biggest challenge are the lapses when the client can no longer pay the premiums. This challenges have built my character. The most part I enjoy about this job is that you get to meet different clients and build enduring customer relationships
ProsFlexible times
ConsLapses from clients that dont pay their premiums
Representative | Limpopo | 09 Jan 2017
Consistency, Co-operation and Harmony
Formal and normal working day with dedicated individuals willing to assist all clients to their satisfaction and always doing their best to go an extra mile in order to maintain and promote the company name taking it to the top. Harmony amongst staff members and working together as a team to do more. Doing as much work as can be done during work time and encouraging the reaching of set goals and targets each day. Celebrating victory at the end of each day, week, month and year. It always seems hard until you start doing it and the more you do it the more it gets simpler and doable (that much i've learned). Management should be more of leaders than "Bosses" in my opinion. Co-workers are not freind's but coleagues and it should therefore stay like that, we talk about work and leave private matters private and never take thing personal as we got to be all in one place because of work and business.
ConsDelays on salary payments
Sales Representative | East Rand, Gauteng | 17 Mar 2016
it waz a productive work place that needs dedication and being a hardworker due to the fact that you area commision earner only no basic salary .
you have to work out source clients from company to company,i have learned more about the insurance industry and their rules that binds us sales reps and clients FAIS and FICA.Managers go all the way out to help with the production and they are very kind and allows u to find yourself in the field and show you how to outsource.hardest part of this job is that you work wilth client and outsource them and promote your product to them they might be interested or not and that is only based on commission only.the enjoyable part is the team building they have and good communication they have with managers co-wokers
Prosadvance given to you after being employed
Conslapes when clients dont pay their policies anymore it hits back on us reps
Desktop Support Technician | Pretoria, Gauteng | 08 Jan 2014
Great place and good people
*Have to make sure systems and network is up and running *Log calls if anything can't be resolved over the telephone *Handle any new projects e.g new failing patches, service packs and updates *Learned how to troubleshoot more complex desktop and network issues *There's still more for management to do in terms of project planning and personnel handling e.g to how properly handle queries and conflicts and also salary scales compared to national standards *Learned and developed a great relationship and team with colleagues *Enjoy Networking with users and doing project as a team makes the job enjoyable and fast *There isn't any hard part anymore really, this is why I need a new challenge
ProsDo get some time offs if overworked on projects for example
ConsTime and agin we're required to work extra, willingly we do to complete the projects and extra jobs
Senior Clerk | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 09 Oct 2012
It was a great field to work in. And learned alot about different cultures of different religions.
Towards month end it use to get quite bussy with the scanning and ensuring business to go through before closing for commission for reps. Learned to work with all kinds of people and to respect them and treat them with respect and in exchange to be respected by them. Mangement: The Area Manager are very open minded and treated us with respect and dignaty. I had a good understanding with them and again the way you treat them is how they treat you. Handling the representatives when meetings were held when it is month end. Once I scanned the business and the business issued for reps to get paid at the end of the month was the most rewarding. As they do not work on a basic salary.
Prosaassisting you in death and death benefits special employe rates.
Consno cons. worked 8 hours per day.
Sales Representative | Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga | 25 Jul 2017
My experience with Avbob was very challenging, since it was my 1st job and it needed my focus.I had to learn how to be self discipline, self motivated and even time management. I was responsible for my salary meaning if I need more I have to invest more on my work,since I was earning by commission. The management and the were very supportive and fun to work with because they(management) would help us with awareness in malls and even accompany us in some presentations.Since the business has some up and downs,sometimes you would struggle to meet your targets while the management would be expecting business then that is when the pressure and not enjoying being at work.Sometimes you would all reach your targets and find everyone happy then that is when you enjoy being at work.
Department Head | Pretoria, Gauteng | 28 Mar 2017
Fun to work with people from different work of lives
I have learned to listen with empathy as a leader, provide guidance, support and discipline where necessary. The culture is family oriented and family comes first so that means much as the customer comes first, you first need to keep your employees happy and motivated and eventually that would lead to excellent customer service. The hardest part of the job is where you need to fire an individual either due to poor work performance, absenteeism etc and you know that you have done everything in your power to remedy and now you taking away someone's bread. The most enjoyable part is coaching and guidance as it completes me knowing that I have used my knowledge and power to empower someone else and added value to someone's life.
Representative | Johannesburg, Gauteng | 16 Feb 2017
Fun only when you make lot of commision
Sometimes when you look for customer alone you get discouraged by rejection you get from clients so we normally go out in group and help one another and taught me working as a group is a success always. When we started we went to a training for a week which gave us full understanding of the products and money to kick start with selling of products. The most challenging part of this job is when you signed up a client and there is only one details outstanding when you phone the client a phone goes on voice mail. If a policy is lapsed the commission you earned for that particular pilcy must be reversed. The most enjoyable part is reward I must say commission is great.
ProsGreat commision
ConsNo client no salaries

Questions And Answers about AVBOB

What are the working hours at AVBOB?
Asked 28 Mar 2017
8 hours from 08:00 am -15:00 pm
Answered 13 Sept 2019
Eight hours a day
Answered 23 Mar 2019
What should you wear to an interview at AVBOB?
Asked 15 Feb 2018
Be polite and stay calm and asked alot of questions.
Answered 21 Oct 2020
Formal clothes
Answered 23 Mar 2020
Does AVBOB require background check? What kind of background check does AVBOB do and how long does AVBOB take to complete a background check?
Asked 04 Nov 2017
Academic Record, Criminal record about 24 hours
Answered 15 Jul 2019
Yes, they check criminal records.
Answered 26 Apr 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at AVBOB?
Asked 05 Jun 2018
There ask u about u previous job and the experience u have
Answered 21 May 2019
About my working experience and how I could be an asset to them .
Answered 26 Apr 2019
What is the company culture at AVBOB?
Asked 04 May 2017
The number of sales representatives is relatively large. The services provided is similar to a lot of services provided by others insurers. Avbob provides training but fieldwork is never part of training.
Answered 09 Jan 2019
To serve the people and give good service to their clients. To make sure that any policy holder get a fair and appropriate help especially in the time of need
Answered 12 Oct 2018